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I am not currently active on the Subsim Forum.
If you have any questions just send me a PM and I will respond within 24 hours.

See Steam Conversion Instructions

Important Information For Windows 10 Problem Solving
Solving Problems In Windows 10 > Undo & Temporarily Prevent Driver Updates > Roll Back Driver > Remove & Replace Driver > Block Driver Update > How To Stop Automatic Driver Updates > Local Group Policy Editor > Registry > Keep Your Drivers Under Control > Internet Pictorial By MUD > Acknowledgement to hauanqua for finding this useful information.

Total Black Screen > Sound No Picture > Picture No Sound Fixes < Windows 10 Creator Version Fixes

Information For > SHIV <> All Posts Linked <
Large Address Aware (LAA) an essential SH4 application should be installed if it meets your systems requirements. > See the post links.

All Posts Have Full Instructions Where Needed

Subsim Download Link to THEBERBSTERS All In One Beginners Mega Mod For SH4 v1

All You Need to Know About THEBERBSTERS All In One Mega Mod For SH4 v1
> Pictorial

Moving STEAM From The Protectd Program Files (x86) Directory To A New Game Folder > STEAM User Information

More Advanced Mod List SH4

Beginners Guide To Manual Targeting In Silent Hunter 4 Introducing The Position Keeper

Silent Hunter 4 Torpedo Types And Ranges

STEAM > A Comprehensive Guide To Installing > By propbeanie

Steam Conversion SH4 Installation Instructions > STEAM user Information

Changing The GPU Settings > Pictorial

Changing AMD Radeon GPU Settings

How to Change SH4 To Full Wide Screen Resoltion > Pictorial

JSGME How To Move . Reposition > Delete > Add Mods Using A Mep File.

GPU Driver Roll Back To A Previous Version > Pictorial

Large Adress Aware (LAA) Easy Install > Pictorial

Hours and Minutes Imperial Speed Chart Tables

How To Change DPI Scaling Having Changed The GPU Settings And You Still Have A Problem

Solution for Antialiasing Problem with Nvidia GCs and Windows 10 Creator by Fitzcarraldo > Pictorial

Windows 11 Installatio Problems With SH4

Dark Waters Mega Mod By Fifi

German <> Allied WWII Campaigns

Download here
Includes Download Links and Full Instructions

Soviet Waterways Mega Mod

Soviet WWII <> Submarine Campaigns For SHIV

Download Here
Full Version & Russian to English Translation Patch
Instructions > Install JSGME first
Extract Full Version to your main game folder and enable main mod in JSGME
Extract Patch to your MODS folder and enable in JSGME

Download, Post Links & Information For > SHIV <

Coastal Guns Historical Japanese Exit Dates Fix Patch For TMO v2.6 > By. jakub88

Dick O***8217;Kane Attack Rules Method

DirectX 9.0C
> Download Link

DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer

Fix For The Missing Deck Gun Crew Slots By Wolfeinsamer

How To Change A Submarine Name

How To Change The Progress Bar Color In Silent Hunter IV By thegrindre

How To Cheat Sudden Death In SH4 By Sniper297

How to Have ***8220;Decks Awash***8221; By Sniper297

How to Make Multiple SH4 Installs By Webster

How To Move STEAM From The Program Files (x86) Directory To A New Folder By propbeanie > STEAM User Information

How to re-install SH4! Also Vista Installation Tips

How To Send Contact Reports In SH4 By Armistead

Important Information for SH4 from merc4ulfate

JSGME (Jones Soft Generic Mod Enabler)

Keyboard Layout Plugin Mods

Large Address Aware (LAA) > Download Link < Essential Application for SH4

Large Address Aware (LAA) Installation Instructions For Windows 10 By CapnScurvy < Essential Application For SH4

Low FPS Try This From GT182

MulitiSH4 by Potoroo

Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware Software To Protect Your System > Download Link

PDF User Guide for the Jones Soft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME)

Rockin Robbins EZPlot 2.0 > Plotting Mod Plugin

SH4 Gramophone Randomiser By Shakje > Install Anywhere

SH4 Mod Recommendations By Bleiente

SH4 Original Fleetboat Skins In 4k By vickers 03

SH4 Report generator ver. 5102 Kim Ronhof (Uploaded by anker)

Silent 3ditor By skwasjer

Silent3Ditor Configurator (S3D-CFG) By Rosomaha

Solution Solver 2.0 By Gutted

STEAM > A Comprehensive Guide To Installing > By propbeanie

Managing STEAM Silent Hunter 4 Advice By propbeanie > STEAM User Information

Windows10; Large Address Aware; SH4 Install By CapnScurvy

Windows 10 Updates Trouble Shooting Screen Fix By CapnScurvy

Zero Gyro Angle No TDC Required Firing Method By gumbeuregard > Includes Tutorial YouTube Video

> Download Link

Rockin Robbins Contributions

How Does FOTRSU Compare To TMO > A Brief Assessment By Rockin Robbins?

Silent Hunter 4 Corruption Management System (SH4CMS)

Tutorial: Make An SH4 Lockbox And Independent Game Installations By Rockin Robbins

Useful Information And Tutorials > "Sub Skippers Bag Of Tricks"

Guides And Training Information

Guides and Training

Real Submarine Technology & History Q&A

Download Links To Useful Mods

3000 Yard Bearing Tool 1920 x 1080 > Select your resolution from SH4 downloads

A New Gold Chronometer (Stopwatch) By thegrindre

Alternative Hud For SH4 Compiled By THEBERBSTER > Enable JSGME

Bigger Better Protractors

Extra Allied naval bases for Stock SH4 + UBM v3.0

Eye Patch for missing eyes for 1.5, RFB & TMO < Includes 3 Options > Use Stock for GFO

MaxOptics For IV GFO 1.1

Pacific Sound Mod > Enable after Stop The Shouting if using both mods

Ralles RealModPack V1.3 for SH4 V1.5 By Bliente > Mega Mod

Razzle Dazzle Non TMO version v1 > Merchant Skins > GFO Compatible

Remove grainy effect

SH4 Mods Previously On FileFront > Search By Mod Name

Ship Centred Accuracy Fix for SH 1.5 (SCAF)

Sobers Compass Mod Version Color < See Post #2 for installation instructions

Stop The Shouting > Enable before Pacific Sound Mod if using both mods

TMOwtw 2.5 (Lite Version Of TMO v2.5)

We Dive At Dawn (WDAD) A British (RN) Submarine Sim Game For SH4 By lurker_hlb3

Webster's Eliminate Floating Plankton For v1.4 And v1.5

Webster's GFO Game Fixes Only Mod v1.1

Webster's GFO New Orders Bar Menu For 1.5 < Essential mod added after the main GFO mod

Webster's Improved US Torpedo v2 > Choice of 2 Torpedo Strengths

Webster's New sonar view for v1.5

Webster's No Crew Fatigue For v1.4 and v1.5

Webster's Upgraded Deck Gun v1 < Choice of 2 Different Strengths

TIP > Shade the text > Copy & Paste Tutorials and How To Do IT to a Notepad on your PC = Hard Copy

Need answers to questions. > Just send me a PM and I will do my best to help you.

NOOB questions answered willingly.

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