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File Name: The Wolves of Steel v2.2.x to v2.2.25_Update (190.00 MB) Download
Author: vdr1981 (Uploaded by vdr1981)
Date Added: 08-25-16
Downloads: 28007
Grade: A
This will update your installed TWoS v2.2.0 and newer to version 2.2.25


Snapshot/Patches changes:

Other tweaks:
- LCD_Bunker_Large.zon / Radio Room dmg zone placed inside Test dmg zone.
- Deck gun shell debris particles replaced with spark particles to prevent CTDs.
- Reverted back Zones.cfg files before v2.1.1. Adjusted entries.
- Few more minor stabilize tweaks.
- Updated TWoS credits page. Latest outstanding TWoS supporters/donors: Peter "bart" Simpson and Manuel Jesus Lagares Calvo - Thank You very much Captains!
- Edited "Campaign Advance Verifier Testing" output message: removed "save game if necessary" note.
- Added back original SV interior various book and posters visible inside the player submarine.
- Realistic Kriegsmarine grid map visible in the conning tower and command room and fixed incorrectly orientated KM grid map in the command room.
- Fixed all stock historical missions: edited unit class entries for full compatibility with TWoS.
- Added external cargo for merchants in all historical missions and adjusted internal cargo per ships type.
- Revised and adjusted units placement and groups composition in all stock historical missions.
- Added more realistic and better looking crew hats and uniform parts from various mods for SH5 (credits to Pascal and Naights).
- Further adjusted colors and reduced saturation of imported uniform parts.
- Fixed incorrectly placed docked ships in Kiel harbor which could sometime cause damage due to coast proximity and shallow waters.
- Added couple of Junkers Ju 88 bombers overflowing Kiel harbor, for better immersion.
- Added Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 (Web Installer) to the main TWoS package which will be offered during the megamod installation.
- DirectX 9.0c installer from the main TWoS package is replaced with web installer in order to reduce overall archive size.
- Updated FAQ and Gameplay tips documentation.
- Updated TWoS credits page. Latest outstanding TWoS supporters/donors: Thomas "excel4004" Pentenrieder, Luca "Hauangua" Guastalli and Kenneth Jorgensen - Thank You very much Captains!
- Fixed damage zones problem which was causing patrol torpedo boats to spontaneously catch a fire in rough seas.
- Fixed deck awash appearance of AC Komet/Ems Type freighters in axis harbors.
- Fixed incorrect Ju-188 designation.
- Fixed typo in one grid patrol mission assignment from Western Approaches campaign chapter.
- Fixed incorrectly placed harbor traffic in few British ports.
- Slightly adjusted shape of low wind speed waves and increased overall water reflection intensity.
- Room_QR1_silentmichal.sim, missing controllers fix.
- Added new optional add-on which will make interior even more cramped by adding Silentmichal's extra food supplies (food crates and salami) visible inside your U-Boat - "TWoS SM Interior_Food Stocks".
- Updated TWoS credits page. Special thanks to the latest outstanding TWoS supporters/donors who are making this expansion to keep going: Michael "Skin-nl" Kotte and Brighter Walls - Thank You very much Captains!
- Microsoft NET Framework 4.7.1 web installer had been replaced wilt older version 4.0 for better compatibility with older OS. The installation will be rejected if you already have same or newer version of NET framework installed on your computer.
- Reorganised and renamed some of the in game charts for easier handling.
- Added recognition manual aditional info entries for several more ship types(catapult ships, light vessels, C-3 cargo ect).
- Several more minor "under the hull" tweaks and fixes.
- Updated TWoS credits page. Latest TWoS supporter/donor: petes-ponderables - Thank You very much Captain!
- Fixed bug where player could see trough the wall if entered aft toilet (missing texture fix).
- Added patrol radius info in Monsun Gruppe secondary missions (e.g. Patrol Area 1, Radius 250km). Note that most of the MG secondary patrol missions require at least one sunk ship in order to complete the mission and move to the next patrol area.
- Fixed script problem where warning message would enter indefinite loop if maximum underwater speed with snorkel raised is exceeded. CE will now automatically reduce speed to 2 knots.
- Improved appearance of radio room light bulbs (system related, may effect only some players).
- Several precautionary stability fixes. ( VIIB files)
- Revised and adjusted food diminishing time intervals for food storage in radio room (Salami, SM Interior Food Stocks addon).
- Food stored in command room and aft quarters room will now also diminish over time for players who are using SM Interior Food Stocks add-on. Still looking solution for "camera out of sector" problem caused by this addon.
- Improved TheBeast's submarine smoke exhaust effects.
- Added recognition manual additional info entries for several more ship types, more stuff to read during long patrols (Ehrenfels type freighter, Orion auxiliary cruiser, parcel ships ect...).
- Reduced appearance of Brazilian merchant ships in allied convoys in order to avoid player's unnecessary penalty points for neutral kills.
- Fixed "Panama_T" group, Norwegian merchant replaced with Panamanian.
- Revised and tested scripted historical events and units transfers.
- Reduced UnderwaterDispMap effect.
- Several minor "under the hull" tweaks and fixes.
- Special credits to the Captains who have supported my work in last two months trough the available TWoS PayPal link: Jason Jara and Andrew Zamic, Peter "Theberbster" Scott and Jan "Muckenberg" Somsag - who have also made several donations so far, and especially to Andreas Vogt for his enormous 100 euro donation which left me quite speechless!
- Added back classic SH style binoculars and UZO apereance with bearing marks, for more enjoyable gameplay.
- Removed dripped effects from nav map plastic cover for cleaner look.
- Reduced ability for all in-game guns to perfectly track targets in vertical axis in order to achieve more realistic hit/miss ratio and to simulate traditionally inaccurate WW2 naval gunnery.
- Added recognition manual aditional info entries for several more ship types.
- I also submitted large number of false positive reports to various AV vendors in order to reduce number of unjustified detections.
- Updated install documentation.
- Several more minor tweaks and fixes.
- Special credits to the Captains who have supported my work during the last two months trough the available TWoS PayPal link: Philippe "RealMadDad" Kogler, Eric MacLuchlan, Noel Bennett, Patrick Cremona, Elvin Vega, Sebastian "Nixis" Walter and Andrey Surzhykov-Tsarykevich! You guys are truly awesome!
- Initial loading screen updated with additional "Black screen pause" note and "Best of Subsim 2017" badge.
- Edited appearance dates of FuMB-1 Metox radar warning receiver, FuMO-29 radar and Bold1 decoys according to historical apereance dates in single missions and few months earlier in the campaign in order to simulate new test equipment for successful captains.
- Radar display will now show airborne contacts as well.
- Added ability to manually turn off radar at captains discretion which wasn't possible before (radar was always radiating EM energy regardless of On/Off state).
- Incorrect South African flags are now fixed, together with few more flag problems like incorrect German flag shown in the museum (info card) and missing "Free Netherlands" flags on ships.
- Soviet and New Zealand navy and civilian vessels now have correct ensigns.
- Various flags chart fixes.
- Moved flag position to ship's stern for Medium troop transport. More to come in future updates...
- Send weather report command from radiman's UI command menu is now functional! Use it at your own discretion but be aware that, just like a normal status report, your weather report can be intercepted and triangulated by allies.
- Enabled previously blocked torpedoman special ability to pre-heat/overcharge torpedoes in order to somewhat increase their range (*restore the snapshot again using Generic File Patcher to activate the changes).
- Increased range of TII but somewhat reduced range of TIII electric torpedoes so that both types can have maximum range around 5km in their pre-heated state. However, newer TIII type will still have slightly better range than it's predecessor.
- Edited and adjusted torpedoman's special abilities: "Pre-heat/overcharge torpedo" (for range and reliability) and "Torpedo Warhead" (slight damage increase).
- Increased duration time from 10 to 30 mins for "Pre-heat/overcharge torpedo" and "Torpedo Warhead" abilities so that player can have enough time to issue an order to the torpedo-man well before the engagement.
- Edited numerous ingame texts and tool-tips for better understanding of certain GUI command functions.
- Removed some of the non-implemented and redundant GUI commands in order to avoid confusion.
- Better description for some TWoS optional mods and add-ons. (Campaign Advance Verifier Testing, More info)
- Added "Russian fonts patch" to TWoS Documentation folder with the appropriate install instructions.
- Various smaller tweaks and fixes.
- Special thanks to the latest outstanding TWoS supporters/donors who are making this expansion to keep going: Richard Roberts, David "HW3" Stevens, Ales "Kikinado" Bily, Dale Francisco, Christian "Kuddell1982" Eilmes, Yangfan Xu, Garry Dragon, Steven Reynolds, Andrew Cummings and especially to Grant "CaptBones" Graeber for his enormous 100 USD donation! Thank you very much Captains! Have fun and sink 'em all!
- Western Approaches campaign chapter, flotilla renamed to more historically accurate 7th flotilla.
- OFEV stock settings: Range filter for useful contact reports from Captains Log increased to 800km (previously 400km), Hydro follow contact update time, 3 minutes + few more minor tweaks. (run batch file from TWoS Documentation folder to activate the changes)
- Edited tool-tip description of "Range filter for useful contact report" function which will hopefully make it more understandable for less insightive players.
- Slightly increased probability of enemy airstrike when you're detected and/or when sending radio messages.
- Historically accurate South African naval/merchant ensigns , flags chart updated as well.
- Removed "unknown contact" label if a sound contact is located outside of hydrophone detection parameters and can not be detected by your AI sonarman. The contact can still be heard by player though, due to engine limitation, but you won't be able to track it with the apropriate hydro GUI commands.
- Fixed bug which was causing certain (undamaged) warships and destroyers to appear at "deck awash" depth in the campaign.
- Fixed bug which was causing hospital ships in French ports to spontaneously catch fire and sink.
- Fixed typo in M4 Enigma in-game instructions.
- Edited U-boat flags appearance so that German flag is always on top.
- Fixed and completely redesigned crew efficiency bars visible in the crew efficiency page. The bars will now move in right directions depending on current crew/efficiency state(s). The percentage values of bars movement are not completely accurate and should not be taken for granted but they'll be accurate enough to give you a clue about what is going on in your sub and how certain crew special abilities can effect systems/crew efficiency.
- Added pumps and watch crew efficiency bars.
- Updated F1 key commands help chart: F11 key-Submerged torpedo loading, F12 key-External torpedo reserves transfer.
- Tuned and re-enabled "units visual sensor affected by available light" patch in TWoS Generic Patcher Snapshot (restore snapshot to activate changes).
- Completely revised and edited composition of late war years convoys. Now it will be much more difficult to find a convoy without at least few old frigates on protection duty from 1943 onwards, except in some very distant waters.
- Edited description and picture of GHG+KDB hydrophone upgrade pack from which is now clearly visible that your U-bot will be equipped with two hydrophone sensors after the upgrade (GHG which is stock + added KDB).
- German warships and destroyers are now completely removed from Mediterranean campaigns. Only auxiliaries and submarines will be present.
- Added two new dialog commands to radioman and WO dialog menus: Send weather report and Report the nearest stationary radio source/beacon.
- Added moderate crew morale bonus for merchants and significant morale boost for capital ships sinking.
- Removed all crew abilities which could effect torpedo damage.
- Added new active crew abilities which will allow the player to disengage sound and visual contact reports. "Watch crew off" ability is limited to 20 min while the "Hydrophone off" has a on/off function. Use these abilities carefully from obvious reasons.
- Redesign and improved crew morale/motivation mechanics. "Life saving" and normal operations abilities won't require any special crew motivation, while some individual skills will still require good morale in order to be activated.
- Crew won't directly reject your orders anymore if low on morale/motivation. Instead , you'll receive more appropriate answer like "I'll try Sir" or "I am doing my best Sir" without any "head shaking" animation ect.
- Added passive abilities to senior staff as well: Chief engineer (Pressure Hull-Critical Spots), WO (Watch Crew) and XO (Crew Check-enabled by default). Check ingame description for details.
- Added several more realistic crew abilities:
* External torpedo reserves transfer - to the best of my knowledge, this is the most realistic implementation of this dangerous and demanding activity so far which will make your sub very vulnerable until the transfer is complete.
* Submerged torpedo loading - Torpedoman's ability to "motivate" his men which will improve with every new level upgrade.
* Regular torpedo maintenance - Passive ability which will ensure nominal torpedo performance and range.
Chief Engineer:
* Air purification measures - Taken directly from type Type VIIC manual. Reduces CO2 accumulation for certain period of time and. It can be used only once per patrol.
* Last Resort - A new and interesting ability which will allow the player to send the crew to bunks in order to save the oxygen in especially desperate situations, inspired by well known "Das Boot" ending.
* Celestial Navigation: Should have effect only with Real Navigation Add-on.
- Various smaller tweaks and fixes.
- Special thanks to the latest outstanding TWoS supporters/donors: Andrew Kassian, Marcelo "lvl4F" Flores, Jeff Klatt, James Belless and especially to Maurizio "Torpedo" Cattaneo for his enormous 100e donation! Thank you very much Captains! Heil und Sieg und fette Beute!
- New loading screen. Special thanks to gap and Edward Tambunan who has actually repainted the photo (U-96).
- Watch crew will now report bearing as well when group of units/convoy is in sight.
- Enhanced tooltip instructions for external torpedo reserves transfer in order to avoid confusion how to utilize this ability.
- Player's submarine in Monsun Gruppe campaign chapter ("silentotto" start) is changed to type VIIC since it is still too early for VIIC/41.
- Player's submarine in Turning Point campaign chapter ("silentotto" start) is changed to type VIIC instead of U-Flak. To start this campaign chapter using U-Flak, enable "Campaign Start_VIIB_UFlaK" addon prior your campaign start. In normal gameplay and without this add on enabled, U-Flak will be offered to player from mid 1943 to the end of the year, depending of current player'a rating.
- Edited starting bases of several campaigns in order to avoid unnecessary instant jumps between bases at the end of campaign chapter. Almost all base/flotilla transfers will be followed by the appropriate encrypted and unencrypted radio messages...
- Few more minor tweaks and fixes.
- In game credits page updated with latest TWoS suporter/donors.
- A big thank you for the latest outstanding TWoS supporters/donors: Peter "TheBerbster" Scott, Michal "Palmic" Palma, Alexander Zhavoronko, Robert Jesse Gary, Adrian Spence, Gerhard Pfundt, Enrique Frances, Aitor Avendano Ormaetxea, Jacques Alary, Thomas Oulie, Joachim Thieme.
- Added Gutted's solution for annoying repetitive crew voices when using certain in-game functions: torpedo settings (salvo, depth, speed, pistol settings), map course plotting ect...
- The visual sensor affected by available light for all AI units modifier has been changed from 0.0 to 0.5. This should effectively reduce overall spotting distance of all in game AI units. (Disable all patches in your Generic Patcher and restore the snapshot again to activate the changes*)
- External torpedoes reserves transfer cool-down time has been reduced from seven to two days.(this tweak requires new campaign start*)
- Reduced accuracy of 3-inch and 4.7-inch guns used on some allied merchant ships.
- Special thanks to the latest outstanding TWoS supporters/donors: Michael Von Franck, Charles Dellipizzi, Stephen Allen and Robert Lansdell.
- Edited Baltic early war sea traffic lines.
- Fixed problem where Polish merchant ships were occasionally trying to pass trough the Kiel kanal while trying to defect to Great Britain during the invasion of Poland.
- Defecting Polish ships will now be taken from Free Poland roster so they can be attacked without penalties for player even after Poland has been conquered.
- Reworked Operation Weserübung: British and German task forces routs departure dates and group compositions. *Note that near the coast operations can not be simulated due to AI limitations.
- Removed excessive number of both British and German task forces during the invasion of Norway.
- Fixed problem where British task forces will just disappear after their final way point is reached during the Operation Weserübung. Instead, they will patrol the designated area for several days and return to Scapa Flow.
- Edited/added set of radio messages which will instruct the player how to behave during the Operation Weserübung, when to start and stop attacking Norwegian ships...
- *All the campaign changes require new campaign start in order to be activated but this is not mandatory if your current playtrough date is well beyond april 1940.
- Polish Grom destroyer 3D model is replaced with more historically accurate British R class, instead of used Tribal.
- Special thanks to the latest outstanding TWoS supporters/donors who are making this expansion to keep going: Michael Meuren, Thomas "excel4004" Pentenrieder and Robert "bstanko6" Stanko.
- Polish destroyer ORP Wicher is now accurately represented in game by Bourrasque clone since real ORP Wicher was copy of this French destroyer.
- Fixed occasionally missing "Start of hostilities against Poland" radio messages from the opening stages of Operation Himmler (invasion of Poland).
- Slightly reduced visual sensors difficulty parameters for merchants and warships.
- Reduced skill of Polish Danzing bay taskforces to "average".
- Slightly increased duration of "Disable watch crew reports" WO ability in order to pass unimportant contacts more efficiently and without TC drop.
- F7 key command will now simultaneously activate/deactivate both battlestations level 1 and 2 crew states and also place the guns to neutral positions after the command is disabled.
- Improved numerous tooltip descriptions for various GUI elements and commands in order eliminate players confusion. (travel mode ect)
- Improved tooltip descriptions and instructions for some crew active and passive abilities (Submerged torpedo loading, External torpedo reserves transfer, air purification measures ect).
- Added warning message in the main gameplay settings screen which will note the player that gameplay settings for the ongoing campaign can be manipulated only from the bunker.
- Reworked XO TDC dialog box messages for players who have troubles to understand optional auto TDC procedure in TWoS (XO: Lock target again to calculate auto TDC solution => Auto TDC is active!).
- Ingame TWoS credits page updated with latest outstanding TWoS supporters/donors : Hubert Dewey, Fernand Delfosse, Ludwig Diebel, Joerg Krieger, Carlos Jesús Bustos Moreno, Joseph "TM=Bluntman" Dewey and Janne Aatrakoski. Thank you very much and happy hunting Captains!
- Added tooltips description how to use built in Navmarks/Supermars functions.
- Updated events.ini file by Tonci87. Corrected Grossdeutscher Rundfunk radio station news broadcast dates trough out the entire war.
- Improved XO TDC dialogs - Auto TDC active/inactive.
- Added missing star shell guns and ship whistles for several merchant types and auxiliary cruisers.
- Added missing search lights for several merchant types and auxiliary cruisers.
- Nation's roster historical fixes as suggested by kapuhy.
- Various "under the hull" campaign file fixes and improvements.
- Ingame TWoS credits page updated with latest outstanding TWoS supporters/donors : Sebastian Loof, Isaac Bordelon and Ernesto Sanchez Lliso. Thank you very much and happy hunting Captains!
- Fixed typos in Events.ini file which could cause CTD on certain dates.
- Special thanks to the latest outstanding TWoS supporters/donors: Margot Kalus, Nik05 and Gene Davidson! Thank you very much Captains! Heil und Sieg und fette Beute!
- External torpedo transfer torpedoman's ability cooldown time reduced to just over 10 hours in order to simulate crew resting after this complicated and risky task.
- Removed faulty DC racks animation for imported Bourrasque and Chacal destroyers.
- Added clear and unambiguous translation of every item from submarine system/equipment page which can be seen in bottom part of the page (technical description area).
- KSD Commander fix, loging to KSD server is possible again, adding back full functionality of this program (online chat and stats comparison).
- Optional addons for radioman GUI commands (send contact and status reports) are now part of the main mod by default.
- Added three new optional addons - "Remove Map Plastic Cover", which will make various nav map elements much more visible, "Officer Icons as Stations", Captain America's alternative officer icons adopted for TWoS and "Env Settings - Brighter Nights", a gap's Dyn Env solution for nights being excessively dark for some users.
- Added more and further improved set of instructional campaign/flotilla transfer radio messages which will be sent to the player at the end of every camping chapter.
- Increased KSD hydrophone receivers damaging depth.
- New high resolution flags textures for several nations.
- Reorganised and improved various GUI elements (sub systems page, Captains log ect). A big thanks to Serega who has allowed me to use his Russian addon for TWoS as a inspiration!
- New and better looking nav map color gradient.
- Combining and further adjusting many graphical elements from various environmental mods in order to achieve the most realistic looking environment. Improved environmental graphics, more realistic sky, clouds, water and fog effects (credits to W_clear, gap and Serega!).
- Reintegrated small TDW tweak, water surface reflection varies with available light.
- Stock loading pictures (artwork) is replaced with authentic colorized WW2 Battle of the Atlantic photos.
- Set of Kapuhy's fixes, improvements and alpha channel textures for Schute_M1 (Motor-Hafenschute).
- New Leigh Light 3D model by gap.
- Few OFEV options adjustments.
- Special thanks to the latest outstanding TWoS supporter/donor: Maurizio "Torpedo" Cattaneo! Thank you very much Captain!

- Added Kapuhy's "Ghost Ships Fix", a large number of equipment/deck crew improvements and fixes for many SH3/SH4 imported coastal and other vessels.
- Added set of improvements for "Operation Drumbeat" campaign proposed by Tonci87 (Flotilla objectives start/ending dates and instructional radio messages).
- Added special chart which contains corrections for manual local apparent noon latitude calculation in SH5/TWoS world, for Captains who wish to perform full manual navigation using built in sextant. (Charts-Real navigation-LAN corrections)
- Fixed long standing stock game/OHII problem where still inactive airbases would spawn airplane groups before airbase activation date.
- Implemented new ship type in proper gr2 format - Small Motor Coaster created by Kapuhy!
- Added network of coastal traffic lines for various war theaters in all campaigns which will be used by various coastal merchants, trawlers and other coastal vessels available in the game (UK, Scandinavia, France, Spain, Mediterranean ect).
- Redesigned traffic, convoys, ocean liners campaign layers and sea traffic lines for all campaign chapters.
- Added at least 30-40% more individual sea traffic (groups of 1 to 2 ships) for many previously unused harbors for all campaign chapter. Somewhat safe and protected waters will feel much more alive from now.
- Fixed large number of errors and oddities from stock and OHII campaign files. Added much more minor fixes and game improvement as well.
- Redesigned sea threat zones which will correctly redirect sea traffic during their journey. No more oddities like allied merchants near axis controlled ports/airspace or German supply ships in English channel.
- Added Type-XIV "milk-cow" sub to the German roster which will take part in submarine sea refitting operation between early 1942 to mid 1944.
- In addition to Dithmarschen Supply Ship, German auxiliary crusers and few other merchant types will from now take their role in U-boats replenishment operations as well.
- A big thank you for the latest outstanding TWoS supporters/donors:[I]Thomas "excel4004" Pentenrieder, Peter "THEBERBSTER" Scott, Peter Tregear, Matthias Giebichenstein, Ioannis Voulimeneas, Attila Kriszt, Stanislav Shchebetov, Thomas R Flaherty, Javier Benedicto Higuera, Stefano "Procione"" Scalmani, Dale Francisco, Jacques Alary and John Wall.
- *Installation note: The update can be installed anytime but some of the changes may require fresh campaign restart in order to be activated. For Captains who do not wish to restart their current campaign changes will be activated at the beginning of the next campaign chapter.

- Old SH3 C-3 cargo liner has been replaced with new highly detailed and great looking 3D model, created by Rosomaha!
- Updated files and performances for recently added Kapuhy's Small motor Coaster.
- Slightly increased re-spawn intervals for fishing and others trawlers which can be encountered in coastal waters of various nations. Adjusted fishing areas node positions.
- Added/repositioned allied destroyer patrols to several sea traffic choking points near coastal waters, like Gibraltar, British NW and SW approaches ect.
- Majority of neutral traffic bound to British waters in early war years have been replaced with the appropriate "free nations". This means that from now all darkened ships encountered in British waters, even under the flag of currently neutral nation (like Sweden, Denmark ect) will be valid targets and player won't receive penalty points in case of sinking. Also, use of optional "Neutrals Illuminated Only_Until [Date]" addon for TWoS is highly recommended.
- Few other minor tweaks and fixes.
- Special thanks to the latest outstanding TWoS supporter/donor: Larry Shirley, John Carlson, Victor Nunez Riera, Ulrich Bäumler and Kostyantyn Davydov. Good hunting Captains!

- Neutral Illuminated Only until_[Date] addon is now added to the main mod and it can not be disabled anymore. This means that temporarily neutral nations (like Norway, Iceland, USA ect) will use illuminated vessels only until they declare war to Germany or they join to Allies or Axis coalition. (Note: you may see on the next patrol or two few bugged ships without skin/paint but the problem will sort it self out pretty soon).
- Added latest version of "Little_Ships" package which contains several new coastal cargo ships, tankers and trawlers, created from scratch entirely by Kapuhy!. For more info check "Silent Hunter 5\The Wolves of Steel - Documentation\Other Readme Files and Docs\Kapuhy's Little Ships - Documentation".
- Added latest version of great looking Rosomaha's C-3 cargo liner with lots of improvements.
- Added Kapuhy's new Fairmile B Motor Launch patrol boat to regular port defense campaign layers.
- Added Targor's cool looking Wooden Lifeboats as an optional addon. Slight game freeze can be observed on less powerful systems when these lifeboats are spawned and that's why it's optional.
- Added "Missing Nav Map Coordinates_Fix" optional addon which will solve the problem of missing/hidden navigation map coordinates for people who are using large screen resolutions.
- Reverted back to original SteelViking's interior CR.gr2 and sim files in order to get rid of some occasional game crashes when game is saved and reloaded without exiting game.
- Fixed patrol missions in Monsun campaign. Added patrol zone coordinates for patrol areas near African coast.
- Some optional adons have been renamed for better understanding of their function.
- Large number of tweaks and fixes for improved game stability with recently added units.
- Number of various minor tweaks and fixes.
- Special thanks to the latest outstanding TWoS supporter/donor: Francois Coussement. Good hunting Captains!

- Edited and revised campaign traffic lines in order to ensure that by the early October 1939, all DARKENED ships bound for British ports may be considered hostile, regardless of their markings of currently neutral nations (like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland ect).
- Edited and revised campaign traffic lines around fall of France in June 1940 in order to prevent possible friendly sinking of French ships around UK and other legit U-boats hunting grounds since they will appear as legit darkened targets (The game will consider french units friendly as soon as France fall and it's ports "turn blue").
- Fixed problem where allied convoys in Mediterranean campaigns will occasionally try to "squeeze trough" in between Sicily and the mainland Italy.
- Other various campaign fixes involved mainly around illogical and misplaced traffic which can sometimes occur when nation "change side" form Axis to Allied and vice versa.
- Added new merchant ship type to various nations roster: awesome looking "Raised Quarterdecker", entirely created , from scratch, by Kapuhy!
- Edited description and displaying messages of Campaign Advance Verifier_Testing addon. Make sure to read updated JSGME "More info" description of this addon.
- Edited instructional Campaign/Flotilla transfer radio messages to be in line with recent Campaign Advance Verifier_Testing addon description changes.
- Disabled Generic Patcher Collateral Damage patches in the snapshot for better damage distribution calculations, both for playable subs and other units. No more exploding bow when torpedo hit stern of the ship or damaged propellers if you frontally collide your sub with something. Some larger ships and warships will more frequently require more then one well placed torpedo in order to go down which is more realistic after all. (Fire up TDW Generic Patcher and restore the snapshot again if you wish to activate the changes).
- Edited and rearranged XO dialog box Auto TDC messages. After you mark the ship the XO will inform you that "Auto TDC solution are set! Fire when ready!", so if anyone still ask again "how to use auto TDC in TWoS" , I will personally shoot him with my Luger pistol!
- Increased probability to 80-90% and decreased time interval (12h) of non directional beacons activation in harbors, which can help real navigation Captains to position their boats properly for harbor entrance in bad weather conditions.
- Updated official PDF install instructions to reflect recent changes.
- Added names to ingame official credits page of recent TWoS donors and supporters: Gregory Prichard, John Damuth, Lenny Miller, Jacques Alary, Dimitris Triantis, Antti Komulainen, Wolfgang Moog. Thank you very much Captains and I hope you'll enjoy TwoS for a long time!

v 2.2.22
- More campaign traffic lines improvements and fixes: redirected several traffic lines in the Mediterranean in which ships for axis needs would get too close to allied controlled waters.
- Coastal schooners (small merchants with sails) are transferred to the appropriate ships category type (Coastal vessels) so that they won't be seen anymore on long oversea routs.
- Added realistic KM grid map visible on navigator's table in the command room.
- Added 8/16/32km tooltip for radar range dial.
- Radar apparatus is moved higher up for approximately 10-15cm so that radar display can bee seen better even without player manning the station (this will be useful for early radars without 360 deg scan capabilities).
- Fixed GR2 editor error for stern torpedo room.
- Compressed air dials in the command room will act independently simulating multiple CA storage (0-50% and 50-100%).
- Edited low wind speed waves shape for more realistic sea appearance and U-boat behavior.
- Increased cooldown intervals for units in coastal traffic lines by approximately 0.5 days and lowered probabilities of forming larger coastal traffic groups of 3 or more vessels.
- Removed range data from radioman's "bearing to nearest stationary radio source/beacon", NDB activation intervals increased to 4h.
- Added radar capabilities for air raid sirens for better in game behavior and timely response.
- Airstrikes.cfg tweaks: increased attenuation factor, reduced AB skill modifiers.
- Mosquito fighter-bombers moved from "bombers "to "fighters" category, which is more appropriate category for this type of airplanes.
- Reduced number of available bombers/torpedo bombers in AB and AC groups in order to prevent planes over-spawn problem which can corrupt gamesaves and/or CTD the game.
- Minimum 2 escort ships: Edited sea traffic groups in order to ensure that minimum of 2 escort ships are assigned to convoy protection duties if game decides to spawn protection for given group, since single escort ship on convoy protection duty can not react very well and she will simply ignore the threat most of the time.
- Edited composition of some naval groups/convoys for more realistic in game appearance and behavior.
- A big thank you for the latest outstanding TWoS supporters/donors: Michael "Skin-nl" Kotte and Leslie Green! Thank you very much captains! I wish you all Merry Christmas, happy new year and lots of good hunting with Wolves!

v 2.2.23
- New addon - YellowSubmarine's "New Sextant", which adds universal time for in-game sextant and set of corrections for celestial objects, for full celestial navigation in SH5. Note that the New Sextant will appear in your JSGME only after you enable regular "Real Navigation" addon.
- Added set of Alpheratz's dedicated nautical almanacs and tables which will finally make a dream of full celestial navigation in SH5 world, using Sun and stars, possible! Also, added document with link for Alpheratz's high quality video tutorials on his YT channel, which will allow that even casual SH5 players master this form of art quite easily and without much effort. Huge Thanks for Alpheratz! Subscribe on his channel and support his work! For more info check TWoS Documentation folder/Real Navigation section.
- Added missing R01 radar nodes for destroyers and frigates. All intended ships will now be able to use assigned radar equipment at designated date span. Thanks to Kapuhy for noticing this.
- Added Kapuhy's Captain Class Frigates to the British ship rooster!
- Removed mid/late war escorts ability to detect surfaced contacts with their hydrophones. They can now only detect surfaced submarine visually or by radar. Only the most modern hydrophones available near the end of the war and on very few escort types will keep partial ability to detect surfaced contacts.
- Watch officer's "Stop reporting visual contacts" ability duration increased to 1 hour for easier transition form coastal waters to open seas with less TC drops. (In your current campaign duration will still remain 30 min until campaign restart or new sub offer from BdU, even though in dialog menu it'll be shown "1 hour").
- Reorganized composition of some late war convoys in order to avoid occasional appearance of neutral illuminated ships in them.
- Removed American escorts and majority of cargo ships from early Mediterranean GM (Gibraltar to Malta) convoys. Possibility of occasional appearance of American tankers still remains though...
- Completely reorganized units skill settings trough out the entire war period in all campaign chapters, varying from average/competent at the beginning, to the veteran/elite near the end of the war.
- Reduced number of assigned escorts in few late war convoys with extreme number of destroyers in order to reduce FPS impact on the game.
- Added few missing encrypted BdU orders base transfer messages.
- Added Encrypted BdU Orders support for two more campaign chapters, Arctic Convoys and The Black Pit.
- Added patrol radius and time duration data for secondary "intercept" missions in the campaign. Hopefully, this should solve the confusion commonly involved around these type of missions...
- Fixed few broken "spy/commando team deliverance" missions from Arctic Convoys campaign chapter.
- Reduced max appearance range for important radio contacts (convoys and taskforces) to 2000 km with map hold time of 24h and for opportunity radio contacts (individual ships and port radio beacons) to 500km with map hold time of 6 h. These settings should significantly reduce annoying TC drops on open ocean when radio contact is in 40km range.
- Few Options File Editor/Viewer tweaks: TC drop on sub sensors contact detection increased from 30 to 40 km (useful for hydro hunt of incoming convoy), increased range and possibility that BdU will send ("yellow") contact report if opportunity radio contact is spotted in your vicinity (within 200km - 80% of chances, previously 160km-70%) - (To activate the changes run "Restore Stock OFEV Settings.bat" found in "The Wolves of Steel - Documentation" folder).
- Added "preview" images to optional addons, small tutorial with pictures for "casual" Real Navigation ect.
- Reduced overall game saturation by 10-15% for less "cheerful" atmosphere.
- Slightly increased Sun/Moon size for more realistic appearance and easier sextant measurements.
- Removed some of the irrelevant in-game charts (ship posters) in order to make space for Alpheratz's celstial navigation tables.
- Short Sunderland model as proxy for Italian z-501 Gabbiano flying boat had been replaced by German Bv-138.
- Two new names on TWoS deserving modders in-game credits list: Alpheratz and YellowSubmarine! Welcome on board Captains!
- Updated TWoS credits page! Special thanks to the latest outstanding TWoS supporters/donors who are making this expansion to keep going: Slaven "Ypsan" Caleta, Robert Hancak, Alexander Sosenko, Alan Brazier, Christopher Kelley, Michael Von Franck, Thomas "excel4004" Pentenrieder and Andreas Ferkaljuk - Thank You very much Captains and happy hunting![COLOR=Yellow]

- Fixed incorrect Sun/Moon diameter values in Page scripts.
- Updated Alpheratz's real navigation almanacs, tables and the celestial coordinates of 37 navigation stars.
- Kapuhy's Raised Quarterdecker has been added to the coastal vessels category. Added to British roster as well.
- Added anchored French fleet and patrol boats to Toulon harbor in Mediterranean campaigns, removed Italian escorts.
- Reorganized museum: "Cargo" has been renamed to "Large Freighter" while nonsensical "Rare Cargo Ships" category is appropriately renamed to "Medium/Small Freighters". Units are reorganized accordingly...
- A big thank you for the latest outstanding TWoS supporters/donors: Ryland "SixthFall" Kirzinger and Ross "MacGregor the Hammer" Babcock! Thank you very much captains! Lots of good hunting with Wolves!

- Crew dialog scripts fix in Turning Point campaign chapter.
- Few minor tweaks and fixes.
- A huge thanks for outstanding TWoS supporters/donors who have supported this mod during the past year: John Cudmore, Constantin Homatyano, Erik Maarleveld, Michael Esquivel, Francois Coussement, Joshua McWilliam, Robert Frantz, James Tipton, Samu "yagura" Rahkila, Jorge Sanchez, Maurizio "Torpedo" Cattaneo, Lasse Pesu and Evert-Jan Bos! Thank you very much Captains and happy hunting!

- Install the archive and follow installers instructions.


Note for anti-virus software users: Because TWoS is actually an unofficial installer (Winrar Self Extracting SFX archive), there is a possibility that some antivirus programs will falsely recognize it's parts as a threat, compromising your installation in the process. Of course, the warnings are false positive which means that you should disable your protection during the mod installation or even submit the files for further analysis and wait for the results, if you prefer.

The Wolves of Steel v2.2.x to v2.2.25_Update by vdr1981 on 02-15-18

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11-02-16 at 04:34 PM
10-24-16 at 04:08 PM
10-29-16 at 07:38 PM
guys is this actually the 1.06 version although the downloaded file and the name on the page say 1.05?
10-21-16 at 09:21 AM
oops , i mean wolves of steel 1.06 mod ,sorry
10-21-16 at 09:07 AM
hello kamarades , i am using silent hunter 5 with wolves of sttel 1.6 megamod and generic patcher and i have 2 questions :
1 - any solution for 21;9 ultrawide displays ?
2 - i finished baltic operations and start breaking the fortress (09-11-1939) but baltic operations appears on going .... why ?? a bug ??

thanks kamarades
Tony Tea
10-15-16 at 05:40 AM
Thank you so much!!! I couldn't open TDWs Options viewer using the parts 1&2 version and it works perfectly with the RC1. Absolutely brilliant mod, thanks again
10-04-16 at 01:34 AM
Thank you guy. Its a Wonderfull mod. You're a genius.
09-24-16 at 05:01 AM
Should there still add the patch 17 (from 21 january) ?
09-18-16 at 08:45 PM
So ive got wos installed and playing it did a little digging in the files adjusted some things to my liking,my question is the underwater is a little dark for my taste even with gamma how can i configure it to be not as dark like aka dyna env mod high visibility while under water ive tried to add a mod or 2 but with side effects and not playable any advice ideas is greatly appreciated thanks.
09-17-16 at 03:22 PM
People...If I enlarge direct download link a bit more, it will stick you right in the eye, I'm afraid . Turn your eyes and brains on before posting...
09-18-16 at 04:46 AM
Apologies for my clear retardation. Thank you for point my backward noggin in the right direction
09-17-16 at 03:07 PM
chris, just wait a day or two..your clearly a member or you wouldent be not sure what else would be causing it but i know neil has it limited to so many downloads per person per day to nudge you in the direction of donating..still, i download everything i need to play with limits complaints there!
09-16-16 at 08:24 AM
I really want to download this, but the subsim system won't let me, suggestions?
09-14-16 at 12:57 PM
WOW! Thank you everyone for your contribution to make this happen.

Admiral, Subsim Navy
01-30-17 at 07:40 AM
I'm getting a permission denied from Mediafire. Am I doing something wrong?
11-13-16 at 05:08 PM
Thank you so much!!!Its a Wonderfull mod.Thank you guy
11-17-16 at 01:23 PM
Greetings, captains. And whether Russian on this assembly is supported?
11-17-16 at 08:05 PM
11-23-16 at 12:16 PM
Muy buen mod,lo instale y funciono de maravilla gracias: Kaleun_Salute:
12-01-16 at 01:47 AM
I was able to download the update, but unable to download the 1.06 main download.

12-01-16 at 10:42 AM
Be more aggressive !
12-15-16 at 04:08 AM
can someone PLEASE upload generic patcher snapshot.
12-21-16 at 04:15 PM
Krieg Francis
12-28-16 at 07:13 AM
What happened to mediafire? It's a denied access.
12-28-16 at 09:28 AM
Nothing is denied mate...Try again...
Krieg Francis
12-29-16 at 06:08 AM
It worked, probably mediafire had some heavy download rate at that moment.
01-10-17 at 07:45 AM

Thank you, happy to see that there are lots of volunteers who keep this game alive.
Are you keeping updating?
01-10-17 at 12:32 PM
Not too many though...
01-11-17 at 06:31 AM
The mediafire download is too slow! Unable to download :/ Why not make a torrent?
01-13-17 at 03:33 PM
Where is the actual download link? I'm can't see what to click on

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