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View Poll Results: Best of Subsim 2013: Most Helpful Member of the Year
PISCES 22 25.29%
Skybird 20 22.99%
MikeMike47 19 21.84%
FIFI 26 29.89%
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Old 12-15-2013, 09:52 AM   #1
Onkel Neal
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Best of Subsim 2013: Most Helpful Member of the Year

Who has made helpful comments? Who has lended a hand when you have posted a question? Who has been there to save the day? No, not Robert Downey, Jr, which Subsim member is Best of Subsim 2013: Most Helpful Member of the Year ?


1: What you might be missing with the stock game, with regard to the Nav-map and targeting, is the cursor tool when drawing lines. (see 2nd and 3rd image in the Hunt tutorial.) Or a big plotting grid image replacing your Uboat icon on the map. (see this video tutorial) I think these things weren't part of stock SH3. But they are very helpfull tools. Almost indispensible,... but I'm a mapdrawing-nerd. So I created this little mod to be able to point lines, waypoint legs, circle radi, and protractor legs in whichever compass-direction I want. I never used the big Uboat Icond replacing plotting grid as it was a major toll on my first computer. But I'm sure some versions of it are also in the Subsim Downloads section (like this, but it is old, and not completely JSGME-ready)

Reason for Nomination:
It just strikes me as the perfect example of going out of the way to help a member in need. The extra measure. The extra mile. All that is best with Subsim. Any more cliches?


Example Thread:

Reason for Nomination:
I'd like to nominate Skybird because if you venture over to the Helo and Flightsim thread, there are posts littered with alot of his help. Very courteous and non arrogant when it comes to stupid questions as well. I mean, I'm not trying to be biased because he helped me in my own thread, but litterally most of the 109 posts are questions from me and clear conscise answers from him, detailed as well. Very very helpful member if you ask me

Reason for Nomination:
I don't have a specific post to point to, but he has been all over the SH4 and SH5 forums finding things for people and giving recommendations. Most importantly he has gone to bat for people who complained about links being down and not being able to find things. He has PMed Neal and myself to point out and ask about problems with links in Subsim Downloads and followed up to make sure we were doing something about it. Without his help a lot of these might never have been noticed, let alone fixed.

Reason for Nomination:
He is always responsive to queries, consistently online, technically proficient and his mods list is straightforward-in correct order, always improving and immediately available to the exploring nubs looking for wisdom in uncharted waters. And he can do it in Spanish with a mod for Vigo Bay, saving me a trip back to lLa Rochelle for resupply. As a computer dyslexic new guy myself, his advice is is among the top five that I routinely search out and follow in the Subsim fleet with confidence.

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Watch Officer
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sublynx: because he made me a video on YouTube on how to install mods + other incredible knowledge and help.
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Sailor Steve
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Sorry, nominations are long closed. The four we have are the four you can vote for this year.
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