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File Name: Omitted American Submarines (8.19 MB) Download
Author: The Bandit (Uploaded by The Bandit)
Date Added: 07-07-17
Downloads: 4108
Grade: B-
Updated for game version 1.08C
Installation instructions
copy the "override" folder from this download into your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Cold Waters\ColdWaters_Data\StreamingAssets folder. The location of this folder may vary depending on how you have the game or Steam installed. Once the override folder is in place the modded content should be there the next time the game is launched.

I've added a series of american submarines which were not included in the game but were in service at the time as well as a few hypotheticals based on real design programs. As of this point, there is no way to import new 3d models into the game, so these all use existing models that are currently present in cold waters.

Diesel boats
Barracuda class SSK (Whiskey class 3d model)
Gato class Auxiliary (Foxtrot class 3d model)
Gato class SSK (Foxtrot class 3d model)
Balao class "Fleetboat snorkel" (Foxtrot class 3d model)
Balao "SSK" (Foxtrot class 3d model)
Balao class LPSS (Foxtrot class 3d model)
Tang class (1968) (Romeo class 3d model)
Tench class "Fleetboat snorkel" (Foxtrot class 3d model)
Guppy IA/IIA (Foxtrot class 3d model)
Guppy II (Foxtrot class 3d model)
Guppy III (Foxtrot class 3d model)
Barbel class (68 and 84) (Skipjack class 3d model)
Sailfish class
Greyback class
Darter class (Romeo class 3d model)
Tunny SSG

Nuke boats
Tullibee class SSN (1968/1984) (Permit class 3d model)
Glenard P. Lipscomb class SSN (Sturgeon class 3d model)
Halibut class Special Projects SSN (Juliet class 3d model)
Triton class SSRN (Echo class 3d model)
Skate class SSN (1968/1984) (Romeo class 3d model)
Seawolf (SSN-575) class SSN (1968) (Tango class 3d model)
Seawolf Special Projects SSN (1984)
Ethan Allen class SSN (Permit class 3d model with Delta IV Screw)
Los Angeles class SSN "Flight 0"
Los Angeles class SSN "Flight 2" VLS
Permit class "Long Hull" SSN (68 and 84) (Sturgeon class 3d model)
Sturgeon class "Long Hull" SSN
Jack "class" SSN (68-84) (Permit class 3d model with Oscar Screw)
Thresher class SSN *Historic* (Permit class 3d model with 5 blade screw)
Skipjack class SSN 5B *Historic* (Skipjack class with 5 blade screw)
George Washington class SSN (Permit class model)
Nautilus class SSN (Tango model, thanks to LeopardDriver)

Boomers (all Yankee 3d model) *Note, these are not playable in the campaign because Boomers would not be used to fight a war, other than launching missiles)
George Washington class SSBN
Ethan Allen class SSBN
Lafayette class SSBN (68 and 84)
Benjamin Franklin class SSBN (68 and 84)

Hypothetical boats
Astoria class SSGN (Los Angeles class 3d model) Based on APHNAS / CMS program
Thomas A. Edison class SSGN (Yankee class 3d model) Tomahawk conversion of surplus ex-SSBN.
Eel class SSN (Alfa class 3d model) Based on CONFORM program.
Orca class SSN (Alfa class 3d model) CONFORM Flight 2.
Redfish class SSN (Narwhal class 3d model) FAS / affordable SSN program.
Permit class SSGN (improved Halibut class)
Stingray class SSN (one-off 1960s era improved Skipjack)

New sensors
AN/BQR-4 - large passive array
AN/BQR-7 - Passive array used in BQQ-2 and on most SSBNs
AN/BQG-4 PUFFS - Passive Underwater Firecontrol Feasibility Study
AN/BQR-21 - BQR-2 updated with DIMUS.
AN/BQH-5 - early towed array (Barbel class)
AN/BQR-15 - early towed array sonar used by SSBNs.

New weapons
Mk 37 mod 0 - non wire guided
Mk 37 mod 1 - wire guided
Mk 37 mod 2 - wire guided + longer seeker range
Mk 37 mod 3 - non-wire guided + longer seeker range
Mk 37C - prototype which became NT37, faster and longer range
Mk 45 ASTOR - Stand-in for Nuclear torpedo
MK 49 *Hypothetical* - half-size air-dropped torpedo carried by UGM-89B
UGM-89A/B/C Perseus STAM family of missiles *Hypothetical*
UUM-84 Tarpon *Hypothetical* Harpoon derived ASW missile carrying Mk 46
UUM-44B SUBROC *Hypothetical* cancelled conventional SUBROC with Mk 44 torpedo payload.

Update 1.1 7/10/2017:
-Removed 3rd screw from boats based on Foxtrot and Tango models
-Added UGM-89A/B/C Perseus STAM for Astoria class SSGN
-Added Barracuda class SSK
-Added Tang class SS
-Added Halibut class SSN
-Added Single Missions
-Rationalized sensors.txt and weapons.txt

Update 1.2 7/12/2017:
-Re-balanced the noise settings for various boats (including soviet subs)
-Added Barbel class (68 and 84) along with BLQ-2B towed array sonar
-Added hypothetical Eel class based on CONFORM program
-Added hypothetical / historic Thresher class, reflecting increased noise/speed
-Split Permit and Sturgeon classes into their sub-class variants.
-Changed UGM-89B PSOW ASW weapon to UUM-89B
-Added optional campaign files which remove hypothetical units
-Changed Ethan Allen class from Sturgeon to Yankee class model

Update 1.3
-Forgot to include the soviet submarines with modified (lowered noise levels)
-Increased the noise levels on Fleetboats to make them louder than Whiskey -class.

Update 1.4
-Changed props for several ships (Jack, Eel, Ethan Allen, Thresher)
-Added historic Skipjack 1968 5B (five-bladed screw)
-Added Orca class hypothetical SSN (CONFORM Flight 2)
-Changed available Sturgeon-68 units to reflect the boats in service as of
December 68
-Altered Barracuda class so they can no longer control wire-guided torpedoes
due to equipped FC system
-Re balanced silencing on Soviet Units, should now see a very pronounced
difference between first (arguably Victor I/Charlie and earlier) and second
generation (Victor II and later) designs.

Update 1.5
-more re-balancing
-added 4 and 5 blade screws to the GUPPYs and Fleetboats as well as Tang.

Update 1.6
New update is on the way.
-Added towed array (BQR-25) to the Skate class (1984)
-Added Sailfish class SS (former SSR)
-Added Greyback class LPSS (former SSG)
-4 and 5 blade props added to various other subs (mostly older GUPPY/Fleeboat)
-using mast data from PRS Mod, all masts and periscopes should now be visible
-changed Barbel, Skipjack (68 / 5B) and Thresher to use the Skipjack 5 blade screw (Thanks again Julhelm!)

Update 1.7 7/31/2017
Added "41 for Freedom" boomers
Added George Washington class SSN
Added Redfish SSN (hypothetical FAS project for cheaper 688 alternative)
Changed many textures just to make the subs look a bit different from their Soviet counterparts. Made subs appear a bit darker.
Added several new weapons (UUM-44, UUM-84)
Added USS Nautilus (special thanks to Leopard Driver)

Update 1.8
-MK 37 torpedo overhaul, lowered noise levels to prevent subs from hearing torpedoes in their baffles. Throughout testing they still hear them from other angles though so all seems good.
-Overhauled and added a few sensors (like BQR-15)
-Added many improved models made by Leopard Driver using available CW assets (Tang, Darter, Greyback, Halibut, Skate, Sailfish, Tullibee, Barbel, Glenard P. Lipscomb, all included SSBNs)
-new hypothetical "Permit-class SSGN"
-new Tunny SSG
-Regulus I and II cruise missiles.

Update 1.9 10/19/2017
-New circle running mode for the Mk 16
-Stingray class SSN
-Many other changes

*Special Thanks to Captianx3 for his "Playable Russian Submarines" mod which much of my work is based upon. Also thanks to Ramius for helping me sort out the Ethan Allen class and Capt Jack Harkness for his idea which lead to splitting the Sturgeon and Permit classes into their sub-classes.
File size: 8.06 MB

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03-30-18 at 02:53 PM
Any plans to update to 1.09e? My game will remain broken until you do D:
11-01-18 at 11:58 AM
So there is no file download. It is just a readme file that doesn't open and it also does not change anything in game.
07-26-17 at 08:59 AM
I made the USS Nautilus, would be a nice addition imho. If you would like to have my files and add it, I would be honored.
The Bandit
07-26-17 at 04:57 PM
Sure I could do that. It would basically mean that every US Sub other than a few experimental/test rigs like USS Dolphin, Albacore and Grouper from 1968-84 are in! My reasoning for not including the Nautilus so far is because the 1968 Seawolf is nearly identical (by then it had been fitted with a nearly identical S2Wa reactor) but sure if you can post the files / put your own mod up I'd be glad to include it.
07-26-17 at 11:59 PM
Maybe Im missing the point, but if it's not possible to add the correct 3-D models to the game at this point in time, then why bother? All you have when you're done is the name of a ship with someone else's capabilities. Why not just shelve the mod data temporarily until the "hopefully" the time comes when it's possible to add brand new 3-D models to the game? I understand that this is a neat mod as it stands and would be cool, it just hit me while I was reading the info that it's not actually the new ship, just a new name.
Don't mean to rain on anyone' parade. These mods you guys do are awesome and help keep SUBSIM fresh and alive. Thanks.

The Bandit
07-27-17 at 10:35 AM
@CaptainCruise I know this mod's not for everyone, but what would be served by "shelving the mod data"? What good would this do just sitting on my hard drive? Also I don't really understand what you mean when you are talking about "just a new name" Are you talking about the fact that in some cases there are only minor differences between class to class, especially with the Fleet-boat derived models? It is quite true that these all come from the same base config, but in reality a lot of these boats were very derivative. There are more stats than what you can see looking at the library.
Januar Lazuard
08-03-17 at 12:19 AM
Could you make that long hull also with long sail feature. I mean, you could use Sturgeon or Narwhal for sail, but keep the planes like Permit ones. B'cause i had read an article (wikipedia) started with SSN-613 to 621, ship in class featured with it to implement SUBSAFE program after the loss of Tresher.

But, thank you for the mod
The Bandit
08-03-17 at 07:33 AM
@Januar Lazuard Yeah I'll look into that. The Permit Long-Hull sail is setup in a similar was as the short-hull (high diving planes) but it seems to be longer vs longer and higher like the Sturgeon. Still the Sturgeon is the best bet I think but I'll see if I can swap the planes over and re-position them.
07-08-17 at 12:52 PM
Anyone got this to work yet?
07-09-17 at 04:35 AM
haven't tried honestly
07-09-17 at 11:09 PM
is this MOD compatible with SINGLE missions ?
07-10-17 at 11:37 AM
I don't really understand this. Where are the ship models?
07-10-17 at 12:38 PM
Can you please explain how to install this for a 71 year old nube?
The Bandit
07-10-17 at 02:29 PM
@Niels : As there's no way to add new models to the game, these subs are based off of mostly the Soviet models that came with the game, with a few tweaks using the same method that Captain3X uses in his "Playable Russian Subs" mod.

@billb5138 : To install this mod, just copy the "override" folder contained in the download and put it the ColdWaters_Data/StreamingAssets folder. I'd suggest watching the first two or three minutes of this video to see how its done.
01-10-18 at 10:01 PM
will these work with the new 1.09b update??
07-14-17 at 06:30 AM
Where are the ship models?
The Bandit
07-14-17 at 09:39 PM
@mmjjddgg: Please read the description. As it is not currently possible to add 3d models to this game, the mod is created using models that are already included, in many cases with Soviet models standing in for somewhat similar american submarines.
09-24-17 at 08:05 AM
10-24-17 at 09:02 PM
Thank you for this great mod, has been updated to work with the latest version of CW.
06-02-18 at 08:49 PM
Is this going to be updated so that it can be played on v1.15?
08-17-18 at 08:12 PM
I got a cracked version of Cold Waters version 1.00. The mod didnt work and the game said I was missing the english weapon description file for wp_at-l_description.txt. Do you have any older versions of this mod that works for v1.00?
08-26-18 at 01:18 PM
this file sucks
12-14-18 at 11:17 PM
01-28-23 at 05:26 PM
does this mod support the game ver1.15?

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