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Default Looking @ Picking this up. A question or two.

So I'd been watching streams and such of the game and the management/crew aspect looks intriguing. But I was a bit concerned and wanted to get a solid answer on a few things.

1. Is the management overbearing? As in does it consume most of the gameplay and tend to get in the way? Or is it say a nice improvement on SH3 style management?

2. How is the realism? One thing I saw in discussion was things like having anywhere around 5 minutes to escape during depth charges due to disturbances in the water affecting sound. But one thing that bothered me greatly was every video I watched seemed to show ships had a health bar? As opposed to something where it was like modded SH3 that you could flood compartments and Target specific ones.

3. One thing I haven't got to see much of was gameplay regarding enemy ships. How is their AI? Solid? Terribad? Or extremely punishing.

4. It seemed like you could automate many parts of the game by telling crew to do it. For example in SH3 I used WO assistance to get my target distance and IDs (really just sped the process up honestly) but did all else manually (except navigation I kept map icons on and stuff.). So I guess my question is , is there a nice variable option suite of how real or how arcadey you can adjust the game to be?

5. Also how performance intensive is it? Currently on a I7-7700k not OCd with ASUS ROG Stric 580 8GB and 32GB of Gskillz 3000MHz RAM.

I just got a new pc and feeling an itch to start up sinking tonnage again. And am between SH3 with mods (gotta get the 1920x1080 mod working right)/SH5 and Wolves of Steel or picking up Uboat.
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In my opinion, it is the Sims for uboats. If you want realism, play SH series. It’s a good game to mess around and have fun. Not for serious campaigns and such.

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