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Flight Sim Hangar! (Updated 24/09)

Hello Pilots,

this thread will contain everthing for flightsims from Downloads till guides and tweaks
this thread is locked but will be updated with every link you members find
and now also After Action Reports are linked here , written by the Subsim members
you want your AAR linked here?, send a PM.


IL-2 Cliffs of Dover -
DCS World, A-10C, Black Shark 2, P-51 -
Prepar3d -
Take On Helicopters -
X-Plane -
Rise of Flight - Channel Battles Edition - coming soon to Steam (full MP with non-Steam players)

Free Flightsims:

Rise of Flight -
YSFlight (great free sim for older PCs) -
FlightGear -
GEFS (Google Earth Flight Sim) -

After Action Reports:

''Russian Front 3rd IAK VVS'' written by Xabbarus,
''The Diary of Wilhelmus Josephus'' written by HunterICX,
''Angel of Malta'' written by Dowly,

Documentary Vault:


Falcon 4.0:

IL2: (new!) (registration required)

Lock-On: (registration required)
''site also contains D.C.S. Black Shark downloads''

Microsofts Flight sim & Combat Flight Sim:



DCS Kamov Ka-50 Black Shark Procedures:

IL2 Skin tutorials:

Mission Building Guides(IL2):

Pilot Guides(IL2):

Setup Guides(IL2):

Thanks to all who found the links above
keep them comming
Last update: 24/09/2012

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