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Downloads [Download Kriegsmarine - Flottenbegleiter DE - 2024 edition]
File Name: Kriegsmarine - Flottenbegleiter DE - 2024 edition (31.96 MB) Download
Author: VonDos (Uploaded by VonDos)
Date Added: 03-08-24
Downloads: 43
Grade: Not Rated
This is the twentyfourth of a serie of units for Kriegsmarine, reworked in collaboration with flush deck.

Pack include a multiskin unit based on Flottenbegleiter escort ship (ten skins included, one skin for every ship in the class).

Based on GWX Dev Team's M1935 minesweeper (original author was Sergbuto, on a model by Greg Law), and on GWX Dev Team's Flottenbegleiter, 3d updated using SHV model and parts and a lot of details (portholes, stairs, cables, lifeboats, glass windows\interiors, turning radars\rangefinders and torpedo launchers...).

Library new version again.

----------------------------------- CREDITS


For this 2024 version:
Thanks to GWX Development Team, Sergbuto and Greg Law for original models;
Thanks to Stefan Thimme for help me with library!
Special thanks to flush deck for new fantastic textures, for ship and library also!
Thanks to Sphere, who give me permissions to include and modify his searchlights mod (please read original readme included).
Thanks also to Anvar1061 for some suggestions about those searchlights and about optimize .eqp files.
Thanks to Fifi for suggestions related with guns' reflections.

NOTE: In the library new version, there's a couple of reworked weapons based on another library where in the "author info" i can read the name "isinchievici"; i was unable to contact him. He has full credit for his work. If you, who are reading, are the author, please contact me if you want me to remove these guns, or if you want me to modify this disclaimer. I can only say thank you, for now.


This mod replace all previous versions =)

Best regards,
Kriegsmarine - Flottenbegleiter DE - 2024 edition by VonDos on 03-08-24
Downloads [Download Kriegsmarine - Flottenbegleiter DE - 2024 edition]


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