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Default Torpedo attacks - semi easy mode?

Weird question, just wondering are the torpedo attacks accurate or is there a "help" variable of some sort.

The reason I ask is I was playing with another crew, and I was just learning, running the hydrophones, but the guy running the TDC, rather than set up for a 90 degree attack, insisted on driving behind the ship, following it's course, and firing torpedoes like this with AOB of (I guess) 180 ish..
I always learned that this would be a very low percentage shot, (I even commented that maybe we should take a side shot), however, we were hitting the ships every time, so I could not correct him

My question is, does the game have some "zone" or something that allows the torpedoes to hit or was this guy just that good?

In all of the SH series, I've tried rear shots many times, and very rarely am I successful.

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If you are behind the ship, and ship does not change course, you can hit a ship no problem. I don’t think the ships zig zag in this game though.

I’ve done it in SH3. It’s not ideal, but it can work!
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Old 03-24-2019, 09:06 AM   #3
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Running a parallel course would of been a better option if you are struggling to get in front of a fast moving target hitting the bow is fairly easy close up I guess he went for that option if it was difficult to catch up.

I've found I have had to relearn a lot of stuff from SH5 this TDC variant in Wolfpack just needs a little practise. The fast attack method used by Jonny Dog works well his live stream are worth checking out
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