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Originally Posted by LiquitHQ View Post
Hey all,

I tried open horizons back when it first came out, I believe as far as I can see that this mod is partly based on OHII but with a lot of things changed.

first off I am confused about the campaign transfer, I see a lot of talk about it but I honestly do not understand a damn thing what I am supposed to do with it.

A: What is the campaign transfer about
B: Do I need to trigger it to play the game with this mod

Other than that I am merely confused on how I have to trigger it if I need it for this mod. I know, I've seen the links and I read them, however, for some reason I do not think that I am getting it all correctly.

As far as I am aware I have been starting a new campaign with a fresh profile.

I seem to have started at the first flotilla instead of at Sea like in the original campaign. According to what I see I need to be in my submarine preferably somewhere at open sea without any AI around me.

I understand that I need to wait until the date passes 1st March 1941?

and if I do this, can I sink shipping before that date or do I just put myself in a corner somewhere out in the sea and use time compression?

now if I read correctly when the end date is reached I will get a message what I need to do within the campaign the problem is that I never get these instructions and I tried it 3 times already.
No need to worry much about campaign transfers in latest TWoS versions... Just sail your campaign, hunt ships and when the time comes, specially developed set of in game radio messages will tell you what to do...Don't pay too much attention to Mama's tweaks ect...

Aside from that, I have another problem.

I like submarine sims like silent hunter games and those like cold waters but there is a limit to my understanding of how submarines REALLY work and the time I want to put into it to learn it.

I am not even close to a math buff, so, I end up using the tools provided to me at the max.

One of these tools is the solution lines, and the dots on the solution lines on both my sub and the leading dot on the targeted ship.

The problem is the options are ticked on but the dots do not show for me.

The question:

A: What did I do wrong that they do not show
B: how to enable them correctly [rememeber I already ticked the marks on]

Anyway thanks for any assistance that you are able to give me ...

Best regards
Those options should be available in map settings screen or OFEV application. Not sure, I never used those things...
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