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Default Creating a new sub: I'm absolutely lost

I dunno how to go about describing this, nor do I even know if this is the right the place to ask this. I'm trying to recreate the Seabat from the manga "The Silent Service" I've downloaded DWedit and I'm lost, the closest I've got is making a sister ship to the Seawolf (Of which the Seabat is based on). My main goal is making a Seawolf that's quieter, faster, and armed with more powerful sensors, and yes I know it'll be overpowered, but I wanna do this to help me learn, so why not have fun while at it?

I've looked at this post

...And the tutorial completely confused me. Oneshot on the thread mentioned a JSteed's Database editor and "add-a-navy" but the link doesn't work. If someone can give me an idiot-resistant explanation I'd be thankful.

EDIT: Okay, so I got the basic idea of what I want to do go down. I have a sub, my problem is that I can't add my sub to the game. I save it then what? How do I classify it as playable, or even add it to the game itself as it doesn't appear anywhere.

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