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Default Awsome game :)

This is a repost of what i wrote about this game on steam and what i think of the game so far


Making a grown man cry over pixels
(sorry about my bad spelling, not native English speaking)

I am one who realy enjoys crew maneging so UBOAT is perfect for one like me. Before comming to the part about tears i will post a few things about where i think the game should be tuned abit

1. Crew manegent (skills, custemice name etc) . Need to make an easyer way to look at crew and promote, assign etc, killing me jumping in and out between the menu, make an arow otr something so you simplu can 1 click to next crew member

2. Need to be able to make own emblem, this one is immersion factor

3. Normal food, normal ammo normal items should be availiable in bundles exept for late war. Kills me i cant replenish normal 88 rounds, the stuff for ventilation etc. The UBOOTS where rarely down on equiptment or food and ammo for normal service because they where prioriticed, the way that works now dont resemble that

Have the "better" stuf come at high price, low in numbers or by HQ but please let me be able to get some 88 HE rounds

4. Need an alarm setting so officers and crew dont go to freaking bed while in enemy harbour etc, the automation needs some looking into, hadf a crew member raising the perscope inside portsmouth harbour....didnt go well and yes when he ended up needing correction i shot him.....had a major grudge on the sailor..

5. 37mm AA gun sights needs work. Any way to get periscope zoom to scroll insted? Storage needs some rewamp. Please have it so crew that get assigned to carry ammo have a seperate store for that, keep finding first aid kits and spareparts in my ammo boxes. Have the workstation be able to break down items to spare parts etc, helmets, guns, rebreathers everything should be able to be torn apart to make spare parts


Ok now to the cry part.

Customising the entire crew with clothes faces, uniforms names

running 5 patrolls, upgrading, nursing roaming screaming, shaking

6th patrol is attack portsmouth harbour sink two ships cruiser or larger. Had a happy crew, and one smooth underwater killing machine, my chief engineer did a fantastic job, all 7 officers did there duty and the rest of the crew sang, was playing cards and washing the floors morale was top level

closing in snorkel depth, Diesels making the enterior smell of exhaust gasses toghter with the smell of sweat. tension was rising. The endless spinning of the observation periscope going up and down to check course and surroundings. Not much clearance to bottom, at the mouth of the inlet where harbor is locatet. Switch to electric motors, snorkel down (yes you can down engine if you don’t swith to electric engines before lowering snorkel) crawling into position, plotting the overlay of harbor, plotting all aa guns and ships
WTF all officers in bed, well forcing orders and wishing them up against a wall, sonar room giving information waiting. Finaly darkness, raising attack periscope, calm waters. A crewman gets hysterical, sending chief engineer to knock him out (yes you can do that)
Don’t dare turning on ventilator crew is complaining try to calm them down and hushing them need calm to calculate. Almost get the feeling that Per Iversen my Chief boatswain is putting a calming hand on my shoulder letting me know we can do this
Finaly, everything is plottet, full crew stern and bow 5 torpedoes leave the U-100 Ravnen (Raven) after the original Danish flag the ravenbanner
BOOM, hit – BOOM, hit – BOOM, hit…. DUD….BOOM, hit
Can hear the sirens begin around the harbor, after abit some aircraft sounds above, only two confirmed sinkings, need to launch 3 more to maximum effect, do I dare, should I run? crew morale is dropping fast oxygen is running low, stil don’t dare run the ventilation
( Here I actulay had to go get some fresh air and some coffe )

When I come back sonar is one solid noise with small and big propellers I can barely be at 8m running down the sub checking everything, a few ancious smiles, but seing the crew and the officers and thinking on our mission I decide to make one more attack. Move 800m, position my self so I can fire stern and bow

Preheat torpedoes, up attack scope glance fast 360 and there I se my werry big mistake doing a second run. To hell with it, I have said A now I have to say B calculating, tracers begin heading my direction. Large splashes from bigger guns ready, fire 1, fire 2, fire 5 then BOOMBANGDINGDONG we got hit…crewmember wounded in conning tower, we have a few leaks. Launch decoy hard right rudder ahead Tesla ludicous style ventilation on shut all bulkhead doors. Speed dropping rapidly darn, seabed, up to 7 meters speed building….crewman yeals aircraft, radioman ask to send report, but im below, im under water my radio…ooh no, at 7 m the radiomast peaks above water, BANGDOINGwhama splash bombs from plane multiple leaks, crew running water from compartments to bilgepump, multiple repair crew are work, but we are slowly decending. Shutting down e-motor all focus on leaks and water – compartment flooded, stern torpedoroom full of water, all hands inside drowned main engine room filling up. DOINGWHAPBOOM another hit, repairs working getting buoyancy wounded crew members all over medics working hard to keep up, all mechanics doing repairs, water decreasing in galley, control room and bow torpedo room. Only have 2 rebreathers left evacuating bow torpedo room, all crew on pumps, or repairs or engines
Lifting from bottom can hear salvoes from automatic guns and the splashes from large caliber guns, full ahead, we can do this, loosing crewmembers do to wounds. Making status on sub and crew, not good, but we still move another BOMBAMBINO few dameges, but I lost two officers, both my medics now things are beginning to look bad. Assign officer to diveplanes, have to shoot a hysterical crewmember (yes you can do that) Now my crew fear me more than the Brits above us, moral fuled by fear, it have to work plotting on map when we are hit one more time, because I have a lot going on I forget to check room status and don’t se that we have leaks in engine room, we slow down…why….then I se it all compartments from control room and aft are flooded 2 officers and 12 crew alive. Killing electricity in compartments not in use. Why is oxygen dropping, working hard to keeping bilge and pumps running then it hit me, the ventilation is damaged , and it is locatet in main engine room that is flooded

All the noise, the explosions, the crew yelling and then I felt it, something gave me an itch under my left eye, wiped it of with my hand, it was a tear, WHAT! Am I sitting playing a game and cry over lost pixels…YES I WAS!…..

It didn’t take long before the “end pop up” showed it self. U-100 Raven was sunk. 3 crew members and 1 officer was saved, the rest was lost

This game are in early acces, but holy cow I got sucked into it…..

Now I plan to create a new sub where there will be 3 crew members and 1 officer i all ready know
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it is an absolutely awsome game, where it really shines is depth charge evasion and damage control.
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Great story, thanks.
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Originally Posted by TBamse
Am I sitting playing a game and cry over lost pixels…YES I WAS!…..
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