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Originally Posted by totheorder View Post
Good Day fellas,

I'm currently working on releasing some single player missions for SH5. I am having an issue during testing which reveals many of the AI enemy ships to suddenly stop engines and sit still. I have assigned enough waypoints, even lopped waypoints with the same result. I am trying to run a process of elimination to isolate the cause. I do remember this happened a few times within the campaign over the years during gameplay. I am using the latest IRAI mod. One thing I can say is that this seems to be occurring more frequently in shallow waters, but in plenty of depth for the User controlled sub to roam. Any ideas?
Note that AI can not operate when it is very close to the ground, if it's frontal projected path is intersected with coast line at any moment, the AI will simply get stuck . This is especially true when AI uses his own random scripts for navigation in shallow waters near shore (trying to chase down something, evading ect ). For mission without these issues you'll have to set your theater at least 20 km from the nearest coast line...

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