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When reporting a problem/bug/CTD, please make sure to provide answers to following questions:

- Operating System, System spec ?
- What is your version of the game ? (DVD, Uplay download, Steam)
- Confirm that your game is updated to official v1.2.0 version.
- Provide a screenshot which will show all content and installation path of your main Silent Hunter 5 install folder.
- Confirm that you have checked for solution in provided install instructions and other documentation?
- Specify mods you're using and state your mod order (do not type the list manually, use "Export activated mods list to" JSGME function).
- If you use any unsupported mods, remove them, reinstall your game/TWoS completely according to install instruction, start new campaign and make sure that the issue still persist.
- Make sure to provide as much details as possible when describing situation where problem/bug/CTD can be observed. What should we do in order to reproduce this issue?
- Upload several screenshots and gamesaves where problem can be observed.

Any report with less details or report like "HELP MY GAME CTD RANDOMLY ALL THE TIME !!!" is not helpful at all and it will only cause confusion.
Be thorough in your bug reports so we can diagnose, fix or discard the issue with less time consuming efforts, otherwise we wont see much use of it and I wont bother to answer...

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