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Default Stiebler4A_V16B1_Addon Patch (Released)

UPGRADED AGAIN to Stiebler4B_V16B1_Revised.7z (for_Hsie_V16B1 patch).

Small revision to the 4B patch, descibed more fully here:

Following is the original explanation for the 4b Patch:

In view of the feedback that I have received, that it is the CAM-SHIP file in the earlier Stiebler4A_Addon_for_V16B1 patch (and the 3A patch) that can cause CTDs for users of some supermods, I have supplied new detailed documentation with the latest Stiebler4B patch that explains how to avoid this CTD. Just read the instructions file after download.

This is an updated version of my earlier patch Stiebler3B_Addon_for_Hsie_V16B1, with three extra mods and a few minor improvements. It contains a patch for your HSIE V16B1 SH3.exe file. (That is, for a copy of SH3.exe patched with H.sie's V16B1 patch - no substitutes allowed!)

The original patch contained the following:
Silent-Running mod
Surrender mod
Smoke on Horizon mod
CAM-ship mod
Asdic mod
Reduce Ship Warnings mod
Change Patrol Grid mod
Minimum TC mod
Improved BdU Congratulations Fix

Additions: for Patch4A:
Null Grid Mod (Depart with an assigned grid from ports that are not home bases)
Weather Meter (See the current fog-visibility on screen, instead of the Stealth Meter)
Ship Speed Fix (As requested by Hitman - ships slow in strong winds/heavy seas)

Addition: for Patch4B:
Air Torpedo (FIDO) Mod (Aircraft sometimes now drop an acoustic torpedo onto you)

NYGM weather improvement mod updated (self-contained - can be used by players of all super-mods that have the H.sie V1.6B1 patch installed.)

I have slowed down ships quite a lot in heavy winds. Fehler (U 234) made this remark in his biography ("The Warring Seas", A.V. Sellwood, Tandem paperbacks), as his large fat Type XB U-boat crashed on the surface through a strong gale:
"On paper a surfaced U-boat should have no hope at all of outstripping a destroyer. Seventeen knots against thirty-five? The proposition is ridiculous. But [...] in the rough weather we were then encountering the weight of the destroyer would count against her, while the fine lines of the U-boat would carve cleanly through the [sea]. I estimated that the British could make twelve knots, with luck. But, given equal luck, the U-234 would do fourteen [knots]."

Before you do anything else, after downloading this mod package, read the key text file READ_ME_FIRST_Stiebler4B_Patch.txt, which directs you how to proceed.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to make new code mods for SH3 that do not cause collisions with other mods. For example, the Weather Meter contained in this patch will cause odd effects (not CTDs) with just about every mod that alters the GUI of Silent Hunter III. This means that every such mod would have to have an alternative version created if it is to show proper results with the Stiebler4B Patch.

This is not practical, and therefore:
This Stiebler4B patch is only appropriate for users with the knowledge and experience to adjust their own files as they wish (full instructions provided in the documentation). I really cannot recommend this mod to those who claim that they are 'not very good with computers'; or have experienced difficulty with the installation of this patch's predecessor, the Stiebler3B_Patch kit.

Finally, let me emphasise to those who will attempt to make the patch: Start with a fresh copy of SH3.exe, newly patched with H.sie's V16B1 patch-kit (available on this web-page). Do not make any alterations to your new file at all (do NOT use the provided Options Selector at this stage), before you apply the Stiebler4B_Patch kit.
1. Take a legitimate copy of SH3.exe
2. Patch it with H.sie's V161B according to his instructions. Do NOT make any changes to this patched SH3.exe.
3. Use the file SH3.exe created in (2) with the Stiebler4B patch-kit.
4. Now you can use the Options Selector to determine which mods you want ON or OFF.

Download patch from here:


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