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Dynamic Campaign

Unlike previous SH titles, SH5 Dynamic Campaign is composed of several "smaller" campaigns merged into one large. Some of the advantages of this new approach to the campaign system are more diversity in campaign settings depending on the current war period, better campaign progression "feeling", ect.
One drawback is unintuitive instant "jump" from patrol to bunker when ending date of individual campaign chapter is reached. This however can be avoided with few tweaks described in my alternative method of campaign progression, down bellow in F.A.Q....
Campaign "shifts" are commonly followed by flotilla and homebase transfers.

Due to some issues with SH5 launcher caused by Ubisoft, campaign transfers can be a bit problematic for some players. There are several available solution how to bypass this issue, so make sure to pay special attention on "How can I pass from one campaign chapter to the next one?" tip , down bellow in FAQ section.

Another novelty in SH5 campaign system are flotilla Objectives which will be offered to the player in every individual campaign chapter...

Flotilla objectives

Active objectives can be seen in top left corner of navigation map and/or as circular (ticked) click buttons also visible in nav map.
In TWoS, objectives represent currently available rough area of operations of your flotilla provided by BdU, but keep in mind that objective's graphical representation visible in navigation map are certainly NOT something which players should follow "blindly" or at any cost. Your constant and THE most important "objective" is to hit your enemy as hard you can, when ever and where ever you can. With high tonnage score per patrol OKM will be pleased, one way or another...
In this expansion, Objectives are exclusively date controlled and they will dynamically appear and disappear from your navigation map as war progresses.
Objectives in TWoS only have two statuses, On-going and Finished and they will be declared as "Finished" when certain deadline date is reached or sometimes even before, if BdU decide so...
All previously seen tonnage bar related nonsense are effectively eliminated from this expansion...

One more function of player objectives is to provide the player with several types of Secondary missions ...

Secondary Missions

Missions can be requested only in bunker and during the flotilla commander briefing by clicking "Request mission" button. TWoS/OHII features several types of secondary missions (area patrol, spy infiltration, harbor photo recon ect) and their main function (except "coolness") is to provide the player with one crew promotional point and to restore some crew moral, after successfully finished mission.
That been said, just like objectives, success is not mandatory and it shouldn't be forced at any cost. Successful convoy attack outside your currently designated patrol area will give you much more than 48h area patrol without success. I'm pretty much sure that BdU wont complain neither...
During patrol, your current mission will be shown in your Captains log as Primary or Secondary "Objective" so don't get confused about this...Note also that area patrol missions should be done in single playing session, without leaving the operation area or exiting to main menu. Stuck area patrol timer can be restarted by exiting from designated area, saving/reloading the game, and entering the zone again.

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