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Onkel Neal
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radar Have Submarine-Launched Anti-Aircraft Missiles Finally Come Of Age?

Let's see a show of hands, do you ever get annoyed by the ASW helos pestering you when you're on an important mission? Who among you enjoys jolting your crew into flank evasive maneuvers when some damn helo drops a homing torpedo right on top of you? Well, who says you have to live with that,

The idea is that, if the submarine was cornered by an aerial anti-submarine asset, it could pop up to a very shallow depth, extend the anti-aircraft missile system, lock up the target and kill it. Hopefully doing so would give the submarine time to slip away, assuming no other anti-submarine assets were nearby.

@1:33 "that's what you get!"

Of course, this gives away the exact location of the sub upon firing, so it would be a last resort defense weapon. But if you're just a few minutes away from cavitating with evasive maneuvers, it may give the aircrews something to think about....

This alternate method would solve the need to come to PD and launch:
A more advanced SLAM concept offers better survivability and maneuvering flexibility for the launching submarine, but it’s far more complex than the basic mast-mounted A3SM. This concept utilizes a torpedo-like underwater vehicle fired from the submarine that makes its way to the surface. Once there, it releases its missile—or missiles. Alternatively, no canister or vehicle may be needed at all, and the missile may be able to make its way to the surface and fly out without any assistance at all.
Another version uses the torpedo tube to store a "magazine" of SAMs.
“Four missiles will be stored in a magazine that fits into a standard 21″ torpedo tube. The missiles are ejected from the magazine into the water, extract their wings and separate quietly from the submarine, where they ignite the rocket and transition to airborne flight, propelled by the weapon’s rocket motor.

So, who wants to bet the US and France already have some capabilities, certainly Russia?

Tests during the mid 2000s had the AIM-9X fired from a vertical launcher as a proof of concept demonstration. A few years later, an AIM-9X was launched from an actual submarine as part of a series of integration tests. Since then the program seems to have disappeared from public view, but it’s likely development has continued on in the classified world—especially considering that submarine-launched unmanned aircraft have been an operational reality within America’s nuclear submarine fleet for some time.
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anti air warfare, sams

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