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HunterICX 06-02-2007 06:06 AM

Flight Sim Hangar! (Updated 24/09)
Hello Pilots,

this thread will contain everthing for flightsims from Downloads till guides and tweaks
this thread is locked but will be updated with every link you members find:up:
and now also After Action Reports are linked here , written by the Subsim members
you want your AAR linked here?, send a PM.


IL-2 Cliffs of Dover -
DCS World, A-10C, Black Shark 2, P-51 -
Prepar3d -
Take On Helicopters -
X-Plane -
Rise of Flight - Channel Battles Edition - coming soon to Steam (full MP with non-Steam players)

Free Flightsims:

Rise of Flight -
YSFlight (great free sim for older PCs) -
FlightGear -
GEFS (Google Earth Flight Sim) -

After Action Reports:

''Russian Front 3rd IAK VVS'' written by Xabbarus,
''The Diary of Wilhelmus Josephus'' written by HunterICX,
''Angel of Malta'' written by Dowly,

Documentary Vault:


Falcon 4.0:

IL2: (new!) (registration required)

Lock-On: (registration required)
''site also contains D.C.S. Black Shark downloads''

Microsofts Flight sim & Combat Flight Sim:



DCS Kamov Ka-50 Black Shark Procedures:

IL2 Skin tutorials:

Mission Building Guides(IL2):

Pilot Guides(IL2):

Setup Guides(IL2):

Thanks to all who found the links above
keep them comming :up:
Last update: 24/09/2012

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