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Default LIVING SILENT HUNTER 3 - EDITION 2020 » Discussion and Support

Download Supermod Living Silent Hunter 3 - Edition 2020 here:

Here we talk exclusively about LSH3-Edition-2020!
About our experiences and mutual support.
This Topic is in progress by LSH3 Urmel, Blueduck, Eremit

We would also like to take this opportunity to refer to the great "work" - Topic: LSH3-2015/2020 <> TUTORIALS <> ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW - by THEBERBSTER:

There are already hundreds of questions about LSH3 answered in detail by THEBERBSTER.

This is by far the world's most comprehensive compendium on Supermod LSH3.

Many thanks to THEBERBSTER from the whole LSH3 team!


Hello LSH3 players

Let's not argue anymore - but work together for SH3!

There is a small update for "Edition 2020" (Cameras.dat).

Download update file ( LSH3-2020_UPDATE_21.01.22_StandardGUI-Camera.exe ):


1. if GUI_OLC is active: disable in JSGME the mod "_LSH3-2020_GUI_OLC" ...
2. start the UPDATE file: «LSH3-2020_UPDATE_21.01.22_StandardGUI-Camera.exe» …
3. extract to: Select the LSH3-2020 installation folder ...
4. click on EXTRACT to execute the update ...
5. now confirm that the file (Cameras.dat) should be overwritten ...
6. the update is successfully executed!

Thanks and greetings, Urmel


Hi mates,

please make sure your original SilentHunter3 installation folder is named Silent Hunter 3, SilentHunter3 or SilentHunterIII.
Otherwise the installer will not be able to verify your original installation.

The page before you get to the selection of the original installation folder gives this Information very clearly.
Please read the text in the installer carefully BEFORE you click the mouse button!



LSH3-2020 Changelog (by Blueduck, 2020.01.11)

Outgame - Installation
Completely redesigned installer for a user-friendly installation of LSH3-2020
LSH3-2020 MODARCHIVE MANAGER developed to copy archived mods to the MODS folder and start JSGME
Installation manual redesigned with detailed instructions for setting up the graphics cards (NVIDIA/AMD)

TychoSh3Patch_v3 the WS-MAP-MOD by Tycho
Hands look better by Anvart
Dazzle-Fix for the interior of the Type VII and 18 ships - double bug fixed
Australia-Fix implemented (Perth, Freemantle at correct position, starting point of RandomConvoys relocated)
More wounded less dead by h.sie integrated into the _LSH3-2020___Patch_HSIE-V16B1

Reconstruction of the OLC-GUI here moving the TDC and many small changes to the GUIs
Changes to messages_xx.txt, basic.cfg, conning_barracks_xx.cfg because of snorkel and exchange of two towers
Lighthouse Holtenau rotated and repositioned, swing bridge Rendsburg moved to historically correct position
Sonar fix for type VIIC/42 and type IXD2 installed (message sonar destroyed after loading in the comamnd room)
Missing LOG-files for 4 submarines in the museum created, all AI-boats in the museum highlighted with red font
Roster for small nations extended to have a larger selection of ships for historically correct single and multiplayer missions

Complete overhaul of single and multiplayer missions especially in English completely retranslated

LSH3 work on update right now!
Greets, Urmel


Hello LSH3 players

Upon request, we are happy to make our LSH3 Edition 2020 signature freely available to all.

Just copy/paste the following signature code into your own signature:

HTML Code:

Thanks for the support!

LSH3 Urmel

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