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Default Introduction to DARPA Game Overview – “ACTUV Tactics”

DARPA Game Overview – “ACTUV Tactics”

Sonalysts, Inc., under contract to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), will be releasing the crowd-sourced computer simulation, "ACTUV Tactics". This freely downloadable PC simulation from DARPA will allow players to operate the ACTUV (Antisubmarine Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel) as it attempts to track an unknown submarine threatening the coast of the United States. By analyzing how the best players use ACTUV to complete their missions, DARPA hopes to gain insight into optimal tactics and capabilities to be implemented in the prototype system.

Tracking a submarine is dangerous and difficult mission for conventional Navy systems. If a robotic vessel could be built to do the job, it might offer more reliable ways to keep track of the subs and free up valuable ships and crews for other vital missions. DARPA has studied the problem and come up with a concept for a vessel that looks like it has the right tools for the job. But what would be the best way to use these new tools? What behaviors should the future ACTUV computers employ in order to follow a submarine? What are the best tactics for ACTUV to acquire and track a submarine while safely navigating, complying with the “Rules of the Road,” and dealing with all of the challenges of operating at sea? That's where the ACTUV Tactics simulation is designed to help.

Using the sonars and other sensors of a simulated ACTUV vessel, the players will try to find and follow a submarine in a series of missions of increasing complexity. At the end of each mission, the players will be requested to send the results of their game play to DARPA to be analyzed to see if they have discovered an optimal strategy. There will also be five variants of the ACTUV available in the game, providing insight into which characteristics are most valuable. High scores for each ACTUV variant will be shown on a public leader board on the DARPA website.

ACTUV Tactics is based on the Sonalysts Combat Simulations - Maritime Simulation Engine, used for many naval training and simulation projects. The engine was used for the "Dangerous Waters" commercial naval combat game, released in 2005.

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