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How can I join and what do I get?
Easy! Click here: Join the Subsim Navy!

Subsim has been online since 1997. All of the updates, website work, and articles are done by volunteers. If you support the 2000+ file downloads, hundreds of tips and reviews, forums, and updated subsim news this website offers, please join the other members and help out with a small donation. Hosting and server expenses for this website exceed $685 a month.

Joining the Subsim Navy allows you up to 100 downloads daily, access to the Bonus Mods, a larger custom avatar (80x80) and profile pic, and more photo album uploads. Your name will be added to the Beta roster; when a sub game developer asks Subsim for testers, we draw from this roster. And your name will join the ranks of Subsim supporters in the Donor's Corner in the top right of the forum.

What is a Bonus Mod?
Bonus Mods are the largest and most comprehensive mod packages for the top games such as Silent Hunter 3, 4 & 5, tank sims, and a few other games. These mods were developed by talented mod teams who wanted to help Subsim stay healthy and active, so they are exclusives to Subsim contributors. It's our way of saying thank you for helping us stay online going on 20 years.

Where do I get my Bonus Mods?
Here in the SUBscriber's Forum.

Ok, I have joined the Subsim Navy, how do I add my custom avatar?
Easy! Just follow the instructions here: How to change your avatar, rank, & profile pic

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