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Default "Windowed"!

Hi Aaron!

Like those before me I'd like to just offer my congrats on a fantastic application
It certainly takes me back to my days as a radar plotter in the Royal Navy! You never know, we may have unknowingly operated along side each other in a NATO exercise of some shape or form!
(Some years ago I hasten to add )

New to both SH3 and MOBO, I'm trying to get to grips with all the information available and getting downloads to work! (The grey cells aren't as active as they used to be!).

Having downloaded the MOBO manual I'm working through it bit by bit. Ideally I'd like to use MOBO as an overlay on SH3, without having to alt/tab or use the document flip button on my mouse.

My question therefore is how to get "windowed" in SH3 so I can utilise the transparency settings in MOBO and have it overlaying the SH3 mapscreen?! (I'm running vista on an Acer Aspire 8930 Dual Core). I'm not %100 tech minded, but would appreciate any pointers in how to succeed in achieving this particular goal!

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When you start the game, you should be able to go into the options menu after the title screen and put a check by "windowed mode" (or run in window, or something like that). From that point on, as long as the resolution of the desktop is greater than the resolution selected for the game you should notice it running in a window. If desktop resolution is same as game, it might not look like a window, but it is (just takes up the whole screen). Oh, and you will have to restart the game after making that selection.

Incidentally, I have a wider screen monitor and that's how I like to use it too. Keep MoBo off to the side and just overlay when needed...

Personally, I never served in the military or navy, I just liked the math. But I had some folks help me with it who you might've had radar contact with.
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Old 12-07-2010, 09:28 AM   #3
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Thanks for the above advice Aaron!
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