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Originally Posted by Salvadoreno View Post
Ran into a weird crash.

Sunk a steam troopship.

The first CTD was when it was blowing up and seemed to be going down..

2nd CTD was when i checked the hydros to verify its sinking.

3rd is when i click the captains log to verify if it registered (each time my WEPS office did not say it was sinking)

Saved a bit later after hitting the troopship and didnt touch anything but my map hotkey and my dive icons. No CTD. But no registering the ship was hit. Clicked the captains log and CTD again.

Basically seems like it gets overwhelmed when trying to register it sunk a troopship in my patrol zone as the objective?

Any way around it? I sunk a troopship earlier in this save too so its a great start for me, really dont want to lose it.


Looks like i lost that campaign unless i start over again. I saved when in contact with a ship so I am sure that was the problem.

::double edit::

I was a French ship apparently, Friendly. Ack!

I'm afraid that if you don't have gamesave prior your friendly sinking your campaign is now effectively over... Be more careful next time.
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