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Latest Files
Most Popular Files
Most Popular Files
The Wolves of Steel 2.2_SH5 Exp.Pack_v2.2.25_Full 70,421
Mod enabler JSGME (correct ) 47,313
Open Horizons II v2.5 45,051
MightyFine Crew Mod 1.2.1 - Updated 03-22-2010 39,186
SH3-Resolution-Fix 33,629
Accurate German Flags V.1.01 31,179
TheDarkWraith's New UI for SH5 v7.4.2 30,879
Sober Silent Hunter 5 Mega Mod (New Version) 28,576
Trigger Maru Overhauled ver 2.5 26,866
The Wolves of Steel v2.2.x to v2.2.25_Update 26,691
100_FalloftheRisingSun_Ultimate_v1.8 25,385
Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_1_4 23,336
MCCD "More Crew Commands by Dialog" MOD 22,417
SH3 Commander 22,337
GWX3.0 SH3 Cmdr3.2 config files v1.2 installer 21,897
Grey Wolves 3.0 GOLD Edition Expansion 21,002
Thomsen's Sound Pack v3.2 19,864
SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2 19,271
OpsMonsun_V705 17,976
Better And Realistic Flotation v1.3 16,574
Top Contributors
Top Contributors

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Download File (Click for description) Date Downloads Comments
Downloads  Silverwolf Subs Campaign Mode : This is the Campaign Mode mod for Silverwolf's subs, NSS Shark, NSS Interceptor and NSS Blackwolf. I don't know much about it and I'm b ... [more] (67.5 KB) 09-13-16 485 4
Downloads  NSS Interceptor beta V03 : NSS Interceptor beta V03 is a mod by Silverwolf many moons ago. I don't know much about it and am uploading it as a service to Subsim s ... [more] (68.72 MB) 09-13-16 348 2
Downloads  NSS Blackwolf : This is NSS Blackwolf by Silverwolf, lost for a time but now brought home to Subsim. This is from a third party source, I don't know mu ... [more] (29.81 MB) 09-13-16 541 2
Downloads  SH4 Tweaked Files : Just search for these files in sh4 main directory. Make sure as always to backup your files before over writng. Changes include increas ... [more] (14.0 KB) 08-30-16 210 0
Downloads  NSS Interceptor Updated : What is this mod? This mod adds a new playable submarine, NSS Interceptor. Updates from this notice forward will only be applied to ... [more] (90.56 MB) 08-14-16 1498 17
Downloads  Walthers U-boat Dazzel : Playable walthers uboat with dazzle ca (2.52 MB) 07-25-16 183 3
Downloads  Black porpoise v1.0 : playable Black playable gato submarine. https://staticdelivery ... [more] (5.76 MB) 07-25-16 74 0
Downloads  Real I-Boat 1.2 : removed some stuff and changed the auto targeting back to on but for the hardest settings. this mod changes the zon files of a lot o ... [more] (182.82 MB) 07-11-16 120 0
Downloads  Real I-Boat 1.2 : removed some stuff and changed the auto targeting back to on but for the hardest settings. this mod changes the zon files of a lot o ... [more] (182.82 MB) 07-11-16 31 0
Downloads  Adua 600 Class ver 1.6 : = Adua sub v. 1.5 + guns version 1.3 (11.00 MB) 06-19-16 247 2
Downloads  Adua 100 mm deck gun : Adds the 100 mm (3.9 in)/47 deck gun to the Adua 1.5 mod (356.8 KB) 06-17-16 105 0
Downloads  Adua 600 Class Submarine version 1.4 : Included : latest modification of the italian torpedoes (xls file included for those who want to know ) New Adua Blueprint from ... [more] (9.48 MB) 06-08-16 172 1
Downloads  HMS CLass T Sub : HMS Truant submarine T class Britsih sub (3.79 MB) 06-06-16 396 1
Downloads  British torpedoes - Us torpedoes Torpex : tweaked the US torpedoes to give them RL power made British torpedoes (862.8 KB) 06-06-16 163 1
Downloads  Italian Long Range Torpedoes : Italian W anw W veloce types of WWII range and explosive power historically accurate add last Enjoy ! Keltos (430.2 KB) 06-06-16 163 0
Downloads  Jyunsen B mod : New Jyunsen B, Type AM, Kaidai and Kaichu mod version 3.9.x I've made a new mod with four stand-alone IJN submarines (the IJN torped ... [more] (312.73 MB) 04-28-16 1565 2
Downloads  Rescue sub for TMO_RSRDC_OTC : Rescue sub for TMO_RSRDC_OTC Based on the "Rescue Sub v1.0" mod by Traveller for OTC mod by CapnScurvy Traveller's "Rescue Sub" mod ... [more] (3.32 MB) 04-20-16 184 1
Downloads  Carotio_SH4_TrukCoralHarbourCityLocations : Here is the Coratio mod Carotio_SH4_TrukCoralHarbourCityLocations its JSGME Ready so just activate the mod sorry for the files n ... [more] (10.28 MB) 04-08-16 313 4
Downloads  Capt Cox Less Water Limber Holes : Here is Capt Cox's Less Water Limber holes Its JSGME ready so just install as usal this is not my mod it is Capt cox and I thank h ... [more] (5.6 KB) 04-02-16 103 0
Downloads  Battle Stations Torpedo from the movie Torpedo All : Hello Everyone here is the sound Battle Stations Torpedo from the Movie Torpedo Alley with Mark Stevens and Dorothy Malone. It ... [more] (223.4 KB) 03-24-16 219 1
Downloads  Battle Stations B key f key conning tower i key bi : Hello everyone here is my Battle Stations Keyboard Mod. press the B button to activate Battle Stations press the F key for the connin ... [more] (5.2 KB) 03-22-16 143 2
Downloads  fremantle start ver1.1 : this mod is for a request to be able to start the war based at fremantle with a s boat (other boats are still available) for most of th ... [more] (17.9 KB) 01-26-16 131 2
Downloads  home port version 1.1 : this mod makes changes to the home port from pearl harbor to midway on 29 june 1942, and then to saipan on 2 aug 1944. this will shorte ... [more] (18.2 KB) 01-26-16 204 1
Downloads  RSDC TMO Hollywood Missions : I like the 'Hollywood' missions to break up the monotony so I restored the insertion (people and supplies) and photo missions to RSRDC ... [more] (8.3 KB) 01-25-16 173 0
Downloads  RSDC RFB Hollywood Missions : I like the 'Hollywood' missions to break up the monotony so I restored the insertion (people and supplies) and photo missions to RSRDC ... [more] (8.3 KB) 01-25-16 94 0
Downloads : Contact tracking log (10.5 KB) 01-20-16 91 2
Downloads  Improved Ship Physics_2.8 : This is the next version of Improved Ship Physics. This is intended to be used with RFB 2.0, and RSRDC. It reworks aircraft, ... [more] (73.03 MB) 12-11-15 754 2
Downloads  9Delta2 CTD-fix : small CTD-fix for Ducimus´ 9Delta2-Modification. AND THAT´S IMPORTANT: After activating all your mods go to Silent Hunter 4/Data/Roste ... [more] (13.15 MB) 12-05-15 98 2
Downloads  General Quarters on the bridge during air contact : Hi everyone now you can sound General Quarters on the surface if your under air attack just place the Mp3 in the gramophone and you can ... [more] (398.8 KB) 11-13-15 183 0
Downloads  Lt commander Lare's external and enternal walkarou : This is a camera mod made for stock version 1.5 Tmo and RFB have there own camera mod's as well its JSGME ready or you can just manuall ... [more] (6.3 KB) 11-13-15 317 2

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