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Ahhhh... a mixed-media kind of gamer eh, Platapus?... - I guy I used to play Avalon Hill games with every month during out high school years, thought that my use of a calculator was cheating... Of course, I didn't think that. He could come up with scenarios in his head, and do the movement math and strength calculations in his head, on the fly. Me? I'd just get all glassy-eyed, and the word "TILT!" would come up on my forehead if I tried to do it in my head... I really remember Gettysburg and The Battle of the Bulge as being my two favorites, because I at least stood a chance against Mike in those games. You give him PanzerBlitz or Afika Korps on either side, and I'd lose inside of an hour... and actually, somewhat like a chess game with the guy, he'd tell me I'd lost within 15 minutes, but we'd keep playing, just to torture me...

Those are very cool-looking games Traveller. I might have to get me one and give them a whirl. My kids are always good at beating me at board games, so maybe I can interest one or both of them to play one of these. They haven't touched SH4 with me in ~months~...

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