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Onkel Neal
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2011 SUBSIM Werewolf Game Thread

The Story

"I can't hold trim, Captain!" cried Petty Officer Lord Justice.

Inside the cramped control room, the men of HMS Terrific fought to keep the T3 class submarine from sinking below crush depth. The war patrol off the coast of southern Finland had been rigorous, even for Royal Navy standards. But Lt. Commander Raptor the First had pushed his luck too far when he attacked an escorted German tanker on the surface and in daylight. Without warning, six Luftwaffe He111's pounded on the cocky commander and gave Terrific a bashing. Forty feet of the hull on the port side forward buckled in to a distance of 15 inches. There was considerable leakage into the torpedo tube space, where rivets had been displaced inwards on the port side. The forward part of the main pumping and flooding line was crushed. In short, the sub was mortally wounded and only the training and nerve of the men were keeping her from sinking as they made their way back toward home.

But it was a losing battle and Chief Tarrasque advised Raptor1 that they had better face up to the situation and bring the boat to shore--any shore, before she lost all hope of positive buoyancy.

As the sub clawed its way to the surface for the last time, the lookouts scrambled to their stations on the bridge.
"Where do you reckon we are?" asked Task Force.
"I dunno," replied Pioneer, "but I suppose with our compass smashed, and no way to radio for help, we could be anywhere in the Baltic. Except the bottom and that won't be true for long."

The sub struggled on through the night. Minutes after Petty Officer Jimbuna announced that the bilge pump and both ballast tank pumps had failed again, Sub-lieutenant Mookie shouted, "Land! Eight points off the starboard bow. Fire off a flare!"

They coaxed the battered boat through a thickening fog to shore. As the bow slowly crunched onto a sand bar, the men let out a collective breath. They were safe. They clambered down the makeshift gangway to the shore and observed their surroundings.
"Damn sure is a creepy place to be marooned," said Bakkels, the sub's cook and a favorite of the men.
"I'll say," replied Takeda, an American war correspondent assigned to bring back the Royal Navy derring-do to an American public eager for good news. "Why Uncle Sam couldn't assign me to the Wahoo, I'll never know. I could be on a Polynesian beach right now, instead of the darkest corner of Finland."

"Just be happy you're on any beach at all--" said Sub-lieutenant Mookie, before freezing at the sound of a automatic weapon being cocked in the dark.

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