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For the Max Albrecht, you must install the 'Harbor Traffic Add-in' mod (originally made by Rubini, but modified for NYGM).
You can find it in folder \NYGM3_0\documentation\.
Copy the Harbor Traffic folder into your '\data\mods\' folder, then install it with JSGME.
You *must* be at a base to install the Harbor Traffic Mod.

1. OLC2 affects key files, and a version has never been made for NYGM. If it works for you, then OK, but it is dangerous to use in NYGM without alteration.
However, you say that the 'invisible' sinking ships have never returned, so it may have been a temporary bug. Saving and reloading a game often introduces strange artefacts to game play. The original devs never expected so many extra ships to be added.
It is particularly inadvisable to save a game near a convoy, or at any time after two convoys have spawned together near your U-boat.

2. If you have found a way to avoid depth-charges, then use it. This is called 'experience'. It is the reason why experienced U-boat commanders were more likely to survive the war than commanders without experience.

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