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So, the four picked up their weapons with a heavy sigh. Tarrasque walked unaccompanied to the center of the ward, clasped his hands behind his back, and bowed his head. He murmured in prayer.

Enigma began to say something, perhaps express a tone of regret, but Takeda stopped him with a hand to his shoulder. Enigma looked at Takeda, then Mookie, and nodded.

"All right then, ready, aim... fire."

A staccato bracket of rifle fire shook the afternoon air. Tarrasque staggered, dropped to one knee. The now-familiar transformation began--the bugling eruption of muscle, the hideous sprouting of black hair. But after only a matter of moments, Tarrasque coughed and fell forward.

The ordeal of Verposten X was over.

"So, is there any chance we can repair your sub and get away from here?" suggested Enigma?

Mookie smiled, "Well, I highly doubt we can make it seaworthy, but we have nothing but time to try."

The men walked to the dock, and were astonished to see a Norwegian trawler tied up alongside Terrific.

"Hey you men, what are you doing here?" asked the old sea captain.

"We're marooned," shouted Jimbuna. "Can you give us a lift?"

"Aye." The old captain rubbed his chin. "Aye, welcome aboard. Our next stop is Vanvikan. That's where we winter. It's a little village, but you're welcome to come along if you choose to earn your keep with shipboard duties."

The men looked at one another. "Well," said Jimbuna, "it cannot be any worse than this place."

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