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Default Scapa Flow Mission

Scapa Flow is a Bee-Hive. This is a tough one. Especially early on in the sandbox career. Scapa Flow is fairly easy to sneak into. Exiting Scapa Flow is not so easy.

Here are a few tips and things to watch out for:

Wait outside the entrance (off shore) until night time. Then creep in submerged or intermittently with decks awash. The depth is barley adequate @ 16 meters average. The boat needs 16 meters for periscope depth (go figure). Therefore, you will be dragging your keel all the way in for the most part. The ocean "global mesh" model (regarding topographical depths according to nautical charts) desperately needs attention here. The present "beta' version really kills immersion. Then you have to watch the boat does not veer off course in another direction over the shoals or beach itself. (It would be nice if high and low tides were modeled).

Next, it also helps to have the "soup on" in the galley for the crew morale "buff." And don`t forget about the ventilator which you will probably need to escape. Air and battery will be in short supply. You can intermittently go "decks awash" but the oxygen won`t always replenish and air patrols will severely limit your time on the surface. Your battery should be adequate if you give careful attention to the Crew Chief.

Finally, you need to sink two Corvettes and get out. Easier said than done, but doable. I sat still on the bottom and waited for the patrols to come to me. The first one was a broad-side shot and the second was straight down the bow. Both Corvettes went down with a single torpedo.

I managed to barely pull it off with several quick saves. I was strafed and damaged by aircraft upon leaving. The crew pretty much handled all the repairs automatically. This was good to see. It took a long time to pump out the water though. I survived but even then I wasn`t home free (relentless air patrols) until I reached deeper water off shore.

Good Luck.

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