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a suggestion : can you make your tool able to alter ALL values in .sim files and not only the four ones that i saw ? you never know what a moder may want to ...tweak !
In fact, I considered the possibility that the four parameters (and many others) could be read in from a user text file.

However, there are serious technical problems:
1. Different types of variable (integer, float, byte) must be handled differently in code.
2. It would be difficult to provide a range of permitted values for each variable. For example, a value of gc_height = -1 must be excluded (although it might be fun to try).
3. Hardest of all - some variables are encountered more than once within a single sim file (for example, the LR parameter). It required special code to ensure that the correct LR is modified. It would become a very large effort to check every sim variable, in order to ensure that the correct variable, out of several with the same name, was used.

So I regret that it is not really practical to adapt my Thomsen's Parameter App for general use.

Of course, in order to discover which sim value a modder might want to tweak in future, it is necessary only to make a temporary alteration to a single ship (and its sim file) for test purposes.

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