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File Name: SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2 (86.72 MB) Download
Author: SteelViking (Uploaded by SteelViking)
Date Added: 06-22-10
Downloads: 19316
Grade: A
This mod massively improves the interior of the submarine in functionality, graphical quality, and realism.

Firstly, the following people must be given credit for thier generous contributions to this mod. Without these individuals and their hard work, this mod would be no where near as big or as good as it is.

-Myself(SteelViking) of course








-Privateer and BIGREG both deserve another mention. They worked with me on several things regarding the interior, and I owe them a huge thanks.

-Also I would like to thank the folks who tested this mod for me: TheBeast, Hawkza, Reaper7, Sober, Abd_von_Mumit and Wolfing04. Their suggestions and advice were a big help.

Also, to everyone else who gave me advice, pictures, videos, or any other resource or help, thank you very much!

In this mod, I have taken the aforementioned people's work, improved upon it as much as possible, combined it with my own original work, and tweaked everything to go together as well as possible. Nothing in the interior of the sub goes untouched by this mod.

SteelViking's Interior Mod Version 1.0 Change log:

- Condensation added to dials around sub(courtesy of Conus00)

- Several dials have been cleaned up graphically for better look/easier reading(more to come)

- Electric genorator dials have been redone to resemble the real thing(A big thanks to BIGREG for his collaboration on this one)
- All dial labels have been cleaned up for better look/easier reading.

- Swastikas added where historical accuracy calls for them(I in no way support Nazism nor am I a racist, I am just striving for historical accuracy, I am sorry if they offend you, maybe I will make a swastika free version in the future).

- Walls and floor changed to creme color(Courtesy of Sober, with some graphical enhancments by me, some may think it is too yellowish to be realistic but in my opinion starck white looks very awkward.

- Pipes, machines, wires, doors, tubing, and much more has been changed to a much more accurate color scheme(once again courtesy of sober, with a lot of graphical enhancements done by me). I looked through several pictures of real sub interiors on and elsewhere to check the accuracy of this, and it is a little bit too colorfull, but it is pretty close to accurate.

- Removed halos and speech indicators(just did this myself, no use of extraneous material)

- Lighting inside the sub has been adjusted to look more realistic/make all the changes go better together.

- Several more minor texture improvements/graphical tweaks(for example, I even matched the color of the stew in the ladel the cook uses with the stew in the pot on the stove!)

SteelViking's Interior Mod Version 1.1 Change log:

- All gauges and dials around the sub cleaned up graphically and are now easier to read. This includes completely redoing the clocks to match actual U-boat clocks. Also, Naights' redone atlas echolot was included even though it has not been made to actually work yet.

- Lighting adjusted to be more realistic(I actually watched some video tours of surviving U-boats that still used the original light sources, and I made my mod match them).

- Redid walls to be match actual U-boat wall paint color, and I added scratches, rust, and pitting to make it more realistic.

- Redid floors to match actual U-boat floors, and they got scratches, rust, and the look of wear on the diamond shapes to show they have been used/walked on.

- Worked on other textures heavily to reduce pixelation, and to match the color sceme of real U-boats better. For those that may be curious, I remaid several of the occlusion maps and tile_metal textures from scratch.

- Reworked a lot of the shadow maps for the interior, getting rid of a lot of incorrectly placed shadows, and adding in missing shadows.

- Replaced or improved all wood textures. For about half of the wood, I used Naights' work, so thank you Naights, and thank you for the permission to even use them. However, half of the work on the wood is mine.

- Improved the color/surface texture of the food hanging around the sub.

- Torpedoes in forward torp room have been redone to look more accurate/less cartoonish.

- Floor of conning tower room changed to match the floors of the rest of the sub.

- Die Kriegsmarine posters replaced with better scans/cleaned up.

- Gauge labels redone again by BIGREG and myself to make them much more accurate, and so they can be read even easier.

- Redid observation scope shaft that is visible in the command room to match real observation scopes in surviving u-boats.

- Redid hydrophone and radio operators headphones to match actual Kriegsmarine headphones.

- More swastikas added where historical accuracy calls for them(Once again, I in no way support Nazism, I am just striving for realism, and I am sorry if they offend you).

- Greater diversity given to papers, books, and maps around the sub as well as being graphically enhanced.

- Touched up the sound of hatch opening and closing to be a little more realistic.

- Fixed v1.0 error where some parts of hatch locking mechanisms were not colored red.

- Fixed v1.0 error where books being read by crew members were completely whited out and glowing.

- Fixed V1.0 error where TDC in the conning tower room was bright red(however, the ladder in that room also had to change to a grey color)

- Fixed stock bug of compass in command room being much darker than the rest of the surrounding dials.

- Fixed stock bug of patchy metal/wood grain surface texture on objects that should be solid metal.

- Fixed stock bug of clock in command room having strange lines in it.

- Fixed stock bug of missing hand on clock in radio room.

- Fixed stock bug of low polygon count glass on multiple gauges around sub.

- Fixed stock bug of strange verticle lines on the engines valve lifters(the moving shafts).

- WoGaDi Mod version 7 included. This mod is a big rework of the gauges/dials around the sub to make more of them functional and to make already functioning ones more accurate. Please refer to the thread for this mod if you would like more information. A big thanks goes to my friend BIGREG for creating WoGaDi, and for letting me include it.

- New_KM_Binos mod included. This mod replaces the stock binoculars in game with much more realistic and historically accurate ones.

- Made compatible with Env 3.1

- Tons and tons of other minor improvements that I can't even remember.

SteelViking's Interior Mod Version 1.2 Change log:

- Working CO2 gauge added in place of small deep depth gauge in CR(Done by BIGREG with graphical help from me)

- Completely reworked the engineer's panel(panel of dials hanging from ceiling in the Engine Room), to be functional, and to have the proper dial backgrounds. It now measures speed, Fuel, and CO2 level up to 10%.

- Completely redid the observation scope to resemble surviving U-boat periscope(improved color of shaft from v1.1, changed attachments to match real thing, and replaced the lens with a real texture).

- More work was done on the gauge labels around the sub to make them more accurate and usable.

- External periscope shafts made to look more realistic(changed shafts from green color to silver metal, plus it matches the interior shaft now).

- Replaced dial backgrounds for the conning tower(external) with high quality ones, and added condensation/water drops to them.

- Redone shadow maps for the whole sub(I really like how this turned out, it makes things look much more natural; if I missed any funny looking shadows, please let me know).

- Much more realistic textures for wine bottles around the sub.

- Added grease to the Diesel Engine Room, and to the Fore Torpedo Room(since they greased up torps prior to firing).

- Redid kitchen area(cookbook, soup, cutting board, carrots, cook's knife) to be much more real and natural looking.

- Redid curtain around captains bed to look like real cloth.

- Changed some of the crew's heads out with unused/less used ones, so that a larger variety of faces will be seen around the sub.(I did this through a different method than Heretic's Mighty Fine Crew mod, so they should be totally compatible).

- Touched up and replaced the textures for the food around the sub.

- Needles on the electric gauges in the Electric Engine room have been turned to a historical golden color.

- All light bulbs throughout the sub have been changed to a much more realistic soft yellow color, as opposed to the starck white they were in stock.

- Fixed V1.1 error of cleaned up engine throttle not being in hydrophone room.

- Fixed stock bug of hour hand on CT clock not functioning half of the day.

- Fixed stock bug of minute hand not showing at all on the clock in the hydrophone room(A big thanks to Privateer)

- Made compatible with Env 3.7

- Numerous other small graphical and functionality improvements around the sub.

So, this mod basically contains or does all the same stuff as the following mods, in other words, you do not need to install these if you use SteelViking's Interior Mod 1.2:
-Sober's hatch mod
-Nauticalwolf's Interior mod
-no damn bubble no damn halo
-WoGaDi Mod version 7

This mod is of course JSGME compatible.

Known issues: none, beta testing by others was done.

Known JSGME conflicts:
-W_clear's Environment 3.7-->I have set my mod up to be totally compatible with this, simply install my mod after Env3.7
-Conus00's Graphics Mod----->I have set my mod up to be totally compatible with this, simply install my mod after Conus00's
-Reaper7's HiDef UI Mod----->I have set my mod up to be totally compatible with this, simply install my mod after Reaper7's
-Any other interior mod.

I strongly recommend installing the sound mod of your choice along with this mod. My favorite sound mod is Capthelm's audio mod, in fact, I have touched up a few of the sound files from Capthelm's audio mod. They can be found on the first post of my mod's thread. I also recommend installing Conus00's Graphics mod, making sure to install mine after his. I have also made some improvements to Conus00's graphics mod, they can also be found in the first post of my mod's thread.

I am very open to suggestions, comments, and or asstistance regarding this mod, so just contact me, and we will see what can be done.

Please see the bottom of the readme file of my mod for usage permission information.

Thank you for giving this mod a chance, good hunting,

SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2 by SteelViking on 09-20-10
SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2 by SteelViking on 09-20-10

You must be registered with this forum to download files. If you are registered and getting this message,
then the Downloads section is experiencing heavy load volumes and has been temporarily restricted to members
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01-20-14 at 01:14 PM
good mod
05-15-14 at 05:01 AM
Danke gute mod
06-27-14 at 05:40 AM
Great mod !
07-23-14 at 03:40 AM
Love this mod
08-03-14 at 10:24 AM
Спасибо : Да:
08-26-14 at 04:07 PM
I in no way support Nazism nor am I a racist, I am just striving for historical accuracy
I totally agree with that. I hate to see the Reichsadler on top of an empty circle or other things unsharpened just not to see the bad Hakenkreuz. We, especially we germans have to face the history. In germany the swastika is only forbidden for political purposes. So why is it hidden in a game that is about nazi stuff?

BTW the Swastika is not only a nazi symbol. It is an old sign for luck the sun and other good things. It was just abused by the Nazis.

So thanks for this!
10-07-14 at 09:40 AM
Thank you for this super mod
01-15-15 at 03:31 PM
Downloaded this twice to be sure but it appears that the archive is corrupt?

Can someone else verify?
01-15-15 at 03:32 PM
BTW... that is the z7 archive found on the media fire page that I get redirected to.
02-21-15 at 08:38 AM
03-28-15 at 04:54 AM
Thanks for this great mod
04-26-15 at 01:25 AM
Thanks a lot, good work :-)
05-10-15 at 06:19 PM
very fascinating mod! appreciate it!
08-11-15 at 04:59 PM
real minor thing here but it's kind of odd when you keep seeing it after weeks at sea: Do you think you could maybe get rid of the crate of oranges on one of the crew beds
03-05-16 at 03:13 PM
fantasic thank you
04-09-16 at 04:10 PM
Love the nice change of pace in the interior
05-01-16 at 11:38 AM
Mhm, compatible with Dynamic Environment mod?
08-09-16 at 04:31 PM
Thanks for this mod.
05-24-17 at 07:16 AM
just copy files in sh5 Folder ? because in JGSME i cant activate the mod it doesnt appear in the list after i placed the files in main Folder or mod folder....
06-02-17 at 02:04 PM
Thanks People
09-09-17 at 04:14 AM
Thx for the Mod, love it!!!
04-28-18 at 08:27 PM
nice mod thank you
07-03-21 at 03:23 PM
I want to download this mod... But why it failed to download repeatedly???????... Please help me to solve this proble......
Dödel 12
10-23-19 at 06:02 PM
01-10-20 at 07:51 AM
Buenos dias y Feliz 2020 Viking, es compatible este mod, con el Steel Wolves 2.17, ultima versión de SH 5??. Cordial saludo y gracias.
01-11-20 at 04:15 PM
Buenas noches maestro, este mod es compatible con los de Steel Wolves ??Saludos y cordial saludo. Zorro: Kaleun_Salute:
01-20-20 at 09:38 AM
Excellent mod!!!
02-08-20 at 03:14 PM

I want to use the mod, but crashing game, i have v1.2 uplay, installed with jonesmod, no other mods, tx
02-08-20 at 04:15 PM
working now, verified files
02-28-20 at 01:38 PM
Danke schön

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