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Old 01-03-20, 07:26 PM   #1
Onkel Neal
Born to Run Silent
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bullhorn Stand and salute, here are your SUBSIM Best of 2019

Congratulations to the SUBSIM Best of 2019 winners!

No web forum or community would last long without friendly, thoughtful people contributing their time and talent for the common good. Subsim will be 23 years old in a few weeks, and we owe it to the guys who keep this place fun! Thank you, each and every one,

Onkel Neal


Poster of the Year
Fifi (Dark Waters, previously OMEGU/OpMonsun)
Honorable Mention: FotRSU Mod Team (propbeanie + s7rikeback), derstosstrupp (Wolfpack support)

Midshipman of the Year (new guys)
Mios 4Me

Honorable Mention Randomizer, Noobicum4Ever, AzureSkies, gurudennis

Thread of the Year
Fifi for OM updates and Dark Waters

Funniest Post of the Year
Mr Quatro

Honorable Mention

Mod/Modder of the Year
vdr1981 for TWoS mega mod

Honorable mention
Fifi (Dark Waters)
GSmith63 (Cold Waters campaign)

Most Helpful Member of the Year
vdr1981, propbeanie

Honorable Mention: THEBERBSTER,

Subsim Facebook Poster of the Year
Jason Jara, fitzcarraldo

Admin's Choice - recognized by the Admin for consistent quality posts, helpfulness, and overall support.


Special Mention
Sailor Steve and Jimbuna for their 100 Years Ago Today thread

Winners will be notified by PM. A Best of SUBSIM 2019 award will be added to their name.

Feel free to comment and congratulate them here.

Thanks to all of you who contributed & nominated, and as always, thanks to the wise moderator team and Red Alert Team. If we missed any worthy candidates, PM me and make your case.

Last edited by Onkel Neal; 01-03-20 at 08:02 PM.
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Old 01-03-20, 07:59 PM   #2
Shark above Space Chicken
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"However vast the darkness, we must provide our own light."
Stanley Kubrick

"Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming."
David Bowie
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Old 01-03-20, 08:19 PM   #3
Argentinian Skipper
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Reading now....
Many thanks for the award and congrats to all the community for make SUBSIM great for ever.

Best regards.


My subject is War, and the pity of War. The Poetry is in the pity - Wilfred Owen.
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CTD - it's not just a job
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Wow guys, thanks again for me and the FotRSU team, we really appreciate it. Congratulations to all of the other winners! Thanks to the SubSim team, and to all who participate on the site! It's a great neighborhood where everyone wins just by being here!

and there's good music!

"...and bollocks to the naysayer/s" - Jimbuna
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Old 01-03-20, 09:04 PM   #5
Gefallen Engel U-666
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congrats to all; and to all a congrat!

"Only two things are infinite; The Universe and human stupidity; And I'm not too sure about the Universe"
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Kapitan.z.S Hartmann
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Congrats to all and thank you for voting for me I really appreciate it, it's a great great honor Y'all have a Happy New Year
"The clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy but does not allow the enemy's will to be imposed on him" Sun Tzu

Kapitan.z.S Hartmann's (U-35,U-46-U-204-U-332-U-256-U-293, U-838, U-830, U-834, U-1188, U-1180, U-835, U-840, U-839, Schiff 44 “AFRIKA”, Schiff 77 "Stortebecker", "Schiff 66 "WOLF", Schiff 19, Schiff 30) motto: Eastward Ho!
"Be more aggressive"

Schiff 30 wird sie alle versenken!
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Old 01-03-20, 09:58 PM   #7
Mr Quatro
Navy Seal
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Thank you kindly

Jim had a funny one too in Aktungbby's award winning posting
Originally Posted by Jimbuna View Post
I always intended to pay for my sins, but I could never afford it.
pla•teau noun
a relatively stable level, period,
or condition a level of attainment
or achievement

Lord help me get to the next plateau ..

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Lieutenant Commander
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Heading to AM49.(U-553)
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Old 01-04-20, 01:26 AM   #9
Navy Seal
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Wow...many thanks for this awesome award!

I want to dedicate this award to Lurker first, with his hard work creating Operation Monsun.
Then, i want to salute the work from S7rikeback, Propbeanie and KaleunMarco my friends who helped me to enhance the original Lurker’s creation.

SH4 is a great platform for U-Boats, at least as good as for US submarines.
Many things remains to be done, each day a little bit more, to raise this platform beyond the iconic SH3 level.
I still believe SH4 can get best of both world SH3 & 5!

Many thanks again guys, and long live U-Boats in SH4!
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Old 01-04-20, 03:45 AM   #10
Watch Officer
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This post went through a half-dozen iterations in an attempt to seem irreverent or humorous. In the end though, the PM from Onkel Neal was one of the nicest surprises I have had in quite some time.

Thank you to the entire SubSim Family: I am humbled and honoured.

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Old 01-04-20, 03:46 AM   #11
Starte das Auto
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Well done to you, worthy winners all
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Old 01-04-20, 03:47 AM   #12
Grey Wolf
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I didn't expect this honor, Thank you!
..and congarts to all winners.
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Old 01-04-20, 04:13 AM   #13
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I had no idea I was considered at any time. Thank you so much for the support. It was Subsim that gave me the knowledge, that I hopefully gave back to a newer generation of subsimmers! Thank you very much. Most honored.


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Old 01-04-20, 04:37 AM   #14
CINC Pacific Fleet
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Growing Old Disgracefully
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Hi guys
Congatulations to all those who have received this award.
I would like to say a personal thank you to those who took the time to nominate me it is really appreciated.

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