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Originally Posted by ArnoldR View Post

Else, I mean that when the game is paused, you can't do any actions on periscope, map, crew, torpedoes settings, etc etc..........
Yes, i better had add a smiley on my notes like this.

About sound bug, for example after pause, you can hear the splash sound of the bow inside the command room while you are stopped and underwater......this bug appears with Wise submarine modd. But there are also a bug with vanilla after pause: you can't hear anymore your diesel engines while travelling on surface...
Hmm. Until now i dont know, that this is anyhow related to "Pause". I will test this on next playings.

Diesels sound are reduced in loudness, also in speed level, sometimes not fully stopped. This seems to be "normal" for SH3, when switching view-stations. Especially from under- to above water.
Like this:

Some users (me to) had modified the loudness of related files such as amb_OceanSkyline and Collision_AntiSubmarineNet_xxx to reduce these effects.

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