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File Name: 100_FalloftheRisingSun_UltimateEdition_v1.004.a_EN (1.68 GB) Download
Author: FotRSU Mod Team (Uploaded by FotRSU Mod Team)
Date Added: 02-17-2020
Downloads: 988
Grade: A+

Announcing 17th February, 2020
100_FalloftheRisingSun_Ultimate_Edition_v1.0.1.g_E N
This mod is for SH4 v1.5 only

Newly updated with "fixes". See the first page of the thread for all of the details: Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate - Full Release

After downloading the mod, the only tool needed is an archive program, and it is recommended that you use 7Zip to extract the mod's 7z file. After 7zip is installed on your computer, you will be able to put the mod in your MODS folder, right-click the 7z file, and choose "7-zip --->" from the Context Menu, and then choose "Extract Here", which will result in a proper mod folder structure. If you instead use the Windows archiver, you would right-click on the 7z file, and choose "Unextract here", and you should then have a proper file structure. If you are using Windows XP, you most likely will need to use 7-zip. In any case, make certain that your folder structure is correct, in that you have a "D:\Games \SH4 \ MODS \ 100 FalloftheRisingSun Ultimate Edition v1.x.x.x" folder structure, where "D" equals your hard Drive, "Games" is a folder of your making, "SH4" is your game folder, whatever you name it, and "MODS" is a folder either you or JSGME creates. If you want / need a set of smaller download files, let us know, and we'll post a set for you. Otherwise, be aware that this is a 1.6GB download file. After the extraction, the other tools needed are in the game's 'root' folder (JSGME, LAA, and MultiSH4).

Please read the pdf documentation in the Support folder. There is a "01_FotRSU_Support_TOC.bat" file in the 'root' folder of the mod / game (after activation) that will start the "01_FotRSU_TableOfContents.pdf" file, which contains a list of pdf support info, some of which is very verbose and boring to some, but useful to others... There are ReadMe files that attempt to give justice for the incredible work done by the team and others, also found in the mod Support folders. Be sure and explore the folders below the Support folder for other interesting information and help.

Installation pointers:
  1. You will initially only need an 'archive' program, such as 7Zip or WinRar, or the Windows "UnExtract" utility in File Explorer, to extract the mod's 7zip file. After that, the other utilities will be in the mod's folder structure (see below).
  2. When you attempt to activate FotRSU v1.0.1.g the only safe way to proceed unfortunately, is to not use previous Saved games. Delete the Save folder. The game will re-create that when next starting. This also ensures that all of the mod's files are properly copied over to the new Save folder (generally "C:\Users \UserName \Documents \SH4"), which should result in a proper activation of the mod on top of SH4.
  3. [COLOR=Red]Also, please ensure that your base SH4 files are absolutely stock[/COLOR. Reinstalling from scratch is the gold standard here. Uninstall, completely delete your SH4 Wolves of the Pacific folder and everything in it, then reinstall SH4.
  4. Do not use the default path that the Ubisoft installer gives you, which is "C:\Program Files..." - you want to alter that install path to NOT be in a Program Files folder. Name a folder yourself, or delete the "\Program Files..." portion from the path, such that you then have "C:\Ubisfoft..." instead.
  5. It is highly recommended that you use JSGME to activate the mod
  6. Be certain to install Large Address Aware.exe (LAA). The FotRSU mod on the game is quite large in the computer's RAM, and the use of a LAA-type utility is a necessity.

Utility files, such as JSGME and an alternate version of LAA are found in the Extras folder, but there is a copy of LAA and MultiSH4 in the main folder now. Instructions for the utilities are generally found in the mod's Support folder after extraction, in same-named sub-folders, but are also in their own folders after their extraction in the Extras folder. So, activating the mod will put Large Address Aware and MultiSH4 into your Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific (whatever you've named it) install directory, but not JSGME, due to the overwriting of itself, which generally does not work too well. |;^)
  • Run Large Address Aware, choosing SH4.exe as the file you want to be made Large Address Aware.
  • More detailed instructions can be found by activating the "01_FotRSU_Support_TOC.bat" file in the game's "root" directory
  • Or by double-clicking the "01_FotRSU_TableOfContents.pdf" file in the Support folder, and then using the list in that to choose a pdf to read.

Main changes in this version:
  • strikeback re-working of the entire Air folder, including the Loadouts and definitions.
  • Multiple edits of Campaign and other files for better conformity and to fix typos and bad calls for ships and planes
  • Reduced some of the airplane traffic chances, but upped the AI a pinch - does it need more?
  • Re-arranged the Salmon Class crew in the Damage Control Team for them to be in order of rank. This is an experiment. The "strength" of the compartment did rise, so let us know how your Salmon cruises go, please. Quicker repair times might a side-effect of this, and we don't want any holed engines being fixed in less than 2 minutes... please advise as you play that sub.
  • Numerous other items, including a little more eye candy.
  • On testing, the game seems to play smoother. Is it wishful thinking? You'll have to let us know!

This version was not tested as thoroughly as any of the previous iterations, so it's almost like a beta version, in that we need verification of "no issues". One of the main things that we found with the airplanes as we stripped things to the basics (again), is that a bad airplane can cause a bad Save, as well as a CTD. So as you leave port, before you get too far, make a Save. Exit and reload that Save. Let us know of any issues with reloading a Save. We'll need the port you sailed from, the date, the submarine, etc., as well as if you remember any particular airplanes. We would watch the NavMap and click on the airplane icons when leaving, and write them all down, just-in-case. If you want to go that far, fantastic, but not necessary.

Whew! That's all for now folks! Lots of new stuff in the mod to check-out! Have fun with it, and if you have issues, let us know. We like pictures or video of what happens in your game, but we really desire the detailed information, as much as possible, such as the OS you use, the type of computer, how much RAM, etc., but also the type of submarine you are using, where you sailed from, the date of the incident you encounter, and the circumstances surrounding is, such as "Balao boat from Pearl, June 17th, 1944 off the the coast of Honshu near Yokohama, approaching convoy, and a small escort is levitating six feet above the water, using laser-guided missiles to sweep the sea of all opposition"... We would know which files to look in then. Thank you!
Fitzcarraldo, XTBilly, Bleiente, cdsubron7 (okay, you're drafted with the right to opt out!) and Rockin Robbins announce the foolhardy project to 1) Save FOTRS, bringing all three versions home to Subsim where they will be preserved, and the foolhardy part 3) to consolidate the best features of 1.2 and 1.3, which are for SH4UBM and FOTRS 2.0, written for SH4 v1.4, into a single FOTRS Ultimate mod for SH4UBM, since close to 100% of people are playing that version.

Propbeanie has volunteered as a guinea pig, but in this organization we don't like guinea pigs, we use crash test dummies! Propbeanie, you're our first. Thanks for volunteering for the punishment.

I'm in the middle of the first part of the project, importing and protecting the three versions of FOTRS directly in the Subsim downloads section. I have FOTRS 1.2 uploaded now but not linked to the downloads section. 1.3 and 2.0 will follow. I expect that to take a couple of days as uploading is very, very slow.

Then we'll talk about how to proceed. So far the sketchy and overly-optomistic plan is to take v1.3 as a base, add Vickers interiors from 1.2, fix the sound problems, then take the extra ships from 2.0 and sound effects plus whatever else looks really great and add it to 1.3 to produce FOTRS Ultimate. The aim is that as far as possible, what comes out will remain the work of AOTD_MadMax and we will add as little of our own work as we can. This will still be an AOTD_MadMax mod when we're done.

If you can help please feel free to join the thread. I'm no Hitman, CapnScurvy, iambecomelife or Kpt. Lehmann, but we'll have to make do. We''ll do it by surrounding me with better modders than I am.

Onward! Into the fog!
Fall of the Rising Sun Ultimate - Full Release

The FotRSU Mod Team

We would like to dedicate this mod to Florida Sailor and to aanker, both of whom were invaluable to our team's efforts, and both of whom we lost much too early during this past year. We still have a couple of add-in mods of aankers that we have to adapt to FotRSU.

"Let me square the yards, while we may, old man, and make a fair wind of it homeward."

The FotRSU Mod Team

100_FalloftheRisingSun_UltimateEdition_v1.004.a_EN by FotRSU Mod Team on 02-17-2020
You must be registered with this forum to download files. If you are registered and getting this message, then the Downloads section is experiencing heavy load volumes and has been temporarily restricted to members who are in the Subsim Navy (donors). Please try again later.

Become an officer in the Subsim Navy here and have your download limit increased to 25, 35 or even 60 a day! Click here to join.

A website this big uses a lot of bandwidth and needs a really powerful server to stay online day after day, for 20 years. Thanks for the support!

02-28-2020 at 07:48 PM
the beast
03-06-2020 at 05:02 PM
Excellent mod! Cannot wait to try it out!
03-10-2020 at 06:13 AM
Congratulations to all the developers involved. Beautiful.
03-19-2020 at 10:17 AM
Thank you for this mod! Great community!
03-29-2020 at 05:02 PM
I just downloaded Sh4 again and wanted to try this mod out.

I think I did everything correctly, then when I launch it, it loads up all the way and doesn't continue, minimize and I saw I have this error. data/menu/data/black80.tga

any ideas? ive tried everything that I know so far.
03-29-2020 at 06:50 PM
eh nvm I think I figured it out. need the u boat missions, im assuming.

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