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File Name: 100_FalloftheRisingSun_Ultimate_v1.8 (1.86 GB) Download
Author: FotRSU Mod Team (Uploaded by FotRSU Mod Team)
Date Added: 02-17-20
Downloads: 30352
Grade: A
Anyone having issues downloading the mod, please read the top of the page, below the site banner and menu, where it says
If you are experiencing trouble downloading, it could be due to an ad-blocker or extension in your Chrome browser. Try turning off the ad-blocker or whitelisting in your ad-blocker extension or switching to Microsoft Edge browser or Firefox to complete the download. Thanks.

Do NOT click the button!!!

Announcing 17th July, 2022 (USA)
Downloads at 22987 at time of update

This mod is for SH4 v1.5 with U-Boat Missions only (aka: Gold Edition)
Note:This mod is NOT compatible with previous versions of itself

The small patch to add proper functionality to the APR-1 Radar Warning Receiver is now part of the mod
However, we have managed to get a patch file put together for v1.8, and coordinated with the next Nippon Maru release, v1.9:


Nippon Maru v1.9 is out and compatible with the Patched FotRSU v1.8

Be aware that the structure in the Support folder of the mod has changed a bit again. Most links are now to pdf files and there are some additions thoughout the structure. If you use Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can set it to open each file in a separate tab. If you do not have the Reader app, the links will want to open your web browser. YMMV.

This is another not-so-minor update release and is NOT backward compatible with a Save in the Captain's Office in-base between patrols. You will have to Delete the Save folder and start new careers.

It is preferred that you NOT use any additional mods initially with this release. Additional mods are included in the Extras / AddInModzPak_18 folder and / or download. These have been tested and found to be 93.6% (approximately) compatible. However, make certain you have a fully functional game first with just FotRSU v1.8 mod. This includes with the use of Nippon Maru v1.8 Nihon Kaigun v1.1b, which are fully compatible with v1.8 of FotRSU, as well as vickers03's Fleetboat Interior Officers Quarters mod with the use of an AddIn Patch in the FotRSU MODS folder. Be sure you download his latest version, and stay tuned for more from him.

Add-In Modz Pak has been updated for use with FotRSU v1.8:


Nihon Kaigun v1.2

But you do have to use the upc patch file included in FotRSU MODS folder

But you do have to use the upc patch file included in FotRSU MODS folder

17/07/2022 @ 18:00

Size = 1.86 GB (1,998,411,689 bytes - 1,951,574 kilobytes - 1,905 Megabytes) compressed
- as reported by Windows 10 64x

SHA256.........E01AD6A85508A00082B0924A0E797043ECB 3B88929A5A4BD2EF9EF342BF3B053

-hashfile command completed successfully.
Newly updated with more "fixes" of the stuff we broke previously - and then broke again (and again). See the first page of the thread for all of the details: Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate - Full Release

Do NOT have your Silent Hunter 4 installed in a "Program Files" folder on your computer.

After downloading the mod, the only tool needed is an archive program, and it is recommended that you use 7Zip to extract the mod's 7z file.
After 7zip is installed on your computer, you will be able to put the mod in your MODS folder, right-click the 7z file, and choose "7-zip --->" from the Context Menu, and then choose "Extract Here", which will result in a proper mod folder structure - make certain that your folder structure is correct, in that you have a "D:\Games \SH4 \ MODS \ 100 FalloftheRisingSun Ultimate v1.8" folder structure, where "D" equals your hard Drive, "Games" is a folder of your making, "SH4" is your game folder, whatever you name it, and "MODS" is a folder either you or JSGME creates. If you want / need a set of smaller download files, let us know, and we'll post a set for you. Otherwise, be aware that this is roughly a 1.+GB download file. After the extraction, the other tools needed are in the mod's 'root' folder (LAA, and MultiSH4). JSGME is in the Extras folder, as is the 4Gig Patch.

Please read the pdf documentation in the Support folder. There is a "01_FotRSU_Support_TOC.bat" file in the 'root' folder of the mod / game (after activation) that will start the "01_FotRSU_TableOfContents.pdf" file, which contains a list of pdf support info, some of which is very verbose and boring to some, but useful to others... There are ReadMe files that attempt to give justice for the incredible work done by the team and others, also found in the mod Support folders. Be sure and explore the folders below the Support folder for other interesting information and help. The current configuration of the file should ask you to open your browser to view the pdf files if you do not have a reader installed.

Installation pointers:
  1. You will initially only need an 'archive' program, such as 7Zip to extract the mod's 7zip file. After that, the other utilities will be in the mod's folder structure, with JSGME found in the "Extras" folder. (see below).
  2. When you attempt to activate FotRSU v1.8 the only safe way to proceed unfortunately, is to not use previous Saved games. Delete the Save folder. The game will re-create that when next starting. This also ensures that all of the mod's files are properly copied over to the new Save folder (generally "C:\Users \UserName \Documents \SH4"), which should result in a proper activation of the mod on top of SH4. (CapnScurvy)
  3. [COLOR=Red]Also, please ensure that your base SH4 files are absolutely stock[/COLOR. Reinstalling from scratch is the gold standard here. Uninstall, completely delete your SH4 Wolves of the Pacific folder and everything in it, then reinstall SH4. (Rockin Robbins)
  4. Do not use the default path that the Ubisoft installer gives you, which is "C:\Program Files..." - you want to alter that install path to NOT be in a Program Files folder. Name a folder yourself, or delete the "\Program Files..." portion from the path, such that you then have "C:\Ubisfoft..." instead.
  5. It is highly recommended that you use JSGME to activate the mod
  6. Be certain to activate a Large Address Aware (LAA) utility on the SH4.exe file. The SH4.exe file has to be write-enabled. The FotRSU mod added on top of the game is quite large in the computer's RAM, and the use of a LAA-type utility is a necessity.

The utility JSGME.exe and links to LAA info and Rockin Robbins CMS are found in the Extras folder. There is a copy of LAA and MultiSH4 in the main folder after FotRSU is activated. Instructions for the utilities are generally found in the mod's Support folder after extraction, in same-named sub-folders. So, activating the mod will put Large Address Aware and MultiSH4 into your Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific (whatever you've named it) install directory, but not JSGME, due to the overwriting of itself, which sometimes does not work too well on some computer set-ups. |;^)
  • With some SH4 installs, you will find the files "write-protected", which you have to remove. Press <Ctrl><A> together, which selects All files, then right-click in the selection, and choose "Properties". At a minimum, choose SH4.exe and FileManager.dll to change in the game folder. Then click in the "Read-only" tick box on that "General" tab, and then OK or Apply, choose to do it in the sub-folders and files, and a minute or two later, you are ready for:
  • If using MultiSH4, now is the time to alter your Save folder name with it.
  • Run Large Address Aware, choosing SH4.exe as the file you want to be made Large Address Aware.
  • More detailed instructions can be found by activating the "01_FotRSU_Support_TOC.bat" file in the game's "root" directory
  • Or by double-clicking the "01_FotRSU_TableOfContents.pdf" file in the Support folder, and then using the list in that to choose a pdf to read.

Main Changes In 1.8

Main changes in 1.8 which includes v1.2 through 1.7p3 and the preview versions:
  • A new Roster entry for USSR that will display most of the same assets of Russia, but as a neutral, of which Japan and Russia had a non-aggression pact, and Russian ship were found in Japanese waters. Do be careful with target ID...
  • More new units: Black Cat PBY-5a, Ju87 Stuka, BB Richelieu, SS Triton and Zwaardisch AI subs, JP Gyoraitei PT boat, CVE LongIsland (Stunt Double), AuxGunboat, CL Oyodo and the Bonus Narwhal mod, ported to FotRSU courtesy sledgehammer427, Onkel Neal, s7rikeback & propbeanie.
  • Even more delving into the *.eqp and *.sns files for better accuracy for the parts you see on ships & planes, as well as their sensors used against your submarine.
  • An even deeper dive into the inner Node ID numbering of the various parts of the game's binary files, removing conflicts for less issues with loading and Save games, as well as better performance.
  • Another flag update, initiated by the addition of USSR, but involving re-working several aspects of some animations, thanks to s7rikeback.
  • You should now have a "uniform" look to your submarine crew on-deck. All standing watch will now have a head covering for at least 95% of the time. The gun crews should all be without head coverings, other than headphones. We will change this later. You will also see the whole deck crew at all stations now don combat helmets when battle stations are called.
  • Further edits to the campaign files from top to bottom. This includes new CareerStarts for what came to be called SpyRon. The amount of research that went into this was mind-boggling, but much easier than in the day of the and what they did for the Guerrilla SpyRon mod, but was still no easy feat. This part of the campaign is basically still 'beta' since we have not seen it in action yet.
  • Further edits to Japanese radar implementation based upon v1.46 and the Preview version. There are now add-in mods in the AddInModzPak to increase or decrease the air response.
  • The player Submarine changes continue. We combined the Cachalot hull and conn, as well as the Tench's set, which opened a UnitParts slot in the game. The UnitParts is what actually limits the number of player submarines in the game. The Tench boat is now ETR3(SS)'s boat, from a 'fresh' build. We also now have the old Bonus Narwhal Mod fitted into FotRSU. That boat is cloned as the Nautilus. The Argonaut uses the old TMO pseudo-Narwhal still. There are further plans in this area.
  • The Gato and Tambor 3rd conning towers, as well as the Gato's fourth conning tower have had their cigarette deck flagpoles removed, and the flag mounted on the SD radar shaft. This allows the 40mm guns to mount without appearing to foul the flagpole. We do plan on doing the Porpoise 03 conn later.
  • We now have a "running log" file as a pdf in the Support folder. It is NOT all-inclusive. We have lost a LOT of our notes over the years...

Main Changes In 1.8

Main changes in 1.8 which includes v1.2 through 1.8 and the preview versions:
  • "messages.txt" - While we had most of the base change messages worded genericly for the new mod version, one message sent to all Asiatic subs said to go to Fremantle. With this update of the mod, some boats go to Albany. So with this patch, the message now says "Australia". It behooves the player to watch their home port indicator, the tilted, fouled anchor, and go there. One little point: The Asiatic Porpoise from Manila, which ends up at Fremantle, will transfer to Pearl in 1943, which is different. The boat is listed at Fremantle again just a few weeks later, but if you want Fremantle, you will have to transfer back...
  • "Flotillas.upc" - If you took a Salmon or Sargo out of Cavite, you would transfer "automatically" to Darwin, and then were supposed to be sent to Albany. However, a date error for the two boats for the Command portion of Cavite, would have the CaviteCommand terminating prior to the two boats transferring out and going to Brisbane, which is about a month after the S-18 leaves. The date for the Command and Albany base are corrected, such that in May 1942, the two boats go to Brisbane.
  • "US_NavalBases" - Had a "space" character leading in the names of several NavalBases - not a valid name for Albany in the Flotillas file apparently. Corrected
  • Several ships had issues when targeted with sonar after they had sunk. In fact, targeting ANYTHING with the sonar after sinking certain ships, including the player's own boat props could cause a CTD. Corrected.
  • Added smoke to the CVE Long Island, which is also our stunt-double for the Langley out of Manila, Balikpapen, Darwin, Fremantle and sunk. The Long Island did do ferry runs between the US west coast and the Territory of Hawaai, as well as other Advance Bases in the South Pacific. To help protect it enroute to Tilatjap, its four 40mm guns are now properly named in the eqp file. They do not help much in that situation...
  • Note that the Extras folder structure has changed slightly. JSGME is still there in the root "Extras" folder, but all of the links have been moved inside of their own folder "ToolsWebLinks", and that the AddInToolsPak now holds the 4GigPatch, if you want to use that instead of LAA.
  • vickers03 fixed the S-18 water holes, as well as the Cachalot cables and AO maps. The Porpoise, Salmon & Sargo still need to be changed. These, for the most part, are a stock issue, which had been copied to the Cachalot.
  • phooey did a sil fix for several of the newer ships, in the DanielCoffey style, using DanielCoffey's tutorial.
  • Other smaller fixes. What we have not fixed yet are the aft cables on the Porpoise, Salmon, Sargo...
We would like to give special thanks to goldmastersims, Kal_Maximus_U669, Mad Mardigan, phooey, torpedobait, and Woozle, for their help and patience in getting these issues sorted. We really appreciate all the players who comment, good, bad, ugly or indifferent about FotRSU. It helps immeasurably. Thank you all!

This version is still considered as a beta version, in need of further testing... We need comment on all aspects of the mod. BUT - we need details when you post. Let us know your submarine, where you sailed from and when, and what the date of the occurence was, and where you were geographically. Pictures help us dim-witted modders.

This mod is for SH4 v1.5 only = U-Boat Missions Add-On - aka: Gold Edition

Whew! That's all for now folks! Lots of new stuff in the mod to check-out! Have fun with it, and if you have issues, let us know. We like pictures or video of what happens in your game, but we really desire the detailed information, as much as possible, such as the OS you use, the type of computer, how much RAM, etc., but also the type of submarine you are using, where you sailed from, the date of the incident you encounter, and the circumstances surrounding is, such as "Balao boat from Pearl, June 17th, 1944 off the the coast of Honshu near Yokohama, approaching convoy, and a small escort is levitating six feet above the water, using laser-guided missiles to sweep the sea of all opposition"... We would know which files to look in then. Thank you!

Onward! Into the fog!

Release thread: Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate - Full Release For discussion and reports.

We would like to dedicate this mod to Florida Sailor and to aanker, both of whom were invaluable to our team's efforts, and both of whom we lost much too early during the development of the mod.

"Let me square the yards, while we may, old man, and make a fair wind of it homeward."

The FotRSU Mod Team

100_FalloftheRisingSun_Ultimate_v1.8 by FotRSU Mod Team on 02-18-20

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A website this big uses a lot of bandwidth and needs a really powerful server to stay online day after day, for 20 years. Thanks for the support!

07-02-21 at 05:04 PM
Can you please fix the download link for the mod, it appears to be broken.
02-28-20 at 08:48 PM
the beast
03-06-20 at 06:02 PM
Excellent mod! Cannot wait to try it out!
03-10-20 at 06:13 AM
Congratulations to all the developers involved. Beautiful.
03-19-20 at 10:17 AM
Thank you for this mod! Great community!
03-29-20 at 05:02 PM
I just downloaded Sh4 again and wanted to try this mod out.

I think I did everything correctly, then when I launch it, it loads up all the way and doesn't continue, minimize and I saw I have this error. data/menu/data/black80.tga

any ideas? ive tried everything that I know so far.
03-29-20 at 06:50 PM
eh nvm I think I figured it out. need the u boat missions, im assuming.
Captain Ken
04-07-20 at 12:13 AM
I've always enjoyed playing the FRS modded games, and I'm hoping this is useful to the developers of this great mod. I can only imagine the time and effort you have all put into developing this!

I'm playing on a Dell laptop, Windows 10, 8GB ram, previous saved games deleted, lots of HDD space, and a "Gold Standard" install from a factory SH4 CD rom. FRS mod extracted with 7Zip, and the first mission played without apparent problems.

Playing the game to my second patrol, a Tambor class sub from Pearl Harbor, first Objective - inserting agent into Korean Island, accomplished with no difficulty. Retiring from this area, I encountered a 4 ship convoy, a Troopship, Oiler, Fast merchant, and a Hansa freighter. Submerged attack, sank the troop ship and the Hansa freighter. I did a file save, surfaced, and then pursued the oiler at full speed.

I did a surfaced torpedo attack on the oiler from approx. 3500 yards, firing two torpedoes, got two hits, and the target exploded. At this point the game crashed to windows desktop.

I re-started the FRS game, loaded the game from my saved game, and re-played from my save. A repeat of the surfaced torpedo attack, target blew up, and again the game crashed to Windows desktop.

I really enjoy this mod, but in all honesty, when you get half-way through your second patrol, and the game continues to crash, it is discouraging. I hope this helps somehow, because I'm hoping that you can get me past this roadblock.

Thanks again for all your efforts!

04-09-20 at 12:53 PM
The13oogeyMan I think you are right. The "SH4 1.5" requirement mentioned on this page does imply that you have the U-Boat Missions add-on.

I have both SH4:WOP and the UBM add-on on Steam, but it's been so long that I forgot & only installed basic SH4 at first.

Got both base game + U-boat missions installed, set things up with JGSME. FotRS still doesn't work - I get a bunch of graphics-related errors when I try to actually start driving my boat. No time to troubleshoot just now. Oh well.
Captain Ken
04-09-20 at 11:49 PM
HELP!!!! Managed to do multiple re-boots to get a few NM progress back to Pearl Harbour. Limped into the base, ended patrol, but now when I try to move to the next mission, I get a crash to Windows desktop each time.

This is a really great mod, and I enjoy it much more than the stock SH4, but I can't get past two missions..... VERY frustrating.... Please.... any suggestions I will try......
04-12-20 at 04:09 PM

The game crashes often. I am saving at every strategic point and have to reload. Is anyone else having an issue??
04-15-20 at 10:54 PM
El mod esta muy bueno pero los sonidos de interior son muy molestos ej: las ballenas. Y no cruge el casco en sus cuatro niveles cuando se va sumergiendo dejo de hacer ruido. En el caso del TMO lo hace. Ese detalle lo pasaron por alto....
04-16-20 at 11:36 PM

El mod esta muy bueno pero los sonidos de interior son muy molestos ej: las ballenas. Y no cruge el casco en sus cuatro niveles cuando se va sumergiendo dejo de hacer ruido. En el caso del TMO lo hace. Ese detalle lo pasaron por alto.... si no cruge y la tripulacion no se agacha de temor pierde su gracia y regreso a TMO...
The mod is very good but the interior sounds are very annoying eg the whales. And the hull does not creak in its four levels when it is submerged I stop making noise. In the case of TMO it does. That detail was overlooked ... if it does not creak and the crew does not duck in fear, it loses its grace and returns to TMO ...
Captain Ken
04-17-20 at 09:04 PM
Sorry to say that the farther I go into the game, the more frequent the crashes become. I have tried to avoid saving after being surprised by an aircraft, but even when I am cruising on the surface with nothing on the horizon, the game will suddenly crash to windows.

When this happens, I'm often unable to re-start the game and start from the previous save. The program begins to load, then crashes to Windows again. Re-booting windows does not seem to help. On a couple of occasions, I was able to re-load a previous save, (ie; Mission 2), then exit to main menu and reload mission 3, but this is not always successful.

You folks have done an amazing job to create this mod, and I am very impressed and grateful to you for having the talent and drive that I lack. I only offer these observations as my hope that I can somehow contribute the information that you might need to re-work the Mod and get it working better.

Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf!!
04-18-20 at 10:36 PM
I can't seem to sink Japanese Troop transports. I've thrown 8-10 torps into one and it sunk a couple of meters above the water line. It feels a bit like a bug. I also cannot destroy any of the weapons posted on the deck either.
04-20-20 at 10:19 AM
Very Impressed

only one small issue, my map tools don't seem to function correctly
using the map compass tool , this draws a line from somewhere near the top of the compass not the center where is should be ,,,
if I can fix that should be good to go
Anyone got any ideas please ?
Captain Ken
04-22-20 at 09:23 PM
Let me begin by saying that I really enjoy playing the FORS mod. The comments that I continue to make are not intended to be criticism, but rather expressions of my experience playing the game. My hope is that my observations will assist the developers to identify issues and hopefully use this to correct bugs or make improvements for everyone’s enjoyment.

Having said that, here is my latest experience playing the game.

I managed to complete 2 patrols, and return to Pearl Harbour for a refit. During my 3rd mission, I was patrolling the Marshall Islands. I experienced multiple crashes to Windows desktop, and re-started the program. At the main menu, I selected ‘load mission 3’. The program went through the loading operation, then crashed to Windows desktop.

I re-started the program, and at the main menu, I chose to load Mission 2, which put me just outside of Pearl Harbour at the end of my mission. After a few seconds, I chose to save the game as Patrol 2. I then exited to main menu, and selected ‘load Patrol 3’, which got me back to where I wanted to be.

Continuing on, I was patrolling on surface, standard speed. I sent a message to HQ, received the reply to continue with mission for 12 hours. I continued to patrol, increasing the “time warp” from 1 to 1024. After a short time, I sent another message to HQ, received the same “continue mission for 12 hours” message. Continuing patrolling on the surface, I increased the “time warp” again, to 1024. Seconds later, the program crashed to Windows desktop.

This seems to be a pattern, but I have no idea what might be the trigger. I have been able to use this ‘load previous mission’ strategy several times, however I have experienced the inability to re-load the previous saved mission. On one occasion, I was forced to go back to ‘Auto Save on Leaving’, and re-doing the mission.

I don’t know if this information is helpful, but let me know if further documentation and detail would be helpful or not.
FotRSU Mod Team
04-27-20 at 09:06 AM
Anyone using this thread for "Support" should realize early text in the Main thread "Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate - Full Release has instructions and requirements for a person to post issues for Team review. Leaving support comments here will usually result in a long silence between posting by FoTRSU Mod Team, due to we only visit here when preparing for a new release, or immediately after release to edit the text above for the download. Remember, we need details of not only your computer, but also the situation in your game-play, such as boat used, where you sailed from, the date, the circumstances surrounding the issue, and where you are at that time. Pictures are wonderful, but "Location, location location" is paramount, as is the boat you are in, along with the date of the occurance. Just telling us "it crashed" does not leave us any idea of where to look for issues in the mod. Also, be aware that IF YOU DO NOT DELETE THE SAVE FOLDER PRIOR TO STARTING FOTRSU, YOU WILL HAVE ISSUES - IF YOU HAVE ANY PIECE OF AN OLD MOD STILL IN THE FOLDER STRUCTURE, YOU WILL HAVE ISSUES. You must start with a clean install, and empty the Save folder - generally "C:\Users \UserName \Documents \SH4", unless you have moved or altered its name with MultiSH4.
05-03-20 at 01:51 AM
I'm returning to SHIV for the nth time after a few years of absence, and was pleasantly surprised to see a brand new supermod waiting for me here! Thank you! I'm about to begin my third patrol with no issues.

I am at a loss, however, on how to manage my crew. I appreciate the added realism that prevents a Captain from having a literal boatful of Chiefs, but I don't understand how to work around what seems to be the opposite extreme in this mod. I can't promote a single E-6 without literally dismissing ALL of my existing Chiefs! I feel like I must be missing something...any suggestions?
05-07-20 at 01:33 PM
Do you need UBM?
05-13-20 at 10:31 PM
The download link at the top is broken?
FotRSU Mod Team
05-14-20 at 09:25 PM
You caught us with out pants down, Havan IronOak! You tried to download as we were uploading the new version, sorry about that!

@ Bismark70 - yes, you do

@ Baxder - you do not 'manage' a crew per se in SH4, but this version does hopefully correct the "officers" situation.

I will state now for the last time, that if you insist on posting here for support, and do not post in the main release thread Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate - Full Release, the chances of someone seeing and responding to your issues are slim. The only time this part of SubSim is visited by the team is if there is a new release coming out...
07-22-20 at 09:08 AM
Been a while since I played SH4 with this mod, been a while since I played anything! Last time I used FORS it was excellent so hopefully this version will be better. Let you know.
08-06-20 at 03:33 PM
Playing the steam u-boat version - try to start a fleet boat career, crashes after seeing "no mission to difficult...
08-09-20 at 09:32 AM
Thanks for your work. 👏👏👏
08-15-20 at 12:12 PM
Danke an alle Modder die uns diesenschönen Mod am Leben erhalten. Leider ist mein Englisch sehr schlecht. Ich verwende ein Übersetzungsprogramm. Leider ist in diesem Mod auch der Text in Englisch. Im Spiel kann Ich nur sehr mühsam folgen. Leider kann man die Texte im Spiel nicht so einfach Kopieren für das Übersetzen mit einem Programm. Frage: Könnten die Modder die verwendeten Textfiles auch in Deutsch einbauen? In meinen alten Tagen auf Englisch umzusteigen schaffe Ich leider nicht mehr. Zur Not würde mir auch die Bekanntgabe des Files für die Missionsnachrichten Helfen die Ich Kopieren kann zum Übersetzen mit einem Programm. Der Download dauerte volle 2 Tage. 7 mal wurde er "Abgebrochen". Glücklicherweise hat es dann wenigstens beim Entpacken geklappt. Ich bin sehr Froh das Ihr diesen Mod gemacht habt. Ich wünsche allen eine "Gute Jagt"

... Thanks to all modders who keep this beautiful mod alive. Unfortunately my English is very bad. I use a translation program. Unfortunately the text in this mod is also in English. In the game I can follow only with great difficulty. Unfortunately you cannot copy the texts in the game for translating with a program. Question: Could the modders integrate the used text files also in German? In my old days I can't manage to switch to English anymore. If necessary, the announcement of the file for the mission news would help me to copy it for translating with a program. The download took full 2 days. 7 times it was "Cancelled". Fortunately it worked then at least when unpacking. I am very glad that you have made this mod. I wish you all a "Good Hunt"

FotRSU Mod Team
04-10-21 at 11:13 PM
Anyone having issue with the mod or activating the mod, please post in the mod's thread Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate - Full Release so that we can help you get going. These posts are NOT in order by date, and very few people come by here to read of your troubles. Post in the regular thread.

You need version 1.5 of the Silent Hunter 4 game, which has the U-Boats in it. If you do not have that version of the game, you will get all sorts of "file missing" errors.

After activating the mod, if you do not delete the game's Save folder, the mod will not activate correctly, and you will have all sorts of strange issues and probably crash.

If you do not PROPERLY apply LAA or the NTCore 4GIG Patch to the SH4.exe file, then the game is not allowed by your Windows OS to access more memory, which the game needs when FotRSU is riding on top of it. You will crash, 100% guaranteed.

Post in the mod thread. Thank you.
FotRSU Mod Team
02-04-21 at 01:20 PM
I'm not certain of your issue DeepPoseidon, but if you are a non-paying subscriber, you are limited in how downloads per day you are allowed. Consult Onkel Neal's Info: Downloads, Bonus Mods, & daily allowed download amount for helpful info in that regard.

As for 8A, you have to open the torpedo tubes first by use of the "W" key to scroll through the forward tubes, or the "E" key to scroll through the aft tubes, and then use the "Q" key to open them. Next, to prevent accidental firing of the tubes (especially when trying to change the TC with the NumPad "+" key), this mod uses the <Alt><Enter> key combination to fire the selected tube. Also, you must be above 100ft depth (generally) to be able to open your tubes for firing...

Again, it is best to post in the []Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate - Full Release[/url] thread with any issues you have...
02-02-21 at 02:47 PM
Hello all i need help i have install the fall of the rising sun 1.39,but i have a big problem when i want to shoot the torpedos nothing happens,the don't work why is that thank you.
FotRSU Mod Team
01-29-21 at 03:10 PM
Recent updates to the SubSim site are blocked by adbots in Google Chrome, and other browsers based on it, such as Vivaldi & others. As explained at the top of page, you either have to "whitelist", to allow it past the adblocker, or use a different browser, such as Firefox or Edge.

As for the BB Silhouettes, they are part of the mod, and no other downloads are necessary, unless you want to add in Nippon Maru.

"a **** ton of "file not found" errors" are usually due to attempt to mod the incorrect version of SH4, such as v1.3 from Steam, in which case you need to use the U-Boat Missions Add-On from Steam for the start, or else you neglected to empty the Save folder prior to starting the game. Generally speaking, it is attempting to mod the incorrect version of the game.

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