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Downloads [Download Wolfpack Target Calculator]
File Name: Wolfpack Target Calculator (12.60 MB) Download
Author: Jacmac (Uploaded by Onkel Neal)
Date Added: 11-18-22
Downloads: 280
Grade: Not Rated
Wolfpack Target Calculator is an app you run in addition to the game, it provides tools for IDing ships and plotting targeting solutions.

Note, this application requires downloading and installing the: .NET Desktop Runtime 7.0.0

Released under GPL v3 License.

To update, uninstall the old version via the control panel or right-click the shortcut and select uninstall.

Release 1a fixes a few bugs and removed unnecessary extra versioning files from the zip. Unzip the file, go to, drop the dlls and exes and verify that there isn't any dangerous code, then install with setup.exe.

Release 1b add two new buttons for toggling the form border and target recognition group box. Also, the color scheme has been altered to be more friendly to the Uboat commander's eyes.
Wolfpack Target Calculator by Onkel Neal on 11-18-22
Wolfpack Target Calculator by Onkel Neal on 11-18-22
Downloads [Download Wolfpack Target Calculator]


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