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Old 09-22-2020, 04:38 AM   #241
Sailor man
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Looks much more authentic . Thank you for your work.
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Old 09-22-2020, 05:12 AM   #242
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I'll be interested in any mods also, I haven't played SoF for a long time but I still have it!
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Old 09-22-2020, 07:30 AM   #243
Sailor man
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Thanks VFC_Baxter. It really does help to know these mods work for other players, and Im open to anyones suggestions too.

As previously mentioned, my emphasis is manual targeting and a more challenging game. In short, I want to do my own "hunting" and targeting in SOF and to simulate some of the WWI commander's challenges.

I' m working on a new map mod, that replaces the default icons with simple circle marks. The goal is for the player to ID targets without aids and determine target heading, speed, AOB, etc from the map. Another version removes the icons completely. I have also made some progress removing the targeting text that seems to appear on every screen in the default game.

I think manual firing the 88 deck gun is one of SOF's best features. So why ruin the scene with a clip-board? The board seems stuck there unnaturally ( I doubt they used one when in action?), blocks the view, and really spoils the cool effects. Remove -it and the player will need to range his fire based on splashes he can see or by using the reticle in the binoculars. In- short the player needs to learn bracket "Strichschiessen "techniques. More later this after I do some testing. -Vox
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Old 09-27-2020, 10:13 AM   #244
Sailor man
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: Penns Woods
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Screenshot_1. An escorted enemy convoy is seen through binoculars at dawn. Convoy’s heading is NNE at about 5 knots at a range of about 7000m. At the far left is a destroyer, near the center a large tanker1, at the far right another destroyer and tanker2. A third destroyer is off the screen on the convoy’s left flank( see map ). Various freighters round out the rest of the convoy. (see *AAR below)

Screenshot_2. The map view of the same convoy using the circle icon mod. This mod replaces the default icon symbols for enemy (red) and neutral contacts (blue) with circle-icons. Friendly icon symbols remain default. Torpedo and sinking ship symbols are removed. It would be really nice to have a proper compass to move around the map, but I haven’t had success getting one to work. In the meantime, I added a compass rose to the player’s sub and waypoint markers to help fix directions. The “no-icon” version of the mod removes all enemy and unknown icon symbols from the map.

Screenshot_3. Circle icon mod symbols

Download icon mods:

*AAR : I go to periscope depth shortly after the above screenshots were taken. There is no automatic setting for periscope depth in SOF. Periscope height and boat depth are adjusted separately depending on sea conditions. To avoid being spotted the player must monitor the “detection probability meter” and adjusts height and depth accordingly. My plan was to use bow torpedoes for the middle tanker1 and then swing the boat for a stern shot at tanker2.

Targeting data collected on the surface was used to plot a submerged run to a firing position for a bow shot at tanker1 . Frequent quick periscope checks are made on the submerged run. The scope is raised just high enough to see ship smoke, funnels, and masts. When the firing position is reached, it’s raised higher and longer to collect the final targeting parameters: Target range 400m, heading NNE constant ~5 degrees, traveling at 5 knots, AOB ~90 degrees Port, torp speed 36 knots, 8 degrees deflection angle. My bow was pointed at 100 degrees, the periscope was pointed at ~108 degrees.. I remained unseen- The target crosses the wire and both torps run out ..........1 MISS-DUD?)/1HIT

After shooting at tanker1- I swing hard to starboard to line-up a stern shot on tanker2. I’m was immediately spotted. One of the destroyers moves out fast in my direction to ram and opens fires. I submerge-then escape, and quickly returned to periscope depth. Through the periscope I saw Tanker2 starting to ZigZag. Both stern torps shot ......2XMISS (range 600m, AOB 110 degrees Port). .... Disengage to reload and repair.

I think SOF plays-out fairly authentically using manual targeting.

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