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Latest Files
Most Popular Files
Most Popular Files
The Wolves of Steel 2.2_SH5 Exp.Pack_v2.2.25_Full 70,472
Mod enabler JSGME (correct ) 47,351
Open Horizons II v2.5 45,062
MightyFine Crew Mod 1.2.1 - Updated 03-22-2010 39,189
SH3-Resolution-Fix 33,654
Accurate German Flags V.1.01 31,183
TheDarkWraith's New UI for SH5 v7.4.2 30,883
Sober Silent Hunter 5 Mega Mod (New Version) 28,583
Trigger Maru Overhauled ver 2.5 26,870
The Wolves of Steel v2.2.x to v2.2.25_Update 26,708
100_FalloftheRisingSun_Ultimate_v1.8 25,410
Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_1_4 23,342
MCCD "More Crew Commands by Dialog" MOD 22,423
SH3 Commander 22,366
GWX3.0 SH3 Cmdr3.2 config files v1.2 installer 21,908
Grey Wolves 3.0 GOLD Edition Expansion 21,019
Thomsen's Sound Pack v3.2 19,877
SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2 19,274
OpsMonsun_V705 17,980
Better And Realistic Flotation v1.3 16,574
Top Contributors
Top Contributors

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Download File (Click for description) Date Downloads Comments
Downloads  PE4 Torpedo Wake for TMO_2.5 : This mod was requested by Rabid Wolverine to change the torpedo wake of TMO 2.5 to the Pacific Environment 4 torpedo wake. PE4's wake i ... [more] (82.2 KB) 11-02-15 435 1
Downloads  Slightly Subnuclear Guns with Star Wars Gun Sounds : Do you want the ultimate realism mod? Are you tired of a deck gun that sounds like somebody shooting a spit wad? Torpedoes that don't h ... [more] (432.4 KB) 11-01-15 253 0
Downloads  AutoTarg_1.0 : This mod is for Auto-Targeting players. It is a very simple mod that simulates routine firing solution errors by using the Torpedoe ... [more] (2.1 KB) 10-26-15 211 0
Downloads  RSRDC v401 : Run Silent, Run Deep The Campaign Phase III Plus “Run Silent, Run Deep, the Campaign” (RSRDC) is a major rewrite of the campaign lay ... [more] (73.97 MB) 07-28-15 834 2
Downloads  SH MechSys_1.03.rtf : This is a set of rules for determining mechanical breakdowns in Silent Hunter. It was inspired by the Ted Healy System, but has been el ... [more] (10.2 KB) 05-25-15 132 0
Downloads  TMO_RSRDC_OTC_ISP Crew Mod : This mod sets the crew levels to allow realistic numbers of officers and petty officers based on the numbers of fred8615. It also perf ... [more] (12.7 KB) 05-12-15 567 2
Downloads  Improved Ship Physics 2.6_TMO_RSRDC_OTC : Improved Ship Physics 2.6 for TMO, RSRDC, and OTC This version of ISP is designed to give us OTC users the sea-keeping properties of T ... [more] (144.8 KB) 04-02-15 1005 10
Downloads  Improved Ship Physics 2.x Patch : This patch is to address the issue of having overly severe weather with ISP 2.x mods. The patch is not JSGME ready, but installati ... [more] (77.3 KB) 03-14-15 315 0
Downloads  Capt cox Silent Service Graphics Mod 1.2 C uploade : Here is the requested graphics mod by Capt Cox silent service graphics mod 1.2c its Jsgme ready it changes the loadout screens in Sh4 h ... [more] (74.87 MB) 01-23-15 387 3
Downloads  Improved Ship Physics_2.6_TMO_RSRDC : This is the ISP version for TMO and RSRDC. It provides the same physics improvements to the subs and ships as v2.4, but has the add ... [more] (183.4 KB) 12-24-14 809 1
Downloads  Improved Ship Physics_2.4_TMO : This mod will improve the physics of propulsion, diving, turning, and sea-keeping in TMO. It is a 'light' version, to be used with ... [more] (135.1 KB) 12-09-14 461 3
Downloads  Improved Ship Physics 2.15 : This mod fixes the turning and propulsion physics of both ships and subs, including diving behavior, battery performance, and waves/sea ... [more] (477.3 KB) 12-01-14 600 3
Downloads  [REL] AlterNavigation 1.5 : Big name for a little mod which intends to go a step further than the No_sub_on_map mod by Thendash, and is aimed to be used in either ... [more] (36.2 KB) 08-22-14 117 0
Downloads  Snarf Phalanx 1.5 stock compatibility : Here is my Phalanx mod for v1.5 stock (239.9 KB) 06-28-14 289 4
Downloads  Snarf's Phalanx Mod v1.0 : Here is my initial release. This is my first mod created completely from scratch. JSGME ready TMO 2.5 compatible (240.4 KB) 06-13-14 591 8
Downloads  AI shooting torpedos : This mod allows AI PT boats and destroyers to shoot torpedos at you if your on the service. (69.4 KB) 05-25-14 551 5
Downloads  Extra ammo mod : This is mod gives extra ammo to the american subs only. just enable it with the generic mod enabler and your set. :arrgh!: (3.6 KB) 05-06-14 905 1
Downloads  Improved Ship Physics 1.1 : The purpose of this mod is to make the physics of subs more realistic. This mod is intended to be used with RFB 2.0, and is JSGME read ... [more] (87.4 KB) 04-19-14 847 1
Downloads  Snarf Super Cutie Mod : Here is a simple mod to really give those nasty DD's a fit. These super cuties now pack the range, speed, and punch of a Mk16 with the ... [more] (2.6 KB) 03-22-14 495 3
Downloads  Snarf's 40mm Twin Mod : Here is a simple mod to allow use of the 40mm twin and upgrades the 40mm twin and single to L70 bofors specs (range, rate of fire, muzz ... [more] (6.0 KB) 03-22-14 696 3
Downloads  BangForYourBuck : Assortment of torpedo mods similar to Webster's except with more emphasis on damage radius rather than explosive power. Make bigger hol ... [more] (5.5 KB) 03-21-14 1299 9
Downloads  Default bow deck : Mod for Silent Hunter IV version 1.4, should work for 1.5 Changes career start deck gun to default to bow mounted instead of stern for; ... [more] (40.5 KB) 03-12-14 347 2
Downloads  Ohio Overhauled sonar fix : Unzip and drop files into Data/Library/USSubParts directory of the mod folder. (49.3 KB) 02-06-14 562 0
Downloads  Ohio SSBN (overhauled) : Ohio SSBN for Silent Hunter 4 v 1.5 Original mod by Toma Gabriel (original readme included) This version brought to you by ETR3(SS) Re ... [more] (130.93 MB) 11-29-13 2958 12
Downloads  Battery Boost for RFB 2.0 : This mod is for Silent Hunter 4 with the Real Fleet Boat 2.0 mod installed. This mod increases the submerged range of the following s ... [more] (65.8 KB) 10-06-13 328 2
Downloads  U-boat Dynamics v1.1 for SH4 OM : This mod is for Silent Hunter 4 with Operation Monsun. It adjusts u-boat behaviors such as : - slower acceleration - increased divi ... [more] (156.9 KB) 09-26-13 639 4
Downloads  Realistic IJN Radar_V1 TMO RSRD : A long standing problem with this game for me has been IJN radar.Tater created a great fix a while back that lowered the range so IJN s ... [more] (4.4 KB) 09-15-13 757 1
Downloads  Better HuntersV1 TMO RSRD : This mod adjusts the "Lost contact" time in .cfg so escorts will hunt longer, it was set to just 60 minutes and found they gave us far ... [more] (775 Bytes) 09-15-13 155 0
Downloads  Alternate Torpedoes for Fremantle Based Boats prio : This is my Historical Torpedo Mod V2 with the adjustments but for Fremantle boats since they used the magnetic detonators until 20 Janu ... [more] (1.8 KB) 09-15-13 104 0
Downloads  NewDepthCharges_V1 TMO : This mod changes depth charges for TMO RSRD to be a little more in line with history. Part of the fun of TMO is the challenge presented ... [more] (2.1 KB) 09-15-13 543 0

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