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Default DW crashing on start up

I have a DVD of DW I tried running it through a program called dxwnd. I had this working once before so I know it works, but I forget what I did to fix it. I had to reinstall it. I have a windows 10 PC with I7 5820K CPU with 16 gigs of ram, a GeForce gtx 1080 ti graphics card, and an SSD hard drive. I found two different videos on youtube both looked like they worked, but both settings give me the same error message. failed to initialize graphics display" "Context Create Error: -2147467259" I think a year or two ago when I had DW installed I had to adjust my color settings on windows 10 to 16 bit and that got it to work, but I don't remember how I did that now. I was wondering if anyone has seen this error and knew how to fix it?
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Old 05-15-2019, 02:52 AM   #2
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DW should work under windows 10 only with wrapper:

wrapper link

Other method is to use dgvoodoo2 - if you wanna play in windowed mode.
Check this thread on RedRodgers forum:


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Old 07-30-2019, 07:15 PM   #3
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I just installed 1.48 and now the game wont run in windows 10 again...This was fresh install.

More specifically, before yesterday, on my Windows 10, I could run the game in 1260x1200 or whatever the max is in the game. I got it to work after adding the d3d.dll file into the game folder.

But yesterday, I got on Discord, saw a link to version 1.48 and installed it.

And that leads me here again. It completely messed up the game and NOW I cannot get it to run in the max mode again. I'm not sure what the deal is.. I also reinstalled the game and this time only installed 1.47 and same issues.

In the game options, when I go to 3d settings, its showing a frame rate of up to 400+. And if I either select the video adapter OR the resolution tab, the screen blacks out, comes back on and then the game completely exits.

Seems it is some issue with graphics again. I'm running on my Nvidia GTX 550 Ti.

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Default Welcome aboard!

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I got it fixed!

Go into dw.ini and change resolution there.

.ModeID 3 (changes resolution to the 1200+ one)
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dangerous waters

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