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Molon Labe
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6 March 1944
Turkey shoot over Legaspi--is this is last of the counterattack?

I'm going to back off from some reporting all the "regular" bombing raids I've been doing for the last couple game months, I'm falling behind of the reports and I don't think they're adding much.

The enemy continues to try to interdict my landings at Legaspi. Wave 1 was 18 Judies and 9 Frances escorted by 5 Georges and 18 Franks, going up against a CAP of 37 Hellcats and 8 Corsairs. 10 Judies and 8 Frances made it through to make attacks, but none hit. Losses were 16 Franks, 4 Georges, 1 Frances, and 6 Judies (plus one more Judy to flak). No US losses. I can only assume results like this mean he's completely depleted his pool of competent pilots. Georges and Franks are not ****ty aircraft. Additional waves throughout the day saw a few US losses--5 Hellcats total, but another 8 Georges, 26 Judies, 2 Betties and 2 Jills. All that for failed attacks on my surface covering forces. The last attack was a wave of 24 Kate kamikazes. Our CAP was completely spent by this point, but none of the Kates managed to hit home. None were "officially" killed by flak, but I can only assume the reason they missed was because they got shot up too badly to steer.

I absolutely battered the hell out of the airbase at San Fernando with 33 B-24s, thinking that it had to be were most of the enemy bombers were coming from for these Legaspi raids. But it was empty. Must be Clark and Manila after all.

Japan attempted to repel our troops at Legaspi with a paratroop raid, but we wiped them out rather easily. We've already got about 20,000 troops ashore.

Burma and Thailand
An enemy raid of 22 Tonies and 22 Sallies hit Prachuap Khiri Khan. Our meager 4 - P-47 CAP shot down 2 Tonies. Our ground forces took 20 casualties.

4 Tonies got airborne to meet an air raid of ours vs Singapore we had Spitfires escorting Wellintongs. 3 Tonies and 1 Spitfire were lost. 3 more Tonies got splashed by P-47s and P-51s sweeping.

South China Sea
HMS Tantalus hit a small tanker (1120 tons) with a torpedo hear Hong Kong. Doubtful it could survive.

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