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Support What is this on the bow (forward deck) of British subs?

What is this thing on the bow of British subs? My friends and spent a good few minutes trying to determine what it is and had no luck whatsoever. It looks like it's also on Astute-class, but I've seen pictures with and without it. I've also seen a picture of an LA class with one, but most pictures are without it, suggesting this thing is retractable to some extent. Thanks for any help!

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Whoa - I thought the guru would know this one!

I'm 99% sure it's an active sonar intercept array mate.

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The sonar is the Thales Underwater Systems (formerly Thomson Marconi Sonar) 2076 integrated passive / active search and attack sonar suite with bow, intercept, flank and towed arrays. Sonar 2076 has so far been fitted to Trafalgar Class submarines Torbay, Trenchant and Talent, entering service in February 2003. Astute is fitted with the latest version of the Thales S2076 integrated sonar suite. Your photo is, I believe a Trafalgar class submarine, also fitted with 2076 sonar. But hey I'm no guru!
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It is the bow intercept type 2076 sonar system

and this is a british trafalgar class

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