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Default Raspberry Pi

I got one of these a few months ago...

Primarily so I could have a small computer with a full "Desktop" OS to take with me when I take a trip.

So I picked up a "kit".

It included:
Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (1.4ghz quad-core ARMv8 CPU, 1 GB RAM)
Micro SD Card
USB Micro-SD Card Reader
AC power supply
Rasperry Pi case (black, plasic)
Heat sinks
HDMI cable

The Micro-SD card is pre-loaded with "NOOBS" which can install Raspbian (default).
I chose to install Raspbian since it has most/all of the software goodies for the Pi included.

I used the TV/monitor, keyboard and mouse that I use on my (old) Dual-core PC to setup the Pi.

It's not bad for simple things.
Open too many browser tabs thought, and it to starts to lag.

The Pi 3 B+ has:
4 USB 2 ports
1 Network port (RJ-45 I think? same as on a desktop PC)
1 3.5 mm port (you will have to read about this one yourself, does video too)
1 micro-usb power port

I went back and picked up the following goodies:
7" touch screen (the Pi 3 mounts to the back of the screen)
Touch screen case (covers the Pi and allows acces to all the ports on the Pi)
Wire-less keyboard w/touch-pad mouse (not blu-tooth. I wanted a small wired)
20,100mah "power bank" to power it when I'm not somewhere with A/C power...

I also installed the touch-screen keyboard program on Raspbian.

Based on various post on forums all over the place, I'm estimating ~8 hours run time.
I still haven't tested that, yet. (which is why it is an "estimate"!)

Ran for 9 hours and dropped the pack to ~51%.
(The Power Bank I purchased has a digital display to show the % of charge remaining.)


While I have seen an article or 2 on getting WINE working, it's not an x86 CPU...
So that means (most likely, still need to check) no SH3/4 or similar...
It does work with DOSBOX which means I could take all my old dos games with me. I'm trying to get all of my games together (and find my floppy drive cable for my dual-core, wherever it is) and get my dos games transfered over to the Pi.
Need to get a better portable keyboard and mouse while I'm at it!

I would like to get this a bit more "wear-able" than it is now, currently it's like a small tablet attached to a battery-pack...


P.S. I'll try to update this with pictures later... Can I put them in my "album" here on subsim?

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