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Originally Posted by luisfe View Post
Hii!maybe is a noobie question (I am) but, is this mod compatible with started games? I dont want to begin a new game but I want this mod...
Hi luisfe!
This mod is perfectly compatible with any version of SH5 (vanilla, Sober, TWoS ...) because it modifies the file which is only a small graphic file of around 16,000 Bytes and can be activated at any time without any problem.
If it can be useful then I propose again my version of the "TWOS restore captain's icon by Torpedo" mod which restores exclusively the captain's original icon with the same graphics as the crew icons. I had made and published this mod already in 2016 because, I don't know the reason yet, but with TWoS the captain's icon becomes blind (the alpha channel of the image with is = 0 therefore perfectly transparent) even if with Photoshop the image is perfect. Maybe it may depend on my graphics card NVidia GTX970 (always updated). Other users may have still the same problem and this small mod, that can be activated at any time, could solve the problem.
The link for "TWOS restore captain's icon by Torpedo":


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thank you so much for help me and for the mod
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Default Welcome aboard!

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A Warm Welcome To The Subsim Community > louisfe
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