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Default SH5 Mod Guide for Beginners

New to SH5 and are not sure what mods to use
Here are some of the main mod types.

You must first ensure that you are updated to SH5 v1.2
The game version number is shown at the top right side of your screen when you are in the main menu.
Goto C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5\Support\GameUpdater\GU.exe to force an update if the auto update did not work.

The next thing you should consider is your PC.

If you are using a 32bit operating system - adding mods can push your machine over its memory limits and cause CTD. You can take some steps to reduce this happening. This is done by following this guide to enable a 3gig switch that will allow your system to give itself more memory.
3gig switch info

***Edit: - as it turns out, SH5.exe is alraedy set to use the full allocation of memory. As such, using the 4 gig patch will reverse this - so DO NOT USE in SH5. I will leave the link as it may be handy for other games 4gig switch info ***

If your PC is good and you have a 64bit os - SH5 with mods should work fine.

How to install mods.

When installing mods for SH5 you should use JSGME. This is a small app that will make adding mods both easier and safer. Ensure you also read the guide to using JSGME or watch a vid tutorial here

JSGME and guide and more info here (by Mikemike47)

Gaps "Tip of the day" for installing JSGME

When to install mods.

Only install mods when you are off your boat. So when in the bunker save your game and exit. Install mods and then reload game and your saved game.
This is because most of the information is preloaded in you docs/sh5 as part of your save game and will be read by the game during the whole patrol. If some information changes when on patrol (by adjusting you mod list) ctds can happen.

Some mods can be installed when you are on your boat - read the mods installing instructions to see if this is the case.

Bug Fixes

AI & Human Historical Gun Fix
This fixes some of the issues found with the stock game with guns. It applies a general rebalance of armaments /ammo / zones and armour.
(by Gap)

Torpedo Speed Fix
This fixes a bug when you give promotion points to your torpedo man. This makes your torps run faster. The bug is that your TDC does not know your torps are now running faster so does not offset to take this into account. Installing this fix will reset your torps to the original speed.
NOTE: you do not need this fix if you never give your torp man points or use any mods that remove your crews special abilities.

Hydro ctd
This bug causes a ctd when you listen to enemy subs in the hdro station.
NOTE: You do not need this fix if you use TDWs Ui mod or OHII.

SH5.exe patches to fix bugs and add functionality
This bug in the hydro reduces the bearing range that you hydro can pick up contacts. It means that there is only a very narrow bearing when you can hear ships. This fix increases the bearing range where you can hear contacts.
CO2 bug fix is for the schnorkel that you can use with TDWs UI mod. This stops CO2 increasing when schorkel is in use.
Dud torp fix will enable duds
Mag torp fix will allow the magnetic detonators to work (to the range specified in the torpedoes .sim file).
Fixes the resupply bug where you were only allowed to use once per patrol. Now you can resupply again if a tanker has the stores.
Automatic closing/opening of sub's internal compartment doors when battlestations ability (key F7)
Added a new patch - Crew wakeup - that 'wakes up' the crew and makes them do their job (contact spotting/reporting)
Independent engine controls
Contact reports wolfpack patch - where BtU may send a wolfpack to attack contacts that you report
NOTE: this fix will not work for steam users. The fix is applyed by running a patcher app to update your SH5.exe

See here for a guide for how to install and use the patcher

Boat can't maintain depth and Download here
This bug will not let your boat hold depth when you are very deep and have no speed.
Note:***under review - TDW may add this to his UI mad as an add-on***

Radar Fix by Jace11 - this WIP mod will fix the games broken AI radar for all ships and aeroplanes

There are many great mods out there but I am only going to cover some of them for the key areas of the game.

Crew Mods
These will imporove how your crew move, act and look

MightyFine Crew Mod
This great mod is the most downloaded mod from the subsim download area.


More Crew Commands by Dialog (MCCD)
This mod will allow you to give command your boat by talking to your crew.


Reworked Morale & Abilities
This great mod will fix your crews abilities allowing for better use of the promotion points you award.

Environment Mods
These will enhance your view outside your boat.

Real Environment
New weather and much more.


Dynamic Environment
New weather and much much more

UI Mods
These will give you better control over your boat and crew

Multiple UIs for SH5 with TDC and Automation
This is the big one with so many features even the author can't remember them all. This mod comes with an options editor where you can pick the features you do want and leave out the ones you don't. Can be set to SH3, 4 or 5 styles.


CSP Magui Interface for SH5
Looks fantastic and has a very well organised layout.


A whole new layout of controls with many very handy crew commands

This will give you extra equipment

Equipment and Upgrades by TheBeast
Adds many new upgrades to the equipment that you can buy (with renown points) for your boat.


R.S.D. - Reworked Submarine Damage
As it says on the tin - now your boat will take damage as it should

AI Improvments
Gives the AI many new tactics for killing you

Improves the AI for Warships, Merchants and Aeroplanes. Can be adjusted to your skill level


Depth charge water disturbances
Gives you a short window where enemy hydro is less effective after a depth charge attack.

New FX
Adds new explosions and other effects to your game.

FX Update
Fire, smoke, better sinking and much more.

U-Boat Skins
Some great new looks for your boat.

Fantastic quality.


SH5 Tarnmatte Anechoic Coating (SH5 Type-VIIC)
Looks great - even has missing tiles and rust stains


Danevang's Paint Shop 1.0 (skin pack Type-VIIC)
Lots to choose from

Campaign Mods
These will change your stock campaign

Lite campaign LC
This will reduce the amount of tonnage you require for objectives in the stock campaign.


Open Horizons II
This one changes all the ojectives from the stock campaign. Adds full campaign to 1945, ships and much, much, much more

Sounds Mods
New and better sounds

Capthelms Audio Mod
Good quality and easy to install


Stormy`s DBSM collection SH5
New speech, sounds and much much more (requires german speech)


Venatore's SHV Mod Bunker
Better sounds for just about everything

Interior Mods
These will change the look of the inside of your boat.

SteelViking's Interior Mod
Very good quality interior that also fixes many dials to work correctly (perhaps should be in the bug fix section)

Sobers reduced textures addon for those with video issues (whire out screen) with Steels mod.


Naights Submarine Textures
Like your boat dark and scary - this one is for you.

Balanced Mod List
Getting a good balanced list should be your aim when you start out. I cannot emphasize this enough.
The more mods from each type that you add, the greater the chance that a mastake is made and you will join the ctd gang.

So to make a mod list using each of the above mod types - it should look something like this:-
This is also the correct order for install (where it matters)

MightyFine Crew Mod
Reworked Morale & Abilities
Dynamic Environment
SH5 Tarnmatte Anechoic Coating (SH5 Type-VIIC)
Equipment and Upgrades by TheBeast
FX Update
German U-Boat Crew Language Pack
Stormy`s DBSM collection SH5
Multiple UIs for SH5 with TDC and Automation
Depth_Keeping_Problem_HB_2_0_0_TheDarkWraith <<<<<may be within TDWs UI mod as an add-on soon
Open Horizons II

Happy Hunting

Some stable mod lists that have been tested

Sjizzle's mod list (based on CSP Magui interface)

Fifi's mod list (includes small, med and large lists)

Sobers List
See this thread here - it also has all the links and information on how to setup.
Nice one Sober

Some wise words - please read this if your wish to make your own mod list


My current mod list 18/01/14.

In time you can than add to your balanced list with some of the other mods out there. You should only do this one mod at a time and then test for a good few days/weeks, ensuring there are no issues before adding any more - This will help in the long run.

This is my list - Note: I still only have one of each key mod types installed

Generic Mod Enabler - v2.6.0.157
[C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5\MODS]
MightyFine Crew Mod 1.2.1 Alt w beards
German U-Boat Crew Language Pack
No Logo Intro Menu_Animation v. 01.00 by AvM
NOZAURIO'S SKIN (U-552-Red Devil Emblem) v-1.0.0
Cerberus62 Corrected Depth Charge Projector 1.0
smaller flags for Warships 1_0b
Stormys DBSM SH5 v1.3 Basemod
Stormys DBSM SH5 v1.3 optional NavMap babelling
Stormys DBSM SH5 v1.3 optional -6db damped Sonarguy
Stormys DBSM SH5 v1.3 optional scary creaks
Stormys DBSM SH5 v1.3 additional crew sounds beta6
SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2
Trevally Automated Scripts
Trevally Harbour & Kiel Canal Pilot
Manos Scopes 8x5
Trevally Tutorial - All v0.2(for OHIIv1.3)
EQuaTool 01.01 by AvM
R.S.D. - Reworked Submarine Damage
Trevally Mods for SH5

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