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Default "Boomer" ehhhh

I read in a manual:

"Hunting a boomer is a tough business. They are usually escorted
by at least one SSNs equivalent to you, and they are VERY, VERY quiet.
Soviet boomer "bastions", where boomers hide, are often protected by mines.
And boomers do have torpedo tubes. They won't hesitate to use them if they
hear you coming.".

As a Dutch I try to "google-translate" the word "boomers", but Google don't know ether...

What is it?
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Sean C
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I suppose "boomer" (in the context of ballistic missile submarines) refers to the fact that, if they launch their missiles, there will be a very big "boom". This is an onomatopoetic word which represents the noise made by a bomb.

According to Wikipedia: in the U.K., they are known as "bombers".
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Old 08-30-21, 09:23 AM   #3
The Old Man
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Ballistic missile submarines are known, colloquially, as 'boomers.'
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Try TheGeoff's SubCommander 0.28! It's allows the player to launch nuclear missiles at cities! Very Creepy! Boomers always end the show with a 200 Megaton Boom! Only Nuclear torpedoes or Depth Charges leave a similar impression!

Christopher Tarana
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