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What are's editorial policies?
A. The Radio Room forum is not the place for flaming, spewing, or otherwise mouthing off. We do not allow posts where people are called idiots, morons, etc. We respect your freedom of speech, we ask that you respect our rules. You are welcome to express your opinion about games and other subjects.

We do not want SUBSIM Review and the Radio Room forums to degenerate into a collection of *This game sux!!!!* and other immature rants. Like something or dislike something about a game, express your thoughts in reasoned and responsible terms. There are any number of forums which allow unbridled idiocy to reign, we want the Radio Room to be a civil, mature forum for discussions about naval and subsims, tactics, mods, playing tips, troubleshooting, and submarine topics in general.

Subsim is a place for people who are having a good time, playing games they like. There's no room for vultures who constantly post harsh criticisms of a game over and over. You are certainly welcome to express your displeasure with a game; just explain why and then move on to other games you do enjoy.

As such, we retain the right to edit and/or delete posts we find offensive. We also have the right to ban users who contribute to poisoning the well. Just as a radio talk host has the right to decide which callers he airs and a newspaper editor decides which letters he prints and which he throws away, the moderators in the Radio Room forums have final say on rants and spews they decide should be cut.

We retain the right to edit or remove posts that denigrate or disparage Subsim.

Keep discussions civil
When discussing a topic, be civil. Agree or disagree with someone but do not attack them or display rudeness. Explain your point of view and use facts, logic and persuasion to engage them. No trolling, gif-baiting, or Ad Hominem attacks.

Multiple accounts are not allowed at Subsim.
Multiple accounts are not allowed at Subsim. We do not want people clogging the registration with multiple accounts, we do not want people posing and posting as different members. You sign up one time. Read the Terms of Service, this is very clear. If you need help getting back in to your account after a long absence, contact the Admin. There is a daily check for users with multiple accounts--the accounts are deleted and the user will be banned.

Keep threads on topic / No mass deletions
When a thread is started, usually it is about a specific topic. Don't hijack a thread and take it off topic. If you want to mention something related but off-topic, be succinct, and then return to the topic by the end of your post. If you and others find the need to exchange posts on something off topic, simply start a new thread.

When a member posts thread about a project or interest of his, please don't pile on with joking and clowning. Let's keep the joke threads separate from the serious thread.

If a thread is started and the subject is not political, do not inject politics into the thread. If a thread is non-political, don't try to turn it into a political thread.

No mass deletions--if you have been an active contributor in a discussion do not go back and delete all your posts; it's not fair to the other members who were replying to your comments. If you said it, own it. Exceptions are allowed for the deletion of s single post that displayed bad humor, lack of tact or class, but if you think you need to delete 3, 4, 5 or more posts, you should contact Admin.

Acceptable language & graphics, topic spamming
Please use language that you would use around your mother. No vulgarities, obscenities, hate speech, or foul language. Do not use f***ing w*rds with aster*cks, that's the same thing as vulgar languge. Express yourself with respect to others.

No graphic images of people murdered, blown up, dismembered, or similarly ripped up. If you must, you can use a link to the image and include the warning "Graphic image warning".

No pornography at all. This is an instant ban offence. Any images with nudity are prohibited. Images in swimsuits or original war-era art are ok, as long as there is not any clear nudity. Always stay on the conservative side if you have any doubt. This forum is family safe.

Please do not engage in "topic spamming", where you post several threads on the essentially the same topic in a short period of time. If you want to discuss women's synchronized swimming, fine; start a topic on it. But don't start another topic on women's synchronized swimming clothing, women's synchronized swimming schedules, etc. for several weeks. Same goes with threads on politics, religon, and cultural issues. We don't need six threads on "Obama is ruining America" and eight topics on "Arabs are Evillll!" on the same page.

Subsim's stance on hate groups
Subsim allows for a wide range of opinions, politics, and attitudes but we do not accept members who are associated with hate groups. Examples include but are not limited to Neo-Nazi groups, Westboro Baptist Church types, racist supremacists, Klansmen, black militants, Islamic militants, Jewish conspiracists, anti-Semites, posting links to racist music, propaganda denying the Holocaust.

What is's stance in relation to torrents, warez, and piracy?
SUBSIM Review has a longstanding policy against software piracy.

We do NOT allow discussion or even mention of game piracy, warez, peer-to-peer game swapping, game cracks, illegal download sites, or illegal file-sharing. Nothing will get you banned faster than pointing people to illegal software distribution sites. Don't ask for serial numbers, manuals, or cracks. Any admission that you have in your possession illegal software can and usually will result in revocation of your Radio Room forum account and permanent ban. We do not care what you do on your computer in your home, but do not discuss it here.Support computer game programmers buy legally purchasing their work. They have to eat too, you know.

Discussion of torrents is also not allowed on this site. Please don't post links to torrents in our forum.

Abandonware: games that are 8~10+ years old and are no longer available for sale commercially by the IP owner will be exempted on a case by case basis. An inquiry may be made about the status of a particular game in the Classic Subsims forum. Subsim will make a good faith effort to clear the use of the game with the last known copyright holders. If we were to receive an objection or legal challenge, we would reverse our position is regards to the game in question.

Discussion thread

Can I link to my own forum and/or sell my book/game/stuff here?
No, unless you receive specific permission from the Admin. We will allow linking to other websites/forums on a per case basis but Subsim retains the right to remove links to competitors. We also advise against advertising or referring to other online game stores. This may seem greedy but this website costs several hundred dollars a month to keep online! We need all the help we can get and selling submarine and computer games helps. If you want to advertise for the competition, start your own forum and have at it.

Private Message use
As a registered member, you are able to use the forum Private Message system (PM) to send private messages to other members. There is also a Visitor Message system in each person's profile; those are public. Private Messages are private. Please do not spam people with requests to join your own forum or group, messages about your products, advertisements, and other spam. Spamming members with private messages is not allowed and will result in account revocation.

Bans, Brig time, user infractions, and multiple or duplicate accounts
Subsim does not want to inhibit your discussions in any way as long as you respect the rules. If you have been asked to tone it down or stop posting in a thread, please refrain from making things worse.

If you are given an infraction by a moderator, take this as a warning to back off.

If you are given time in the Brig (temporary ban), do NOT e-mail the moderators or admin to complain or argue a case. Take it like a man, wait out your time, and when you return, try to avoid subjects that get you angry or distressed. If you are given time in the Brig, it does not mean we don't like you, but you had trouble staying in bounds.

If you are in the Brig, do NOT, open a second account to continue posting. Duplicate and alias accounts are not allowed. Using a duplicate account to circumvent the Brig will result in a longer ban, or total suspension (Keelhauled).

In cases where a member has a history of infractions and continues to display antisocial behavior, he may be placed on a Subsim Improvement Plan: all his posts will be placed in a moderation que for approval and may be edited. Try to avoid this, just be a good fellow and be positive with the community.

Members who cannot conduct themselves according to our culture and etiquette may be permabanned: Keelhauled.

Multiple accounts are not allowed at Subsim. We do not want people clogging the registration with multiple accounts, we do not want people posing and posting as different members. You sign up one time. If you need help getting back in to your account after a long absence, contact the Admin. There is a daily check for users with multiple accounts--the accounts are deleted and the user may be banned.

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