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Default NYGM 3_6 Patch Released (Wolfpacks release)

NYGM 3_6 Patch. 10 November 2011

This new patch is compatible with H.sie’s V16A3 patch for SH3.exe (the Wolf-pack patch), and with the Stiebler_Addon_for_V16A3 patch which overlays V16A3.

It contains already the necessary files en_menu.txt, de_menu.txt, AI_Sensors.dat, the Type VIIF ‘wolf-pack’ U-boats, and an adapted campaign_SCR.mis file.
In addition, the 3.6 patch contains upgraded versions of the late-war ‘FuMB37XXIIINYGM’ mod, Rubini’s popular ‘Harbor Traffic Mod’ and Hitman’s superb ‘Optics 3.2’ mod for manual targeting. All can be used without modification with H.sie’s Wolf-pack patch and the Stiebler_Addon_for_V16A3 over-lay. These are found in folder ‘Documentation’.

This release incorporates all of the previous release of NYGM 3.5 and also of NYGM 3.5A. If you have either of these patches already installed with JSGME, then remove them before installing NYGM 3.6. However, it is safe (but inefficient) to add NYGM 3.6 directly over NYGM 3.5/3.5A without after-effects.

Install this patch with JSGME, over your existing installation of NYGM 2.5 and NYGM 3_New. (Any other NYGM mods should be installed *after* you have added the NYGM3_6 patch.)

Download by clicking on my signature.

[Hitman - Sorry to ask so soon after your main-thread-title update, but could you update from 3.5A to 3.6 please? Many thanks.]

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