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Default Hitman Optics

The new Optics Mod from Hitman, for NYGM 3.0, is now available for download by clicking on my signature below. (Filefront, file: Hitman_Optics_NYGM_3.0.7z).

This a wonderful new 'realism' addition to NYGM 3.0, which requires the user to calculate his own ranges for torpedo firing, identify his own target ships manually, and provides a superb new interface for the UZO and the two periscopes. I have been playing it continuously for the past two weeks, so I know it works perfectly.

Of course, not everyone will want to calculate their own ranges and identify their own ships, so this should be regarded as an *optional* mod - but one which I recommend strongly that all NYGM users try!

We recommend that you install first OLC's NYGM Horizon Fix (also available from my signature below). The combination of the two is fantastic!

In addition, the included new files commands_en(or de).cfg contain two other options:
Pressing 'Enter' key brings time compression to 1x (previously this key had no effect).
Pressing 'Ctrl+W' provides an instant weather update. Useful when cruising at periscope depth.

Hitman has included detailed instructions with his package.
Unzip the file Hitman_Optics_NYGM_3.0.7z with 7-Zip (recommended) or (perhaps) with WinRAR, then move the unzipped folder into your folder silenthunteriii\mods.
Finally, install the mod with JScones' ever-popular JSGME.

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