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If a scan with good stuff didn't find a virus, then it's Windows. For some odd reason, even after all these years, Windows has a nasty habit of trashing its "Hive", or what they used to call the Registry. It's ~huge~ now, and has a bunch of inter-dependecies, and one of those being buggered can trash the whole system, or a drive that it was accessing at the time of the crash. Not cool. Vista used to be the worst about that, even trashing itself during an "update". Now that MS has "patched" their OS (not yours, theirs) from Wannacry, they may well have locked something of vital importance to a restore. Someone else on SubSim can't access their SH5. I haven't gotten to my "real" computer to check mine just yet... Do you have a back-up of your data? It is a painful thing to have to deal with, whether you try to fix the issue, or just blow it all away and try to re-install it all... Sorry man, I definitely feel the pain.

All that said, I've gotten similar error messages when I've had a crash and / or re-installed, and it comes from MultiSH4, and/or LAA. There is a "FileManager.dll" in the root SH4 directory, and if MultiSH4 doesn't recognize it, you'll get a similar message, though it's usually a smaller window than what you have there, and is worded slightly different...

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