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Default Torpedo Spinning after fired :Silent Hunter 5


Sorry For asking again, but I just wanted to make it clear that the problem i'm facing with that is making me frustrated is the fact that.. today I spotted a merchant vessel on the coast of Africa, and I believe it was some cargo ship but I honestly don't believe that is important. So I began to set up my shot.. Im on low settings, because I just started the game.. Im a noob, well anyways I set up the 3 dial with the other ships 3, after learning that from a Auto TDC Manual video and I fired.. but maybe 2 or 5 seconds later.. my torpedo makes it I would assume 10 feet in front of the submarine but then It quickly dashes to the left or right and keeps spinning around and around and it wont stop! Is there something Im doing wrong here!?

Info: This is silent Hunter 5

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