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Arclight 04-07-11 09:12 AM

DCS Flight Nights
- server & password: DCS Flight Night, subsim (
- TeamSpeak2 server:, subsimpass

Server should come online 21:00GMT.
*regular hosting suspended*

Possibly helpful material:

Herr-Berbunch 04-07-11 09:24 AM

I've only got A-10C, and so far very limited time on it, but willing to join in so that you can take the heat off the rest of you guys when I crash :yep:

All I need now is the wife to bring more work home so I get some ME time! :D

Edit: I'll probably splash out on BS next payday! Has anyone seen it for less than £25 (€29) recently?

Edit2: After visiting PC World this morning and seeing it for £24.99, I've just found it for £14.97 on their website.

HunterICX 04-07-11 10:04 AM

I only have Ka-50, but yeah I'm up for some flights with that...and I do not mind some practice first...there's still a lot to learn for me as I just know the basic and firing my ordinance still is a bit of a mess need to improve on that.

as for combat missions, I guess after a few practice session we could do small combat missions suitable for the amount of players we have then to test the stuff we practiced in combat situations:06:


Mud 04-07-11 10:29 AM

I have the A-10 less than a week and a hard time get off the ramp :O:
Still, I´m interested in some fun flights, keeping the A-10 in the air is no problem.

Crécy 04-07-11 12:12 PM

I don't have A-10 because I do not have a proper joystick for it but I'm up for ka-50 flights!

Combat missions are fine for me. I think I've got enough experience for that from several SP missions I've flown.

Raptor1 04-07-11 12:31 PM

I wouldn't mind flying both, though missions with an objective other than flying around would be preferable. I can decently operate the Ka-50, I think, but I haven't used the A-10C nearly enough to know what I'm doing yet.

Arclight 04-07-11 12:52 PM

Well I still have that mission I set up for training: convoy aproaching, some airborne whirly-threats and plenty of targets, both defended and sitting duck. Carrier to land on, think I'll add a FARP to land at as well, they can be pretty challenging. :hmmm:

We can start off with that. People who just want to fly a bit can form up and take the scenic route, people who want some action will find plenty of targets.

I'm no editor wonder-boy myself, but perhaps we can find/make some more involving missions, provided there's interest. Personally I always make them with a fair amount of freedom. No fun being pressed into an attack on a strict timelimit while you're still coming to terms with the weapons sytem.

I'm glad to see a positive response. Simply love flying the things, would be even better with some company. God knows I tried whipping the AI into shape, but I'm still more likely to get a mid-air collision than an "affirmative".

Raptor1 04-07-11 01:31 PM


Originally Posted by Arclight (Post 1637887)
God knows I tried whipping the AI into shape, but I'm still more likely to get a mid-air collision than an "affirmative".

And you come to us expecting to get different results? :O:

Arclight 04-07-11 02:09 PM

At first, yes. Untill we can fly such close formations. :haha:

Dowly 04-10-11 09:16 AM

Voted for Black Shark for the time being. Don't think I can be arsed to map my joystick for A-10C or actually download the finished version anytime soon. :hmmm:

Oberon 04-10-11 09:57 AM

I've heard that A-10 only works on 64bit OS's, is that correct? :hmmm:

Ubergeek87 04-10-11 10:52 AM

Nope, it has a 32 and 64 bit install option

Oberon 04-10-11 12:03 PM

I've just ordered a HD 5870, so my options are opening. :yep:

HunterICX 04-11-11 04:09 AM

a HD5870...fancy :DL


Arclight 04-11-11 08:57 AM

Indeed. Now the simming should really take off, eh? :yep:

Right, so I figured Ka-50 on wednesday, A-10C on thursday. Normal times for me and some others is 21:00GMT/UTC. Any thoughts on that schedule?

HunterICX 04-11-11 09:47 AM

I'm fine with that.


Dowly 04-11-11 11:00 AM

Wednesday's school night for me, but guess I can manage it. :yep:

Crécy 04-11-11 12:16 PM

Wednesday is fine for me.

Herr-Berbunch 04-11-11 02:43 PM

Thursday should be ok, I may be a bit late to the party though :woot:

Arclight 04-13-11 01:21 PM

Right, here's the deal:
  • Blue area near Adler indicates our base.
  • Green area N of that is a free-fire zone. You'll find several groups of trucks there to practice on.
  • Blue area to SE indicates a carrier. It goes along the coast and can be used to resupply.
  • Blue area to NE indicates a FARP.
  • Red areas indicate target zones. Objectives are described in the briefing.
There's a friendly convoy that sets off for the enemy airbase in an attempt to capture it. If they succeed, that base should become available to us for resupply. An enemy convoy is doing the same to us, but in practical application ours wipes out theirs, so no worries. Still a good idea to clear a path for those guys, and soften up defenses around the airbase. Extra airfield is nice and, you know, providing CAS is what the Ka-50 is all about.

For just flying, I figured to follow the river departing N, skirting the Georgian border. At the end of it, cross over a ridge and follow another river to the FARP. Should make for interesting piloting.

Load out is 100% fuel with no weapons, save the cannon. Be sure to rearm and take drop tanks or weapons, depending on what you're planning to do. ;)

*ah right: TeamSpeak2 server at, subsimpass
** and server is Arc-DCS Ka-50, subsim
Put it up in half an hour to sneak in some practice, don't expect anything coordinated before 22:00-22:30

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