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Default Can do anything more

As most of you know I have or had huge problems with my computer especially after those MS upgrades or updates.

I had been searching for information on the web about my problems and on every pages I found they said it's mostly the driver who are outdated

I'm a total newbie when it comes to computer.

Then some days ago I searched for information on how to update driver and when reading how it is done I remember my friend how he did.

First I had to find where my device management are.

Found it very fast.

The first I did was to check for any new driver to my graphic card.

There was a new driver installed it and restarted the computer.
Then I checked for newer driver to my audio there was a new same here installed it, but didn't restarted my computer.

Made som check here and there and one or two more of my drivers got an update.

Everything was OK until last night-Got three !! BSOD within 30 minutes.

So today I went back to my device management

And this time I checked for updates for EVERY thing there was there.

There was 3-4 new updates to my system-Each time it said I had to restart but I didn't
I restarted my computer when I was finish.

It toke some time checking every device.

So now I hope this will help.

If not....then it is away to my local IT-supporter.

My headlines "Can do anything more " Should have been "Can't do anything more"

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Well all I can say is good luck!!

Sub captains go down with their ship!
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Nathaniel B.
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Technology ... making everyone's life easier!
If you have a question about celestial navigation ... ask me!
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Lucky Jack
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Originally Posted by Nathaniel B. View Post
Technology ... making everyone's life easier!
Tomorrow's World BBC Titles 1978

Just like they said back then, computers and robots will be doing all the work and we will have so much free time on our hands we just will not know what to do with it all.
Dr Who rest in peace 1963-2017.

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Well I was to quick to jump in joy.

Had two BSOD today.

Both while playing FS17.

Made me wonder if my graphic card and this game doesn't get together very good.

Then I remember having read

Graphic card:


AMD Radeon HD 6770
(my Radeon R7(M360) should be a little better from what I have read.))

Nvidia GeForce GTS 450.

Some days ago I made a search

Where I asked

Reason for Thread stuck in device driver

And in one of the page I found I read this
"The Windows 10 Thread Stuck In Device Driver error is caused by a driver file being caught in an endless loop while it waits for the hardware to enter idle state. This is usually a driver problem and rarely hardware. Thankfully, a driver or BIOS update can fix it."

I have as mentioned earlier, almost updated every driver I have(most of them had the lastest driver installed)

But I don't know about this BIOS update thing.

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